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Matt Elam Postpones His Announcement


Matt Elam tweeted this morning that he has decided to postpone his announcement until Signing Day. This morning Elam told KSR:

I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it and I chose this because I thought it would be enough time, but it’s not. And like I could commit and be not 100% but thats not how I am. I want to be all into and right now I am not. So I talked it over with my mom and coach and they think thats best. So that is what I’m going to do. I hope everyone understands.

Article written by Matt Jones

150 responses to “Matt Elam Postpones His Announcement”

  1. UK

    This is a huge decision and I definitely understand. Still hope he chooses kentucky though!

  2. Matt

    It’ll be Bama then … He will take OV and choose them. Of course this also means we won’t get Jones either. What a crappy way to start the day

  3. Not Good

    This doesn’t look good for UK. :o(

  4. Keith Myath

    I’d rather him be 100% committed than make a commitment and then feel a pull in the other direction up until Signing Day. We can wait.

  5. Boogie fan

    Would rather him be absolutely sure. This is a big decision. Good luck Matt.

  6. DTuck

    Have to think UK is out now. Don’t think they will flip any of the Ohio State guys either. It looked like they had momentum to improve the class, but now they have to hold on to those that didn’t enroll early.

  7. Musehobo

    Totally understand his decision, but sucks for us.

  8. Haha

    He just realized he was about to sign with UK! Then thought WTF am I thinking roll tide!

    1. I HATE YOU


  9. Pepé

    Kid can’t make up his mind, and rightfully so. Be a hero at Kentucky or ride pine the first year but NFL ready after three.. Good luck kid.

  10. Jamie

    Haha Stoops is a joke huh? You realize a Stoops kicked that a@@ 2 days ago right??

    1. Leeds

      A Stoops, but not our Stoops. Huge difference.

  11. LA

    Yep, i would say UK is out, if he aint sure about kentucky now then he will go to a football school…

    1. Kenny

      Kentucky’s the only school in the SEC that isn’t a football first school…

  12. Reality hits you hard bro.

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

  13. UKBIRD

    Starting to get old.

  14. Uk2k

    His high school coaches are a big influence, none are UK fans and 1 is a huge Bama fan. Wish the kid and his mom could make the decision with no outside influences.

    1. Andrew

      Or maybe he wants to play for the best coach in the country and a program that, from 2008 on, has been the best in the country. Playing for Saban at a school like Alabama is as close as one can get to getting a “golden ticket”, if you will. Namely, winning multiple national championships and getting drafted ($$$).

    2. forreal

      There are UK fans on that staff. Don’t get that rumor started.

  15. Bradley

    He could still go either place. All this means is that the “experts” acting like he already knew where he was going are full of it.

  16. Beavis

    I have correctly called their win/loss record the last three seasons. Do you want to bet on that two win total for this year ? Any amount will be fine. If not,,then shut up and visit another site.

  17. Jeffrey

    Nice to see all the Bama trolls on here, what? Little o’ UK got you sweating over a prospect?

    1. Leeds

      Yeah they’re scared UK might actually win a conference game for the first time in years. #hugethreat

    2. UK1

      Leeds is a troll

    3. Leeds

      UK1 have you been retarded your whole life?

    4. Jeffrey

      There was a time, not too long ago, where Bama had losing seasons. You have to start somewhere, it starts with the staff, then the recruits, then the development, then the production. So far, the staff is making huge strides to turn UK back into a respectable football program and they’re doing a fine job with recruiting.

    5. @Jeff

      You could say the same thing about Kentucky fans sweating over basketball recruits potentially going to inferior schools. And also, there was a time when we were mediocre in basketball and had a drunk for a coach. What’s your point? You can say the same thing about every fan base. Fraud.

    6. Jeffrey

      Your logic: stating history makes you a fraud.

      You’re such a tool, dude

  18. Funky Monkey

    Maybe something to do with the 300 lb. ILB (Zach Whitley, Jr.) just flipping from Alabama to UCLA?

    1. Bingo

      Can’t blame the kid. Bama will streamline getting he and his mother set for life in a couple of years.

    2. Leeds

      Too bad Elam isn’t a Linebacker.

