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Matt Elam poses with the UK staff after his in-home visit

Image via @FballIsLife69

Image via @FballIsLife69

The Kentucky football staff had an in-home visit with five-star defensive tackle Matt Elam today, and the John Hardin giant just posted this picture of the occasion on Twitter. Check out just how big he is compared to Vince Marrow, Neal Brown, DJ Eliot, Jimmy Brumbaugh, and the other UK coaches. Interestingly, Stoops isn’t in the shot. Maybe he’s taking the picture, or eating some deviled eggs in the kitchen like Matthew Mitchell?

Elam takes his official visit to UK on December 13th-15th. You know this by now, but he’s considering the Cats along with Alabama and Notre Dame. He’ll announce his decision on January 4th.

The UK shirt looks good on you, big guy.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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25 responses to “Matt Elam poses with the UK staff after his in-home visit”

  1. Rob

    He is a man among men! I’m pumped to get good news from this guy. I hope his knee is alright. Him and Meant can do work!

    1. ugh..

      High school kid, folks.

    2. Rob

      I’m talking about his size, can’t argue with that…look at the picture.

  2. Glass houses

    @Ugh – didn’t you know? High school seniors are who excite bbn the most!

    1. Chane Behanan

      And in case you haven’t heard it’s those high school freshmen that excite me the most!

    2. Glass houses

      I see what you did there – you took my comment and attributed it to someone else.


  3. Bunny

    Ky football needs Matt Elam…

    1. schwing

      but matt elam in no way needs ky football. he’ll do what’s right and go to a school with exposure and where he can win more than 4 games a year.

  4. John B

    John Shorts song: Cumberland Gap

  5. Won't be coming

    Too bad this kid is bright enough to understand how bad the UK football program was this year and will be during his years of eligibility.

  6. Cincy Cayt

    Just want to say thanks to Mrs. Thompson for keeping us all sane during the UK Football live blogs this season. You and the KSR gang made this terrible season as fun as it possibly could be. And remember: put Towles in!

  7. Hollahollaholla

    Matt Elam even looks big through my cataracts!

  8. red headed step child

    Wow, theTROLLs are in full force. Why are they so concerned with #BBN ?

    By the way your women lost a basketball game today.

    1. Glass houses

      Yes, it was too bad the women’s team lost today. Good thing that Louisville has multiple winning programs – why, the football is even still playing!

    2. BBN

      These trolls are pathetic. Go to the third place bowl for AAC after the tards lose on the Friday night game of the week. At least we knew we weren’t going to a bowl – the tards fans thought they’d be playing in the national championship or at least in the bcs. You’re conference sucks so bad that for the second year in a row northern Illinois will make it into a bcs bowl – all because loserville sucks. Great fan base and coach that’s trying to talk bridgewater to come back by saying he’s not ready for nfl – how’d that work out for brohm. Real reason is know will get beat down in acc without him.

    3. Glass houses

      You’re so right – the 2nd or 3rd place AAC bowl is so much worse than the 14th place bowl in the sec. Wait a minute…

  9. C...A....T....S.....CATS!

    Nice pic…

    Certainly mean nothing disrespectful to any other 2014 UK recruit. I’m so proud to have you come to our University and help us build a competitive program…

    However, I just feel it in my bones that the decision of THIS ONE RECRUIT… Mr. Matt Elam…
    Yes…this ONE SINGLE RECRUIT… will tell me a LOT about our honest chances of building a VERY competitive program at UK, or just rebuilding a football program at a “basketball school”.

    Santa… can you deliver Matt Elam to the University of Kentucky and put him in our BIG BLUE Stocking? We’ve been a good University. We’ve been a football program that has worked hard, endured agony with determination, and not wilted under pressure. Come on Santa… we’ve waited SO LONG in the Commonwealth to get a VERY COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL TEAM in BLUE…

    On…On…U of K…

  10. C Williams

    Charlie Strong is Florida bound!!!!

    1. Glass houses

      No worries – we’ll take Petrino back and keep thine foot on the gas, and one up uk’s ass…

  11. W.W.B.B.N.D?

    It sure would look good having big Matt on that UK D-line for the next 4 years!

  12. Football Cat

    In Stoops I trust! This staff will bring Elam to Lexington. There will be some more recruiting surprises before signing day, especially on the O-line/D-line. Watch for some kids to flip to Kentucky!
    Go Cats!!!

  13. DJDJ23

    I’m pretty sure we get 28 scholarships this year, so we can still sign Elam and 2 more. I expected a 2-3 win season, this year. Stoops has the right idea. Remember is wasn’t so long ago that Rich Brooks went 2-10.

  14. This is funny to me

    Does John Hardin play Conner in the state championship game this coming weekend?
    The UK coaching staff looks like puppies begging for a bone. No way the coaching staff of Alabama or Notre Dame would do this. Oh wait, they still are coaching for bowl games.

  15. Auburn beat bammer

    He should come to Kentucky. Why?

    Because Kentucky is a good school that won’t process and grey shirt players. Stoops is a good, honest, humble coach that knows when to take a knee and go into overtime instead of letting arrogance call his plays.

    War Eagle and Go Cats!

  16. Marion County

    Love to see Matt Elam come to Kentucky. The Loserville trolls will find out what playing in a conference is all about next year. The Acc is still not the a great football conference, but a huge step up from the last 2 conferences Loserville has been in. Loserville was 10-1 this year in a horrible conference this year and only had 35,000 people on senior day game and boy was Charlie Strong pissed. Strong knows Loserville is just that. He will gone if given the chance…wait and watch.
    Kentucky will greatly improve in the next few years. Stoops is a winner and it will happen. Go Blue!