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National Championship tattoo guy is keeping his National Championship tattoo


When the game was over last night, I couldn’t help but think of the guy with the 2014 UK National Championship tattoo. His name is Tyler Austin Black, and he was a celebrity in his own right yesterday, enjoying a free trip to the game courtesy of CBS. After the horn sounded and the Cats were officially the runner-up, Black told Darren Rovell that he has decided not to get the tattoo removed, and will keep it as a memento of the season:

“I’m keeping it,” Black said. “It’s a way to remember this team and it’s part of my life story.”

At least it’ll make for an interesting story, right?

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23 responses to “National Championship tattoo guy is keeping his National Championship tattoo”

  1. bda6115

    Well…there is something to be said for owning your stupidity…I suppose.

    1. Ron White

      Might as well own it, because you just can’t fix it.

  2. 2mites

    CBS has come out with next seasons top 25 and has UK at 7 with Randle , the twins, WCS, and Young gone. What in hell they thinking or drinking.

  3. Downtown

    OMG!! We weret alking about this guy at work. Absolutely do not remove it! Granted, it didn’t come to pass, but that guy got ridiculed so much, and yet it nearly happened! This is one of those “Life events” moments, and i’s something he should remember with pride. He can definitely say that he WAS one of the UK fans who never gave up on the team, and he has the PROOF as well.

    1. Bluegrass


  4. Truth Teller


    1. catgrad7072

      I agree but, then again, I’m old and don’t get the idea of tats in general.

      However, the championship tat can be easily covered up; the knuckle ink is a different story.

  5. Bluegrass

    To me tattoo’s are like stamps in your passport – moments of your life remembered forever in ink on your skin. So while the tattoo ends up being wrong it’s still a MAJOR part of this dude’s life that got him more attention than the guy who got the Broncos tattoo or the guy that got the Seahawks tattoo. So props to this dude for being able to be part of this great run and storybook season and remembering it forever.

  6. Twitter Account Denied

    Or he could change that 4 to a 5. Right?

    1. Easy Peasy

      Just change the 4 to a 2 . . . next.

    2. Tattoo guy

      ^No, because it has 9 in the word National.

    3. Rae

      9s become 8s really easily.

  7. Clay Travis

    Man, I’m going to have a blast with this. Between that and UK fans attacking/threatening Rex Chapman and Cal’s daughters on twitter, I think it’s safe to say that UK Basketball fans will move up to the #1 spot in the “dumbest fan base” rankings.

    1. chief_cat

      Almost as dumb as trolls and fans for other teams that waste their day visiting websites of teams that they despise. Then again, your life is probably so void of anything meaningful that you feel wasting your time ridiculing others is fully justified. — Who is the dumb one here, troll?

  8. Both Ways

    BBN crushes Pitino for getting a Championship tattoo after winning last year, then praises a guy for getting one of a championship that never actually happened. Nice.

    1. What Evs

      Begone, BW! We have no use for your reasoned logic here!

    2. OneWay

      Huge difference: Pitino was 60 years old when he got his, this dude is 22. You’re supposed to get smarter with age.

  9. OneWay

    Pitino must still be going thru that mid life crisis even tho his past mid life. Banging hookers on tables, paying for abortions, getting tats. You just can’t make this stuff up! Well you can, but luckily we don’t have to!

    1. OneWay


  10. UKbubby

    Add a tattooed “ALMOST” above the original and he his good for being factual.

    1. UKbubby

      Not that my typing is. It should be “is” not “his”

  11. Stupid Hick

    What a moronic hick.

  12. John Calipari's Amazing One and Done Flying Circus

    Or add “ship” after Champion and “Runner up” below it.