  19. Aaaaa

    This is the least fun recruitment I’ve ever followed. Makes me wish there wasn’t constant coverage of recruiting

  20. Dan

    That’s strange. I would think he wants to see where all the coaches end up, but he’s not looking at a school with a coach leaving.

  21. ICBMcat

    Guess Bama must have changed their pitch. Perhaps no redshirt or the like. Something changed…perhaps after Alabama’s defense got waxed.

    1. Bryan

      Doubt he plays as a true freshman at Alabama next year. They have a solid nose tackle returning, a 5* DT who was one of the best freshman in the country this year, 2 other 4* DT’s, and a DT ranked ahead of Elam on Rivals in their class this year. Even if he goes to UK, Elam will probably redshirt. He needs to lose AT LEAST 30-40 pounds of fat and put it back on as muscle.

  22. Paducah UK Fan

    He wants to wait so not feel all the hate from home town Ky fans. It will be Alabama, and really who could blame him. Remember Cousins and Bledsoe, from Ala and chose UK. That was a no brainer for them and this will be for Elam. Home town pressure loses to reality.

  23. terri

    Hey jamie thats the other stoops. Lets focus on b ball. Were not a football school

    1. Jamie

      I said A <— Stoops I'm focused on UK regardless the sport, IT's that sorta mentality that keeps us a one sport school

  24. Uk2k

    How is Stoops a joke after 1 year and with the recruits that are coming in?

    1. Leeds

      What’s his record again?

    2. UKNation

      Track record? Stoops’ last year team is playing Monday night in some game I think. Check it out, perhaps you heard of the game on Monday, it’s only the national championship game. O, and the defense he put together is ranked a modest #1.

      So that is his record douche bag. But if you want to focus on the recent HC record he is 2-10. Not to shabby considering what he took over and had a few games that were within reach at the end.

    3. Seminole

      It’s interesting that Florida State’s defense got better after Stoops left. But, you talk about focusing on his recent HC record. Does he have a past HC record?

  25. Big Cat

    Looks like signing day will be a big Yahtzee day. The others have postponed so they can all announce on the same day. #STOOPSTROOPS #BBN

  26. Jamie

    I wouldn’t count out Stoops and his staff yet although it certainly doesn’t look as promising. Maybe FSU has a big game Defensively and gives Elam a little something to think about since those are Marks guys….Yeah I’m reaching. It’s was a small miracle to get Elam on board at all after being snubbed by Joker SOO maybe Mark can still pull off some magic. Sucks waiting though. GO BIG BLUE

  27. Uk2k

    Or just maybe he likes the recruiting process and the attention it brings..

  28. wes

    WHEN IS SIGNING DAY???????????

    1. Brian in Franklin

      Feb. 5th

  29. Bad Start To the Day

    I woke up this morning feeling excited about the thought that Elam would pick up and then Jones and other would quickly follow. Now it’s looking like Elam will go to Alabama and the rest of the prospects go elsewhere too. Marrow and Barker have done an amazing job recruiting but UK needed an extra little push to finish the class that Elam would have been the catalyst to bring the rest in.

    With Saban done for the season his full focus will go into recruiting and there’s little hope of beating him now. The timing says it all. UK has the momentum, Saban loses his bowl game, goes back to recruiting and now Elam is unsure. Saban probably went straight to work on Elam and we’ll lose out.

    Too good to be true. UK football is UK football…

  30. TrueBlue63

    It doesn’t matter where you go to school. If you can play, the NFL will find you. Randall Cobb, Tim Masthay, Wesley Woodyard, Danny Trevathan, Larry Watford, Stevie Johnson….ALL major contributors for their respective teams and ALL from Kentucky.

    Then Eric Fisher got selected number one last year and he’s from a MAC school (not to mention Kansas City is prety good this year). If you can play, the NFL will find you. Period. Yes Alabama gets more looks, but you look across the rosters and the variety of schools where players come from is vast.

    1. Jamie

      Agreed! …With our record being so bad lately even a modest improvement will look huge from the outside and credit will be heaved on the players and coaches. Just another face in Bama (not that anyone can blame him if he goes) but he could actually stand out more in Lexington.

