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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

10 responses to “Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow ‘Put out Fires’ on the Recruiting Front Following Florida State Vacancy”

  1. bigblue98

    In Stoops and the Big Dog we trust. Building a powerhouse – Go Cats!

  2. omfs

    Read Matt’s post about I heart radio
    Does politics need to be on this site?

    1. zoupman

      Not sure, but Nick was bad mouthing Gov Bevin Tuesday on radio. Uncalled for, we listen to sports to get away from mean spirited political comments.

    2. whatnow

      Matt’s post was about politics bc he was letting KSR readers know why he won’t be on the radio.

    3. JDizzle14

      He cares more abt voicing his opinions and feelings on politics than just enjoying one of the coolest jobs anyone could have….his actions proved that wasnt good enough for him. U gotta pick one or the other. He made his bed, now hes gotta sleep in it. Im sure in his mind he thinks its worth it. Hes always interrupting and interjecting on the UK fans abt how his views and opinions r the right one, and to hell with what they think…..typical politician behavior. He needs to go on and run for Senate, get it over with, cuz his actions have proven thats what he cares most abt, even tho he’ll tell u thats not the case. If ur willing to put ur job and livelihood on the line over it, then its pretty important to u. The thing he nvr learned is that most UK fans dont give a damn or wanna hear abt his politicial views or opinions.

    4. michaelb

      Great comment

    5. UoKFB PHAN

      Thank you JDizzle, thank you! I really agree with you on the part about him interrupting and interjecting on the UK fans.

    6. satcheluk

      It’s Matt’s blog, so I’d say he can say what he wants and we have the right to read it or not. If we don’t like it, then we can go somewhere else. No sense in yelling at a brick wall if you don’t like where it is.

  3. JASUN74

    I love Coach Stoops and the whole Staff, but He could’ve saved a lot of kids and fans from worrying if he’d just have said he was staying in the first place. I understand playing the game and trying to get more money and all that, but he just got a raise at the beginning of the year and is paid Better than anyone in American if you consider his performance. Kentucky is a great program now and has come along way. I know he’s been a big part of that and I hope he’s here until he retires. Saying that, there’s no reason to hold the school hostage every time someone gets fired and a job opens, just to get another raise.

    1. satcheluk

      People say they love America’s free market until it doesn’t suit them. If you were in his situation you’d work to your greatest benefit, as would I. He owes us only 100% effort and if the market says he’s worth more money, then good for him. I hope he gets what he deserves whether that is a raise or even no raise. That’s how the free market works.