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Martin County Water District Manager Announces Retirement

The manager of the Martin County Water District has announced his retirement.

According to WYMT, Joe Hammond announced his retirement at this morning’s Martin County Water District meeting.  The district is now searching for an interim general manager.

Hammond’s decision comes just weeks after Matt Jones and the Hey Kentucky team made a trip to Eastern Kentucky to spotlight the water problems in Martin County.  When encountered in front of a camera, Hammond denied his identity.  Watch the interaction below:


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

10 responses to “Martin County Water District Manager Announces Retirement”

  1. mdcornette0204

    I have known Joe for many years. He is a solid guy but for the life of me I have no idea why he would pretend to be John Mills.

    1. cjruk1

      “He is a solid guy”

      Yea let’s go with that description of Joe……

    2. mdcornette0204

      Do you know him?

      He is a solid guy. In a tough spot? Sure. Bad at his job? Yeah I will give you that. Made some stupid decisions (like lying about being John Mills)? No doubt.

      I think most people would fall into at least one of those categories. He is a solid guy. Not a saint. Not a role model. Not my best friend but solid.

      Being flawed does not make him a bad person.

  2. FlySoup

    When the going gets tough, retire!

  3. chardun20

    Seems to me he retired along time ago, just now making it public.

  4. Blue Bill

    Noooo, I’m no official. Would be hilarious if not so sad.

  5. david8577

    Good job, good effort.

  6. bd2153

    Go collect your free money you did nothing for

  7. Irish son

    Scumbag,lying hick

  8. BLUEsky

    Social media. Kick a guy when he’s down. Pathetic. Maybe some of you should step into his shoes before dragging him through the mud. That thought ever cross your minds? I learned this lesson long ago and will not make the same mistake again if I can help it. There are always two sides to every story. Always.