  31. LoyalBlue

    Very interesting. At no time did any interviews or sources lead anyone to believe he was this mixed on his decision. When all along maybe we thought he was doing us a favor by committing to UK on national tv. Kids will be kids but postponing until signing day after being committed to announce today for the last four months is quite odd. UK still has momentum and let’s hope Elam wants to be a part of it. UK blue on national tv would’ve been nice though. Ugh

  32. Chawlie Stwong

    Lol, that’s why I’m leaving Louisville. The fan base is pathetic. They care more about UK than their own school. You should be on Card Chronicle mourning losing me, not on KSR talking about Elam.

    1. Big Blue B-Rad

      Hey “John’ I don’t suppose you have any evidence to back that up? Or are you just running your mouth like haters typically do?

  33. Costa Rica

    It’s not good news or bad news, it’s just news.

  34. linebeard

    Yeah not a good sign.

  35. kevin

    Hey that’s a good idea, drag out the process to get more attention, lets have a parade in your honor

  36. betterthanyou

    Elam probly loves the attention, and Saban probly talked to him last night. Who cares! The season does not kick off any sooner, so it does really matter when he signs, just as long as he’s in the UK uniform next year. Remember Jason Hatcher?

  37. Steven

    KSR do me a favor. I don’t want to read about this guy anymore. He wants all the attention. I really could care less if he comes.

  38. kyboy

    I will bet you he is our new Mr. Johnson remember him National High School player of the year who couldn’t compete on the field til his JR/SR seasons.

  39. @drog2442

    I totally agree…He even alluded to that in his interview with Matt Jones last week. He likes the attention and wants to be headlines on KSR once a week, and for people to mention him on Twitter. He must have found out that stuff slows down after you commit.

    1. John

      Elam wasn’t ranked high enough to get on TV during the game…. NBC only had a certain amount of spots. Noticed the last kid was on just a few minutes before the game ended.

  40. Rumor

    Hearing Barker is having second thoughts as well.

    1. jpg

      I have been hearing every recruit is looking elsewhere, and Teddy Bears have feelings.

  41. The Tide

    Is changing not rolling. There is a reason why big time recruits are passing on Bama now and going to LSU (see #1 overall recruit), UCLA, FSU etc. Football dominance is cyclical and unsustainable for long periods of time in todays age. Bama is now on the downside of its dynasty and will continue to slide.

    1. Kenny

      Uhhh…then how come Bama got the #1 overall recruit (Hand) on Rivals? Or #1 player on 247 (Robinson)? They nabbed two of the top prospects in Louisiana (Robinson-5*, and Laurence Jones). Louisiana is 2nd to none in terms of difficulty for other teams to get players to leave and not pick LSU. Also, Bama is the only school with 4 5* players according to BOTH Rivals and 247. And it’ll be 5 when they get Marlon Humphrey, a top 10 recruit in the country, who is from Alabama. As for Leonard Fournette, he’s been all LSU for 2 years. the fact that Saban kept his recruitment slightly competitive (quite a few folks were saying he would pick Bama in the last 24 hours before his announcement), speeks volumes about his ability. You have no clue what you’re talking about when it comes to football recruiting. Typical basketball fan with no knowledge of football recruiting. Basketball and football recruiting are different animals. Saban and other football coaches will EASILY pass over 5* players if they feel that 3* and 4* players will be better players and better fits for their systems. This isn’t basketball recruiting where Cal has to get 5*’s because of his players leaving after 1-2 years. In football, you can afford to be patient with recruiting 3* and 4* players because they have to stay at least 3 years.

    2. Derrick

      Lol @The Tide you just got OWNED!!

    3. Jeffrey

      Even if Bama misses a few more on some recruits, it still not going to stop them from getting top 5 recruiting classes year in and year out.

    4. Danny Noonan

      Kenny breaking it down! Owned! It’s called The Alabama Effect … Roll Tide

  42. Go to Alabama

    Quit writing stories about him. It’s called Kentucky football, not the university of Elam. Go find another Kentucky kid that will bust his tail for the big blue. Elam needs to get to the gym, not be a drama queen. Me above the team is the wrong direction, could care less about how good he is.

