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Middlesboro man claims to have seen Bigfoot

Hey, you know what’s great on slow Wednesday afternoons? Bigfoot stories. This one comes to us from Eastern Kentucky, where Middlesboro native Thomas Barnett claims he spotted the notorious Bigfoot.

“We looked back and seen the thing. It was 8 feet tall, red eyes. She took off running, and we ain’t seen her until next morning,” Barnett told WY. “There’s something out there in them woods. I know there is.”

The hunt for Bigfoot is now on in the Cumberland Valley. The “Searching for Bigfoot” team, led by TJ Biscardi, set up cameras and is looking for footprints. Biscardi says he believes Bigfoot is getting around Eastern Kentucky via an underground system of caves.

The Searching for Bigfoot team will expand their hunt to Bell and Harlan counties later this week.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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34 responses to “Middlesboro man claims to have seen Bigfoot”

  1. Bleed Blue

    “On this episode of Finding Bigfoot… We still don’t find Bigfoot”

    1. steved

      They are so funny though. running through the woods with helmet cams screaming at the top of their lungs.

    2. Dee W.


      Isn’t it amazing how even with all of this advanced technology, they are always still just out of reach at the time they are scene or too far away to get a “clear shot” for a good picture or video.

    3. somerset bill

      Finding Squat might be a better name for the show.

  2. douggercats

    Seems credible….then again, it might just have been KY Joe.

  3. American Errorist

    That’s a progressive bunch right there. A hundred bucks says these people probably don’t believe in climate change but Bigfoot….Of course its real!

    1. catdaddyd

      Global warming didn’t work, so let’s call it climate change.

    2. Bill Nye

      You got him there catdaddyd. Those glaciers on the poles arent really melting…..climate change became more appropriate as we learned more about what is really happening.

    3. Dee W.

      Lunacy of this sort is a brand all of its own and really goes across the political spectrum.

      And the melting glaciers have revealed forests buried for thousands of years in more than one location, indicating the recession of glaciers is nothing new.

  4. WestWorld

    Don’t be messin’ with Sasquatch…

  5. J-Dub421

    This reminds me of that episode of South Park. “Yep, that’s definitely a ‘Squatch!” Or maybe they found a man-bear-pig.

  6. Lip Man 1

    They’ll find bigfoot in Eastern Kentucky the same year the Cubs win the World Series (which is to say never…)

  7. Lori M

    Every cop in the country is wondering how it is that people who see Bigfoot are the only ones not carrying cell phones and taking pictures.

  8. BtownUKFan

    When I read the headline I thought she was referring to KAT. Maybe he’s down in Eastern Kentucky signing autographs while wearing a fur coat.

  9. Sasquatch

    You will never find me…

    1. catdaddyd

      …eating beef jerky.

  10. Harry Man

    Must not have used the promo code for his Harry’s Razors

  11. Big Foot

    -pulls off mask- “And I would’ve gotten away with it too……if those pesky kids wouldn’t have showed up”.

    1. Dee W.

      this post, and Harry Man’s above = fantastic

    2. somerset bill

      ha ha. great. it was old man barnett all along!

  12. Echo1

    I thought I saw Bigfoot once. Turns out it was just a tranny with bad hygiene. Bad night.

  13. Travis

    As a Cubs fan he’s not looking for Bigfoot, he’s looking for a World Series title. And just like Bigfoot, he’s not gonna find it

  14. Cal's Cats

    I’m all for the concept that there are things out there that we as humans have yet to discover but if there is really a giant sized “big foot”, why in the world would we still not have one skeleton of one found yet? Are they immortal? Do they intentionally destroy the bones of their dead to stay undetected? It would be more believable if we are just talking about a 6 foot average size one called Average Foot or Hairy Foot. Then when they die and bones are found, it just looks like normal human bones and no one would raise question about what it is.

  15. Brian

    Why, why is this getting any media coverage? Thanks for keeping Kentucky at the forefront of it’s stereotype.

  16. Ken Grizzle

    The T-shirt he’s wearing says it all.

  17. Rick

    Tom Biscardi is a well known hoaxer, he has been banned from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory after a stunt he pulled a few years ago stating he had one captive. So I wouldn’t believe a word he says. Just out for media attention.

  18. wu slang

    What a clown. Bigfoot does not live in Eastern Kentucky. What this guy saw was Chewbacca.

  19. John R

    WOW……made a small comment about how this story was a garbage post on their Facebook page and got banned. Freaking amazing………bunch of petulant children running things these days.

    1. Fail

      You’re a f*cking dick. Ever think of that? Crybaby.

    2. John R

      Yawn……anonymous trolls bore me. Enjoy your next year in 8th grade, junior.

  20. meeksfor3

    Is a baby Bigfoot called a Littlefoot? Is more than one Bigfoot called Bigfeet or Bigfoots?

  21. John Ellis

    Didn’t Karl Towns do a signing there?

  22. catdaddyd

    Is bigfoots last name Henderson? Harry’s razors+bigfoot =Harry and the Henderson’s

    Side note: I used to work with a lady named Mary Henderson. We called her Mary and the Henderson’s.

  23. Allen

    The storyline here should be, “Fans of the Chicago cubs, and the things they do when they’re in eastern Kentucky.”