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Matt and Lee Cruse Vote Yea or Nay on Kentucky House Bills

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The Kentucky General Assembly has been extremely active in the first weeks of 2017.  You’ve probably heard about the big bills, but there are some smaller ones that could affect your everyday life.  Matt Jones and Lee Cruse say “Yea or Nay” to booze in beauty salons, criminal history requests on job applications, social studies classes on the Bible and much more.

Watch the entire episode with Matt and Lee after the jump.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

One response to “Matt and Lee Cruse Vote Yea or Nay on Kentucky House Bills”

  1. Megan

    1. Yea to alcohol in beauty salons and spas, but what’s the thinking on a 10-staff minimum? To make sure it’s a legitimate business concern?
    2. Nay to repealing inspections of roadhouses/dance halls. A fire in a night club or concert hall is deadly serious. Change the terminology if it’s outdated, maybe lump them in with theaters and other places people gather in numbers. But don’t leave fire safety and exits to the band’s pyro guy.
    3. Nay to banning job application question on criminal activity. Sometimes it’s irrelevant, but if you find it embarrassing, you have only yourself to blame.
    4. Nay, nay, and nay again to mandating creation of high school studies on the Bible. Jesus, what don’t they understand about the separation of church and state? Christian evangelicals can’t accept the separation, so they keep trying to game the system. Just stop! Study the Bible in church, for god’s sake. That’s where it belongs.
    5. Yea to the ban on blue lights on passenger cars. Yea as well to aubergine lights!

    So-called right to work laws have good arguments on both sides, if you get into the weeds, but from a broad perspective, it’s another “game the system” ploy, this time by business to kill unions for the benefit of employers and to the detriment of workers. I’m rather fond of workers. So I tend to favor things that benefit and protect them. And right to work laws do not benefit workers. How a servant worker can vote against his own interests and the interests of his family by supporting such a law is beyond me. You shouldn’t have to pay union dues or fees, but if you don’t, you shouldn’t receive any of the benefits. You don’t get insurance coverage without paying the premium. So amend the National Labor Relations Act to allow members-only unions. Let the freeloaders fend for themselves.