    Sick of the tweets of the past week of all of them.

    Do your talking on the field. Make a decision and get out of the media story. Go be a me person, who cares.

  43. Marcelys Jones

    Don’t forget about me #BBN. I am enrolling in January. Check me out today.

    1. Yeah Sure

      Yeah. Sure. OK.



    1. Your Wife

      Why all the screaming?

  45. Fat Albert

    My nephew finally wised up. Uk sucks.

  46. kybigblue

    We knew it would be hard to turn down Alabama where he would have a chance to win a ring. Stoops still isn’t out but it would be disappointing to lose a Ky. HS player who is a 5 star player. We will have more four stars coming this year than in the past which should in a couple of years get us back in a bowl than in time maybe UK can crack the top three in the East Division.

  47. Willis

    He’s a jerkoff stringing UK along for the ride…

  48. Catfanmike

    All the drama went out the window with everyone “knowing” he will pick the Cats. Drew Barker seemed pretty damn confident he would pick Cats…I say he picks Cats today!

  49. dr uk

    I really don’t think the kid is an attention whore. I must state that i have no inside info, just observing from tweets and media interviews. If it were me and I wanted to commit to ALA, I wouldn’t do it today with all the hype. It just magnifies the let down in choosing another school. Perhaps the family realized they had un-intentionally created a media snowball with high expectations for UK. Not wanting to let folks down, perhaps figured it would be easier to make an announcement in the frenzy of signing day, where UK fans will be focused on many other things going on and the sting won’t be as bad with all the other news of recruiting. If he chooses ALA today, he would have let every UK fan down at the time when everyone was watching him and only him! If he chooses ALA, let’s all show class and wish him best. But, I do think wearing an ALA shirt under his UK jacket during his UK visit was a telling sign….

  50. Dave

    This kid loves the spotlight

  51. Mark Stoops

    Matt said he didn’t want to play for a coach who has a bigger gut than him.

  52. kybigblue

    Even though Stoops is having a good recruiting year how many SEC teams are having a better recruiting year? Is TN. still ahead of us in recruiting?

  53. Catlogic15

    Guess he and Barker aren’t all that close after all.

  54. David

    This sucks I am in San Antonio with my son he is on 7th grade east and we are going to game was looking forward to jumping up and down when he picked UK.

  55. FatLinemanNewsDay

    Yes, he is a highly ranked recruit but he hasn’t played any competition in Kentucky high school football. Take a lesser prospect used to going against superior athletes. If your from UK and even have to think about it… go on. Alabama or not.
    Stop giving him headlines and focus on the recruits we have like Stanley “BOOM” Williams.

    1. Big Bobbie

      Actually I saw him play against Ft. Thomas Highlands two months ago and they shut him down with offensive players that were more than 100 lbs lighter.

    2. brock28

      Agreed. If you have to think about it, you’re heart ain’t in it. Bama bound.

    3. 9-asty

      My uncle was at that game. He said Elam was so winded he couldn’t get down in his stance before the plays started. Highlands does run an up-tempo offense, but so do college teams. Kid needs to drop some pounds and start running sprints in order to be more than a short yardage type player.

    4. Bengals fan

      Two power house football teams in northern Kentucky, Highlands and Covington Catholic.

      Highlands shut down Elam.

      Covington Catholic shut down Barker.

      UK staff would need a road map to find these schools and KSR purposely ignored these stories.

      By the way, two days ago, Fant was named MR. FOOTBALL in Kenucky. Didn’t see that story either.

    5. 9-asty

      Actually, coach Schlarman knows the area well. He used to coach high school up there and his brother was (might still be) the head coach of the Highlands basketball team. Also, Pat Towles and Sheehan are from Highlands, as well as Jared Lorenzen. It does seem like UK could recruit a few more players from both schools though as they are always a couple of the top teams in the state.

  56. Matt Elam

    I was sick of hearing all the UK fans here trash my weight. I could take any of you keyboard warriors on, one at a time or all at once, wimps.

