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Matt Bevin’s selfies are out of control


While our state government bickers over seemingly everything going on in Frankfort, our governor, Matt Bevin, continues to post an insane amount of selfies on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Since taking office, Bevin has taken more selfies than a bus full of teenage girls on their way to a Bieber concert. My man seems to really love the first-person money shot.

That’s fine; whatever. I dabble in the selfie game from time to time, when the situation calls for it. But Bevin’s selfie collection has gotten a bit egregious, especially for a man with an entire state to worry about.

Take for instance his latest string of uploads. We’ve got a mess in our state capital, but ol’ Matty B is out taking pics to get those Instagram likes up.

Did you see him in Texas at Bolden’s announcement?


How did he get on the court in Golden State?


Lemonade, really?

Get Kentucky in formation, Governor.


He’s lucky he didn’t catch one on the chin getting caught up in that fight in Arlington.


And with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch? Guess we know whose side he’s on.


This has gotten a little out of hand and must be stopped.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

19 responses to “Matt Bevin’s selfies are out of control”

  1. rainman

    Someone needs to substitute his phone for a polish target pistol!

  2. MrZac2613

    he is the absolute worst.

  3. onsides

    Socialist-pussies trying to claim KY athletics for themselves are out of control. Have a nice evening.

    1. easy

      you should try to claim KY athletics for yourself

  4. hossmobile

    Haha, this is awesome.

  5. Scombs

    I am a conservative that tends to like Bevin. But these are very funny! Have a sense of humor guys!

  6. ciggy

    Oh hell, this is pretty good Franklin.

    If you can’t laugh at it, you are a humorless bag of douche. Nothing worse in this world than a humorless bag of douche. Well, if you are a comment section rager, that’s probably a bit worse than a humorless douche, but I get the feeling if you are one, you are surely the other.

    1. Luether

      “Humorless bag of douche” – well stated…

  7. KYat46

    UK Sports NOT politics!

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Some are in sports pics!
      I don’t really think the implication that taking selfies inhibits a governor from doing his job is necessary but this is just for humor! Lighten up!

  8. thd1106

    This is hysterical.

  9. footblue

    Again the bias of the site and site owner comes out again. We finally have a governor that is working his a$$ off to bring industry to the state, right the financial ship and hold other elected officials accountable while having a personality and being a positive example. Former governor acted like he had a stick in his a$$ and used media to slam someone.
    It takes 2 seconds to take a selfie and shows me the guy enjoys like and can poke a little fun at himself.

    1. Kyblueblood

      Dude you went from 6 to midnight real fast..Bevin didnt put these together, Drew Franklin did

    2. footblue

      I understand that. But Bevin’s selfies were the point of the post and he does a lot of them. More than i would ever do but the point remains that the guy has a personality. Drew’s are funny too but the intent is not.

  10. Rixter

    Great work, Drew!

    I’m also a conservative who voted for Bevin, and finds this humorous. I also find it hilarious that liberals STILL can’t believe Conway lost! They are incredulous – the election had to be rigged, right? I mean, their guy LOST! It’s a head-scratcher for sure.

  11. IAM4UK9


    Also: Bevin good; Conway and Beshear bad.

    Go Big Blue!

  12. UKMallard86

    Drew’s photoshop game is on point

  13. Sentient Third Eye

    I’m another fan of Bevin’s who thinks these pictures are hilarious. Some of the posts baffle me, though. Why would anyone get upset about this kind of thing? There’s nothing mean-spirited or snarky in this humor at all.

  14. Ky ski nut

    Every time we say Matt Bevin’s name it’s the way Matt Damon’s name was said in Team America.