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NCAA approves SnapChat, screenshots already leaked

The NCAA will allow basketball coaches to contact recruits via SnapChat beginning next fall. The popular app, used to send photos that disappear forever after 10 seconds, will be impossible to police unless a recruit takes a screen grab, a huge no-no in the SnapChat world. Some recruits have already captured screenshots of exchanges with prominent college basketball coaches and submitted the photos to KSR anonymously. You’ll find some of our favorites below:


Roy Williams, UNC:

Larry Brown, SMU:

Rick Pitino, Louisville:

Bill Self, Kansas:

Tom Crean, Indiana:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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37 responses to “NCAA approves SnapChat, screenshots already leaked”

  1. william

    oh this will be pure gold cant wait to see what drew comes up with now for UofL hate day

  2. inlinefor9

    All good, but I’m still laughing at Larry Brown’s. We could have done without that Tom Crean snapchat though.

  3. ?

    KSR acts like little kids with these post. All they do is bash other people and act so immature.

    1. Heisenberg

      I think he’ll fit in just fine, though.

    2. ?

      ^ acting like it’s a club or something lol

    3. AlanInDC

      I’m sure you are just a blast to have at parties.

    4. ill

      Do us all a favor bub…see the top of this web page…it says “most ridiculous manner possible”….which part are u confused about?

  4. Bahahaha

    Well played, Drew. Well played. This is pure golden goodness.

    Great post!

  5. Caleb Epley

    *bows down*

  6. That Guy

    I hate to be “that guy”, but can someone explain the Larry Brown snapchat to me?

  7. me15nsa

    Tom Crean…… What has been seen cannot be unseen. Thanks, Drew!

  8. jon

    totally love it cant wait to see more

  9. Zach

    What is Larry Brown’s supposed to be? I am little confused.

  10. Larry Brown

    I don’t even get the Larry Brown one.

  11. Dribble-drive high-five

    What is snapchat? My God, I think I’m old! Never thought that would happen..

  12. Larry Brown

    I’m 100 years old and incapable of properly using technology.

    1. gossie21

      That was my general assumption. I just don’t understand what the picture is supposed to be.

  13. Jax Teller

    Twitter: #CollegeCoachSnapchats


  14. Mojo

    Larry Brown: too old to know how to use it. My guess
    This is hilarious!!!!

  15. theWilkman

    Larry Brown – so old he can’t properly work Snap Chat. That help?

  16. bigjon

    you guys do know there’s a snapchat ghost app that the pictures never disappear and they cannot tell you save them off of it it works real well and they don’t even know you save the picture like the regular snapchat is because it don’t flash up on their phone Lol

    1. Period.

      You know i exist. Well, do you?

    2. hell cat

      I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say. What grade are you in?

    3. You OK??

      bigjon – Are you pregnant? You sure missed a lot of periods.

  17. Ryan Lemond

    The screen shot of Coach Cal’s will be a huge stack of $100 Bills… 😉

  18. Orney Focker

    :-() hahahaha!!!! best thing that has been posted on this site in a long time. Love the self one, and thought the crean one was almost as creepy as the one when he mouth kissed his son, bet his son really appreciated that.

  19. Wildcat Willie

    I’m thinking Larry don’t need Technology. He knows basketball. Ask Cincinnati and I bet Rick is not too anxious to venture down to Dallas.

  20. Ole D-White

    I think I just shipped my pants!!!!! My Snapchat name is: oledwight

  21. beavis

    That pic of Crean is creepy in so many ways. If the shoe fits.

  22. classof68

    Solid work again, Drew.

  23. Ukkatky

    Nicely done! This is why I keep coming back.

  24. Does Bill Self Wear a Hair Piece?

    Bill Self is an American college men’s basketball coach.

    He wears a hair piece that is called a hair plug.

    This is similar to hair implants.

    He does not wear a toupee, which are small hair pieces.

    1. Orney Focker

      In the words of Foremans father.. Dumb-ass!! That is the appropriate comment for a post such as that. Must suck to be a Kansass fan..

  25. Sean Sutton's Shame

    Wonderful stuff Drew.

  26. paducah_AO

    The larry brown one is “someone”smoking one in the dark… obviously yall haven’t tried taking a baking in the dark before? Good for yall.

  27. Casper

    Drew Franklin, you are brillant!
    You should write for SNL.