  57. Steve

    Tough decision for the kid. Think about Cousins, what if he would had stayed at his home state school of Alabama to help them instead of attended a NBA factory UK ? Same difference, at the end of the day, he has to make a decision that is best for HIM. If he picks Bama, can you really blame him ?

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      No i can’t blame him at all if he picks Bama, but I just wish he would have made his decision when he said he would. But, he is a teenager after all. I’m glad I had my life completely figured out at 17/18. 🙂

  58. Nick Roush

    If you want a good reason to hang your hat on for postponing, I think you hit the nail on the head.

  59. 9-asty

    I never bought into the Elam hype due to his lack of conditioning and the fact he’s not just big, he’s fat. This is still a bad sign for UK though. Matt has to know that his commitment to UK could also influence a couple other highly ranked recruits to join the Cats’ class. So either Elam knows he wants to go to UK and doesn’t care about bringing other guys with him, or he is seriously considering Alabama again. Either way, not good for the Cats.

  60. L4B

    “Because Kentucky Football,” Chapter 37

  61. Kevin C.

    Exactly….it’s Wiggins all over again. Kid has gotten WAAAAAAAY too comfortable with BBN, the UK coaching staff, and our facilities and equipment, to be this indecisive. I think he’s just playing UK for the attention. If he had any intentions of being a “hero”, he’d have committed a long time ago.

  62. $1.75 Tacos?

    I do not remember a football player that seemed to enjoy being recruited more then Matt Elam. I hope he knows he needs to get in a lot better shape before he can play college for anybody anyway.

  63. Ky Sports Fan

    With all of the increase media coverage of Thursday events with other players, is it possible that Matt Elam may want all of the attention on him…To much other speculation of this one or that one may have had a change of heart as to where they are attending school..or this coach or that coach is going where. Not sure if the bar has swayed more to Al just thinks he wants the sole attention

    1. 9-asty

      If that were the case he would not be waiting until national signing day to declare. That day his actual pick will get the least amount of attention, but he will get more attention leading up to it.

  64. Jethro Gibbs

    Rule # 36

  65. Elk

    Looks like he wasn’t so sold on Kentucky as everybody thought.

  66. Winston

    I don’t know why anyone lets one of these prima donna children get them worked up. If he comes to UK, great. If he doesn’t so what. I’ll just be glad when we don’t have to read how many times he sneezed each day.

    1. robuk

      yep I agree, the future of UK relying on this guy is too much drama for me.

  67. justUK

    He’s gone

  68. Will Totten

    It’s hilarious that so many of you know Matt Elam. Where have you guys been his whole recruitment? We could’ve used you as sources for this whole time, you know SO MUCH about Elam’s personality and how he will play at the next level, and who he’s been talking to. Unless you all ARE Matt Elam!!!!

  69. slojoe

    ding ding ding…. you’re exactly right!!! When your tweeting Kirk Herbstreet to ask him where thinks you are going, you’re going to far!!! This kid is loving the spotlight.. Its getting annoying!!!! Kid is acting goofy

  70. robuk

    Buh Bye Matt, good luck at Bama!

  71. BlueFan

    Calm down Will. The twins are coming.

  72. Blue Magic

    KSR needs to stop writing about him. If he signs with UK that’s great if he does not than say goodbye. I just wont be a fan of his. He is not worth it.

  73. The Decision

    Who does Elam think he is? Lebron? This decision is long overdue. Been visiting and talking to these schools since the summer. Elam just wants the attention and will wait as long as possible to get it

  74. UKinSC

    What seems obvious to me is that this 18 yo kid wants the spotlight and kudos of going to “big name, all business” Alabama but at the same time doesn’t want to lose the feel good friendships and camaraderie of the KY recruit group. He knows if he chooses AL that will be gone instantaneously.

  75. realme

    This does feel like the football equivalent of Wiggins. We should all probably ignore recruiting hype and celebrate when we get a commitment. But that’s hard to do if you follow your team online.
    Good luck to Elam making the best decision for himself. It’s hard when you’re young and you don’t understand that God doesn’t write the answer across the sky, sometimes you just have to make a decision and go with it, certainty comes after.

