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Matthews: ‘I hope I can be next’


Chicago (Ill.) St. Rita 5-star junior guard Charles Matthews says he didn’t always dream of playing for Kentucky.

His dream school growing up was actually North Carolina. But he did dream of playing for John Calipari.

“My dream school was North Carolina but I always liked Coach Cal,” Matthews told following his commitment to the Wildcats Wednesday. “If I wasn’t going to North Carolina, I wanted to play for Coach Cal.”

Matthews is also well aware of Calipari’s history of and success with Chicago guys including Derrick Rose and Anthony Davis.

“He’s done a lot for Chicago so I hope I can be the next one.”

The 6-foot-6 guard is ranked as the No. 12 overall prospect and top shooting guard in the country according to the 247Sports Composite.

For Matthews’ in-depth breakdown of his UK commitment, visit


Article written by Chris Fisher

42 responses to “Matthews: ‘I hope I can be next’”

  1. Cals Cats

    So the obvious question unless I missed it, why was UNC not even in the running?

  2. Ol' Roy

    Oh dadgummit why did y’all have to go and bring that up? Ya know, this youngin’ was all about the tweetin’ and facebookin’ and you know I just don’t keep up with all that noise. He doesn’t even like Coker colas. Hat’s off to ya Cal.

  3. Old Fool

    So, are we fools to think we’ll ever have another commit who actually wants to play for UK instead of Coach Cal?

    Call me crazy, but it’d be nice if they really wanted to play for UK.

    Are we a consolation prize now?

    1. JB

      No top recruits are interested in playing for schools. They want to play for coaches. If you want guys who want to play for the school then we will have to exclusively recruit guys from UK and perform at the bottom of the SEC every single year. Hey, maybe we can win the NIT one year? So, needless to say…I’ll take the guys we are getting and love every second of it.

    2. JB

      Obviously I meant guys from Kentucky…not guys from UK

    3. Hill

      I don’t blame him on going to a school for the coach. Who would really want to have played for Billy Gillespie?

    4. Royal Blue

      What about James Young this year, He said he grew up wanting to play for Kentucky.

    5. M

      Wasn’t it because he was a big fan of Tayshaun Prince? I guess it depends on how you look at that.

    6. Chaz

      I don’t know your age, but I bet I’ve beaten you..or gotten close if not. Playing for you state’s flagship university used to be most kids’ dreams, but that changed a long time ago. Seriously, do you think all those Duke All-Americans wanted to play for Duke or Coach K? Going way back, did Bill Spivey a Florida native, grow up dreaming of playing at Kentucky or did Adolph do a good recruiting job?


    Well at least he tells the truth…..He is not coming to play for UK, but for Coach CAL. His dream school is UNC…….ouch. thats gotta hurt!!!

  5. stevem

    Sorry JB–but Matthews just said he dreamed of playing for North Carolina not their coach. With UK its just the opposite

    1. JB

      Yes, which proves that players go to school for coaches and not the schools. I’m fine with that.

    2. BIGBLUE

      Is this the JB from SoftballTimes a few years ago? Boy, I sure had fun with that fella.

  6. preston

    Who cares as long as he’s coming to uk. Who cares what his dream school is. The kid is looking at it as a buisness decision. Cal done good eith chicago players n that’s where he wants to be. Embrace it. Geez! N who’s to say he won’t fall in love with bbn when he gets on campus. Most of em do..

    1. Pop Culture Referencer

      Dude you said the N word…

  7. katdaddy

    Another selfish player who is only thinking about the NBA.

    1. bigcombs

      He didnt even mention the NBA….You did. I hate to break it to you but 99.9% of kids dream of playing DI baketball.

    2. bigcombs

      I meant to say 99.9% of kids playing DI basketball want to play in the NBA.

  8. katdaddy

    That’s all your going to get with Cal. A bunch of freshman who think that if they have to stay in school more than one yr they have failed.

    1. wow

      A bunch of freshman? I bet you graduated with a bunch of degree, didn’t you?

    2. The Professor

      Also, “your” is possessive. You should have said, “you are or you’re going to get”. You may think it trivial but use it incorrectly in a job cover letter or business email and it could cost you dearly.

  9. 2mites

    A shooting guard who only slashes to the hoop is not a shooting guard. If the Cats do not get a few good outside shooters all we see next year is zone zone zone and packed inside defenses. Just about the ugliest offense there is and low scoring games. Don’t get me wrong I like him coming but the Cats need a more diverse offense.

