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Maximum Security’s jockey banned 15 days for interference

I missed most of the Derby drama, but it’s clearly still a huge storyline heading into this weekend’s Preakness even though neither Maximum Security nor Country House are running. This morning, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) announced that Luis Saez, Maximum Security’s jockey, has been suspended 15 days for the interference that led to the horse’s disqualification from the race and Country House’s victory.

The KHRC cited Saez’s “failure to control his mount and make the proper effort to maintain a straight course.” His suspension is May 23 through June 14 and covers racing dates. In a statement to the Herald-Leader, Saez’s attorney Ann Oldfather said they plan to appeal the ruling as soon as possible.

“The stewards’ ruling is completely unsupported and the suspension is unsupportable. We look forward to the opportunity to present proof that Luis is not at fault and should not have been suspended or disciplined for any reason … We believe the decision is wrong and look forward to presenting the appeal.”


What about that video that made the rounds this weekend suggesting Maximum Security shouldn’t have been DQ’d? Saez’s attorney submitted it to the stewards and said the jockeys in the room during the replay session believed he wasn’t at fault; obviously, the KHRC disagrees.

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28 responses to “Maximum Security’s jockey banned 15 days for interference”

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Hope he sues the hell out of them too. The lawyers video pretty much to me shows that none of it was caused by MS and was 100% caused by horses behind him. None of it happened until all of the other stuff happened, which caused MS to get hit 3 different times which caused MS to move.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Lawyers sue the hell out of everybody for everything. That is what they do.

      And you must agree with the KSR logo that Facts are Optional.

    2. notFromhere

      Exactly CFT.

    3. unbridled

      Yeah his lawsuit would quite literally be laughed out of court. Sorry….it doesn’t work that way. These people are crying like petulant children. It pretty funny.

  2. Cousins Fake Tooth

    And KHRC disagrees. Of course. They are trying to silence this issue. They just don’t want the call to be reversed, which will cost them 9 million in payouts. Thats why it was reversed in the first place.

    1. unbridled

      100% they made the correct call and 100% that call can not be reversed. This is history and people need to accept it.

    2. unbridled

      Saez is either grossly incompetent…or this was intentional. Take your pick. Either way, he needs to be suspended and fined to prevent this from happening again. It’s a major safety issue. Good to see they are taking the appropriate steps to correct it.

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    Protesting and whining is the American thing to do. No surprises here.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Then move….

    2. unbridled

      The snowflake generation and perpetual need to be outraged is sooooo millennial. Sickening really.

    3. Smyrna_Cat

      UK Big Board … you disagree?

    4. Christians4Trump

      “The …. perpetual need to be outraged is sooooo millennial. Sickening really.”

      Says the guy who watches Fox News and listens to Tucker Carlson and Tammie Lauren………..

    5. unbridled

      I have no idea who Tommy Lauren is not do I watch Fox News beyond Tucker Carlson. Tucker is simply the best in the television news business. No way around that. He has ratings to prove it. Please explain how any of that is relevant to my point and please explain how my assertion is incorrect. I’ll hang up and listen. Go cats.

    6. Christians4Trump

      That must explain all the sponsors pulling ads from his show.

      Gullible cuck.

  4. Smyrna_Cat

    “What about that video that made the rounds this weekend suggesting Maximum Security shouldn’t have been DQ’d? Saez’s attorney submitted it to the stewards and said the jockeys in the room during the replay session believed he wasn’t at fault; obviously, the KHRC disagrees.”

    Of course his attorney would say that.

    I thought the video was interesting but didn’t change my opinion that MS should have disqualified.

    1. makeitstop

      My reaction too… more importantly the KHRC, which would not pay anything out if they overturned the decision bc they are a state agency not a bookie. The professionals believe he either intentionally moved his horse out or failed to control. This is his 5th suspension at a fifth track for basically the same offense, and that’s what I could easily find, there may be more. Most were for 5 days so maybe the actual stewards and commissioners who do this for a living are concerned he’s going to hurt someone or damage millions of dollars of investment in the horses behind him. Imagine a coach saying “the players who watched it in the locker room said they thought it was a charge, too” and thinking that settled anything.

    2. jaws2

      Agree completely. This jockey has been suspended multiple times and until he causes a severe injury to horse or human, he’ll continue to ride. Just imagine the magnitude of outrage if horses had gone down and had to have been put down, or jockeys killed or permanently injured. If you think racing has a black eye now just picture what could have been. Your analogy of a coach responding is spot on.

    3. King hodon

      Seems pretty compelling to me – wondering if stewards would have acknowledged MS was interfered with (rear-ended) if MS jockey had filed an inquiry.

    4. Cousins Fake Tooth

      Watching that video that clearly shows another horse pushing other horses over into him, causing them to hit legs, which in turn made MS move out of the lane, and still saying the right call was made, is the same as dribbling down the court, getting pushed from behind by another player while dribbling, then saying the refs made a good call for calling a travel on the guy with the ball.

    5. Smyrna_Cat

      Cousins … as most say about the Derby, there are more than 20 horses and it is a rough race. Saying one bump (perhaps more than one) justifies the move that MS, which is swinging across five lanes or so is overly simplistic. I think MS should have been disqualified, and he was. Was there bumping before that? Sure. Should MS have been disqualified? Sure.

  5. Rixter

    Hey, Horse Racing: When you’ve got a big black eye, you should really stop punching yourself in the face.

    1. unbridled

      This situation will protect horse racing in the long run. Sorry you are incapable of understanding that.

  6. notFromhere

    Complete horsesht. Wills had no lane to move into and it was the outside horse(s) that forced him into Max Security before Max went wide to get away from Wills’ contact.

    This just confirms that they KNEW they were making the wrong decision (but right for the track financially) when they disqaulified the winner. Nkthing says the fix is in like throwing an innocent jockey under the bus to justify a fkdup decision

    1. unbridled

      You don’t have any understanding of horse rCing do you?

  7. ukkatzfan

    Seems unbridled has a horse in this race named “Bone2Pick”

    1. unbridled

      Not really, I just find it amusing that so many people find the correct decision in this scenario to be so off putting.

  8. friendsofcoal

    Such a BS call to DQ that horse. That horse was hitting him from behind…of course it spooked him!

  9. makeitstop

    The track doesn’t care who wins, it makes money on the handle. If the favorite wins, if the long shot wins, all the same to the track. That’s why there are “odds!” This conspiracy theory the track didn’t want to pay MS bettors is just a misunderstanding of how horse racing works.