  76. buddyblue62

    i’m just glad he gave uk a cant blame him bama is the mecca of football,good luck matt.GO BIG BLUE

  77. Steve

    Trolls every where!!!
    I’m keeping my hopes up that he comes to UK!!
    Maybe a Big Surprise!!

  78. LeeHoFook

    can anyone tell me what channel this game is on, and what time ?

  79. yitbos

    Relax people….this is a HUGE decision for anyone to make, let alone an 18yo. Let him take as much time as he wants. It would be great if he came to UK, but we will survive if he doesn’t and you certainly can’t blame him if he chooses Bama….I mean come on….2 straight national titles over 2 straight 2 win seasons?

  80. UKNation

    I have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. Woke up excited about announcement. Now, the morning of, you delay? You say you want to be 100% and I understand that, but why not postpone last week? This week? last night? Waiting for the last moment to postpone really sucks, gotta think that he likes the attention too much. Really Really want to see Elam in blue next year but this last second postponement really pisses me off!!! What are you going to learn in a month you haven’t learned in the past 2 years?

  81. ProspectMike

    It is like the Wiggins situation. He’s gone so let’s go JUCO route if anyone is still out there.We may pick up somebody because of the coaching dominoes. There could be a kid who won’t sign because the coach has moved on. Penn State and probably Vandy come to mind.

  82. bob

    Damn, he played you all and you fell for it…LOL

  83. MustangCat

    Yea, it’s pretty obvious he likes the attention. I’m in E-town and i know some people VERY close to his former coach (brother), and as far as i know, he’s playing everyone here out to the very end. I would rather him never commit at all though, then to commit and flip on signing day or something. I imagine that a few of these guys are all waiting for the other ones to pull the trigger first. It would have been HUGE if he had committed to UK on Nat’l TV, but we don’t get kids like Barker to come along very often. Most of them are more concerned for themselves primarily.

  84. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I’m in the camp that believes this does not look good for UK. Even if he has been a UK lean lately, the little Nicktater in Tuscaloosa now has plenty of time to sway him.

    Maybe he’ll say “You know Matt, Auburn would have never returned that missed field goal if we had had you on the field!”

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Oh, and even if he has been a UK lean, it’s obviously not as strong as we had hoped.

    2. @Jeff

      lol “nicktater.” What’s next? “cheatin’ cal?” “adulterous rick”?

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I can’t take credit for that “nick”name. It’s been thrown around on talk radio by Auburn fans here in Bama for some time. Just look up some audio or video of how he talks to the press sometimes and you’ll see why.

  85. Just a theory

    What if Bob Stoops if offered the Browns HC position and our Stoops goes with him as a DC??? Maybe that is what Elam is concerned about too!

    1. PhilUK18

      You have a pretty stupid theory

  86. Craig

    He’ll also be in BCS bowls every year, something he likely won’t be in at UK. On top of winning at least 1 national title. SMH. Do our basketball fans say that so and so shouldn’t come to UK because he’d get lost in the shuffle with all the talent? What FRAUDS. Try and be objective. Gotta love double standards.

    1. John

      @Craig 12 Positions Vs 120 positions …. 11 on the field,,,, 5 on the floor. Are you comparing apples and oranges? Of course Elam will sit @ Bama.

  87. Plenty

    I’m not a big fan of the kid anyway. Sure, it would be great if we got him, but he comes off as as douche. Have you all seen his pics? He has his arms out like he is a muscle bound freak that can’t put them down. Look at the pic posted yesterday! The one that is the big group of all stars, he is taking up all the room in his vicinity on purpose, basically saying look at me. He just wants attention, but sorry to tell him he will just be another number at Alabama, with no spotlight on him. He will get that here, but I’m not so sure I want to see that now. I wish him luck, but check your attitude kid.

  88. Jim

    He is stringing UK along and he is enjoying all of this attention. I wouldnt write another story about him. If he wants to go to Alabama then let him go. Who cares.

  89. HackRichards

    RECRUITS. Basketball or Football, they desire TOO much attention. If he is good enough to be a Professional, it would not matter where he goes to school.