    1. M

      He’s not going to be on next year’s team. Next season will have Booker, Towns, and Ulis, and possibly the twins.

    2. colonelcat

      M is right. He’s the lone 2015 commit, not 2014 with Towns and Ulis. A lot depends on who even returns for 2015 season, but I don’t think you need to worry about the offense just yet. He’s 6’6″ and could play the 2 or 3, a la James Young. He won’t be needed to shoot the 3 often because he will most likely be paired with Booker at the 2 (if he’s there) or Luke Kennard, a lights out shooter.

  10. Sherray Thomas

    Who cares if they come for Cal or the school. We all choose schools to attend that will best fit our career hopes. What’s wrong with him wanting to someday play in the NBA? You guys only want UK fans coming to play for UK? That will work out great…..geezzzz…..

    1. M

      You’ll see a few people post comments like that on here, but that by no means represents the views of the entire fan base.

  11. BBNate

    So if Cal leaves before 2015-16 will he de-commit? First the UNC thing, now we have to realize he is a SG that can’t shoot an Kennard may still come but MALIK Newman the true gem is definitely gone now, probably to Duke or UNC

    1. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

      Malik is going to do what Malik wants to do and no other recruit in the country is going to sway his decision one way or another.

    2. colonelcat

      If we’ve learned anything over the past 2 years it’s that team players are more vital to success than individual rankings. I’m sure malik newman is great, he’s the #1 player, but he also shoots 40+ times a game. I’d rather take the #2 and 3 shooting guards if they are better within the team concept. Remember Shabazz Muhammed? So glad we didn’t have to deal with that ish.

    3. The Professor

      BBNATE,I am amazed at

    4. The Professor

      “Sorry, I inadvertently hit send on my last post” —–. BBNate I am amazed at how negative some of our fans can be. We get a commit from a 5 star player and somehow your brain translates that to Cal leaving, the kid can’t shoot and our losing other recruits. You qualify for membership to the “brotherhood of the miserable”. That is a club for those who can find the negative in everything.

  12. Royal Blue

    I’m true blue as it gets but reading these comments I don’t know why the kid wants to come here. You people (some of you) are miserable.

    1. M

      If a player chose a school based on the comments section of a blog like this, I’m not sure where he would end up. Maybe playing overseas? I guess no matter where he goes there will always be comments, criticism, as well as trolls pretending to be fans trying to upset people. I guess that’s why they should try to avoid this stuff because it will always be everywhere.

  13. Lockdown

    Charles Matthews is 6’6 with a 7foot wingspan , Cal knows what hes doing, hes getting the best perimeter defense players first, which is always our weakness and hes going to use Charles at the 3 position because he attacks the rim with a above average jumper. Luke Kennard at the 2 and hopefully Malik Newman at the 1, his highschool coach already said hes developing him into a scoring point guard plus Cal has carlton bragg at the 4 and skal labissiere at the 5 almost a forsure lock for them, he knows what hes doing so chill. plus labissiere reminds me a lot of kevin Durant , its kinda scary

    1. PhilUK18

      Cal’s first three teams were excellent defensively. While that has dropped off somewhat in the past couple years (especially after Nerlens went down last year), I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that’s always a weakness.

  14. jaws2

    I still would like to know where Willis will fit into this picture. No way he’s a 4 with that body, and we’re already looking at a 3 coming in next year that supposed to be all that. I just hate to see a good player get shuffled around.

    1. M

      Who’s the 3 coming in next year?

    2. Chaz

      I hope he finds a place in a hurry. He’s gotten good reviews from Cal about his team practices, and remember, he’s the midnight shooter-he’s practicing his jumper while most kids his age are asleep or playing video games. He’s from Kentucky, the first sign on for this class, Cal saw a three or four year player in him, but he needs some PT soon-not this year, but next season he needs to be on the court and given a chance. If he gets the job done, that would be great. If he doesn’t, he should look at his options. Hit the weights this summer and come back strong.

    3. M

      As the class stands next year we have Ulis, Booker, Lyles, and Towns. We don’t know if AP will be back. We don’t know if MCG will reclassify. We don’t know if the twins will return. So it’s very possible Willis may get some minutes at the 3 next season. We’ll see.

  15. Lockdown
  16. Lockdown

    check out skal, dudes a stud

  17. BigBlue

    Most students choose schools based on their career goals. There is nothing wrong with that. Basketball players are no different. As long as they come in and perform and follow the rules who cares. Most top players do have it as their goal to play in the NBA. Wouldn’t you? It’s been that way for a while and it isn’t going to change.