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Missouri just added another big basketball recruit

Landing Michael Porter Jr. (or rather, hiring his dad) was huge for Cuonzo Martin’s new regime at Missouri, but today, they got a commitment from another big recruit: four-star center Jeremiah Tilmon. Tilmon is considered a top 35 recruit by Scout, and originally signed on to play for Illinois, but got a release after John Groce was fired. He also had offers from Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Texas, UCLA, and Indiana. The addition of Tilmon has rocketed Missouri up to sixth in 247 Sports’ 2017 recruiting class rankings.

So, since taking the job at Missouri, Cuonzo has Martin has snagged a five-star program changer (Porter), a four-star center (Tilmon), and a four-star point guard (Blake Harris). AND, they’re not done yet. Jontay Porter, Michael Porter’s younger brother, is a 2018 recruit, but is considering reclassifying to 2017 to join his brother and dad in Columbia.

Alright. We see you, Tigers.

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16 responses to “Missouri just added another big basketball recruit”

  1. 2Dogs

    All sizzle and no steak. Martin had NBA talent at Cal and didn’t do much with it.

  2. J-Dub421

    Missouri can’t get too many more big time players. Martin only has so many spots available on his staff.

    1. 4everblue


  3. bigbluebear

    This would be considered an underwhelming and disappointing class at UK.

    1. Eazy

      True, but it’s a top 10 class nonetheless. Good for the SEC. I love to see Missouri out recruiting Kansas btw.

  4. memphis

    Assuming he can win, I hope Tennessee is reminded early and often how they more or less ran Martin out of Knoxville.

  5. gokycats33

    What the heck is Martin doing to get these recruits, besides hiring their dad? He was a very good recruiter at Tennessee, then at Cal, and now at Missouri? The only thing is, he can get the recruits, but he can’t seem to do anything with them.

    1. Mathlete

      It’s a domino effect, he got Porter and now he can recruit based on getting to play with Porter kind of the same way Cal got Quade Green and could tell other recruits “you could come play with Quade Green, the guy who’ll probably be the best PG in the country by the end of next season”

    2. Han

      Like Mathlete said, it’s dominoes. You don’t have to have tradition or a history of coaching success or any of that if you have a good recruiter or two on the staff. Hype up everybody coming and showing up the Kentuckys and Dukes and UNCs who wouldn’t promise them a starting spot or who weren’t making them a number 1 priority. There’re always a few really good players each year that Coach Cal doesn’t go after, for instance, and it’s possible to get a bunch of them at once. Martin just has to prove he can get them to play together and play well, along with the returning players, all of whom will be learning his system. A lot of elite coaches will tell you getting super frosh to play hard all the time and to play on D takes a lot of effort when they were effortless in high school and going for highlights on the AAU circuit and in all star games.

      The bigger indicator of a dominant recruiter or something fishy is if they keep recruiting well year after year without the team winning big. Note how Jones got Simmons at LSU, didn’t make the tourney, and didn’t turn it into more recruiting success. At Texas, Barnes had KD and a number of other really good guys, but they could never get past Kansas and even Baylor was usually better stocked.

    3. Eazy

      Good point. The Big 12 is getting worse now though. Kansas is getting our recruited by Alabama and Missouri. Lol

  6. CarolinaMedCat

    Thats a nice keloid he’s got going there after his goiter removal

  7. MikesWay

    Not sure how they are pulling these kids but whatever. Bringing some talent to the SEC is a good thing in my book.

    1. Eazy

      Exactly, the SEC has the most 4 and 5 star recruits coming in of any conference. ACC and PAC 12 are the closest. Big 10 and Big 12 gave completely fallen off.

  8. Han

    They have a lot of talent, but can their coach handle so much youth and inexperience and put them together into a good team? Cal’s proven he can more often than not, but look no further than the struggles at Duke, UNC, UCLA, Kansas, Michigan St. and Arizona to see that it’s hard to win with a core made of freshmen.

    He’s putting in his system and bringing in guys who expect to play immediately. Let’s see if it works out or if it blows up in his face. All it takes is one guy with an attitude problem and the whole thing can blow up.

  9. chris43

    Wonder who’s dad Conzo will try to hire next year? This guy is a joke! He was awful at UT. They’ll most likely have a decent year but it will have to do with the PLAYERS not the coaching.

  10. 8xchamp

    This will show again why cal is different. You can’t just roll the ball out, you gotta know what you’re doin. And Martin doesn’t. They’ll be better but not great