  90. Carmine

    I for one believe this is terrible news.. It tells me that He was leaning UK but didnt feel right about commiting to UK.. Something tells me this announcement is basically saying UK is out of the mix,he wanted to choose UK but just couldnt do it!! Hope im wrong!!

  91. Carmine

    Also.. The coaches will clearly stay on trying to recruit Elam , but i think the fans should start planning on him not coming here!!! If we get him its a huge bonus , but it looks like he wasnt comfortable picking Kentucky today (kentucky was rumored to be leader) i dont see him comfortable on feb 5th either !!

  92. Ls

    Kid just loves attention not that hard a choice couple years and NFL “if he’s really a 5 star”

  93. Jim

    Isn’t national signing day not until April 1st? If so, we have another 3 months to put up with this crap.

  94. Carmine

    When u are in the mix and not the favorite its good news when a decision is postponed , But its terrible news when u are the favorite and the player postpones a decision!!


    Was looking forward to today…. Somewhat of a let down…. The kid needs to make the right decision for himself, period. It’s his life, and what he decides will be an impact him more than the school he goes with… Gotta understand that logic… Good luck Matt!


    Dear Matt Jones

    Can we now give this kid some space. stop the everyday Matt Elam watch. how many times has recruits used Kentucky’s brand for the hype and attention. he seems like the attention getter type. leave him alone give him his time. stop reporting on his every move.

  97. Big blue


  98. Beavis

    Don’t care,,let him get the attention as long as he can produce on the field. More power to him.

  99. Optimism takes a hit

    Dread going to work and hearing it from my buddies after I mentioned Elam and potential surprises at Army all Amer game. I’m checking out on recruiting till they sign. Go Cats!!

  100. Shawn

    Hes picking Bama. He just wanted to be respectful to Barker and not do It with him standing there on live TV. Its ok though, he will probably get recruited over and Saban probably wont be there In 5-6 years when he graduates.

  101. Sponsorship

    Elam is just holding out for a sponsorship with Papa Jones or Applebee’s, or every Chinese buffet in Lexington. My inside source told me he wants to be 400 lbs before he enrolls at UK.



  103. Monte

    this is silly. pick one and move on. the delay tells me he just doesn’t have the &^%$% to tell the people in Ky. that he is not choosing the cats. at uk he has friends, relatives and he is a in state guy that the fans love. In Bama he is another big time player. who is replaceable. at UK he is a “star”. big boy choose and stop the drama….

  104. jughead

    Be a man, Stoops, pull the offer. Not only is Elam telling you no, he’s also flipped two other guys back to Ohio who were considering UK. He’ll sit the Pine Boards for at least 2 years at Bama and then wind up somewhere like EKU.

  105. Katdaddy

    Who cares? He ain’t all that no way! BG kicked that ASS!

  106. Norman Gnther

    UK is a good place to be. You will be playing immediately and be able to stand out and be noticed.
    You can still be the star you want to be and move on to the pros. You can choose Bama and play in the midst of great players that may overshadow you, without as much playing time, and you may sit on the bench at Bama. You could play on a championship team at Bama but as you see from being ranked #1 all year and come to the end of the season they lose two most important games of the year, so championships are not a guarantee. UK will show you Love and a lot of playing time on a team that is going to be successful under Stoops. I would hope that a Kentuckian would want to play for UK. Where ever you choose to play Matt, I wish you the best. Go Cats! Go Stoops! Go BBN!

  107. Norman Gunther

    Seminole – Fl. St defense may have been better because Stoops recruited some good defensive players for the present year. He also recruited the defensive players that are growing experience wise. His recruiting at Fl. St has definitely paid off else the Seminoles would not be playing in the Game next week. His ability to be a head coach will be determined when he gets his own recruits together. He seemingly is doing pretty good for UK has had its best recruiting year in school history. Without him the Seminoles could see a downward trend in its defense in the coming years. Good luck to the Seminoles but as a UK fan I will be pulling for the SEC representative Auburn. Don’t be offended by anything I have said, I don’t mean this post to be ugly or hateful in any way.

  108. John

    Elam was a non-factor in the Army All-Star game… This is the first time I seen him play….. Wasn’t impressed. I think he is going to Bama as well.