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Mark Emmert: Still Clueless (Updated)

The President of the NCAA never fails to produce highly critical comments.  Mark Emmert’s stance on the “student-athlete” draws the ire of many (I’m looking at you Jay Bilas), but those comments aren’t necessarily stupid.  That was not the case today.

Speaking at the Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, in an attempt to condemn Lavar Ball’s decision to pull his kid from UCLA, he was the one who came out looking like a buffoon.

“Is this a part of someone being part of you university as a student-athlete or is it about using college athletics to prepare yourself to be a pro? If it’s the latter, you shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

To all of our nation’s doctors, sorry.  Mark Emmert doesn’t believe you should use a university to become a professional.

UPDATE (2:14)

In today’s journalism lesson, we learn that context matters.  The original quote above Tweeted by Jason Belzer hardly resembles Emmert’s verbatim response, transcribed by an AP reporter.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

8 responses to “Mark Emmert: Still Clueless (Updated)”

  1. ukjaybrat

    These kids don’t WANT to use the university as a stepping stone. the NBA is forcing their hand. If they could all play overseas and get paid and get the same face time as they could here, they all would. but proof is in the pudding unless you are a top 5 player, going to China/Europe for a year hurts your draft stock.

  2. bigcat68

    How does this fool still have a job?

  3. ukkatzfan

    If it was about the first part, ALL scholarship athletes(baseball, football and all others) would be required to be in school for 4 years. As far as Bilas goes, my vote would go to Lavar Ball as the better person.

  4. 72uksprinter

    Way past time to just blow up the NCAA and start over.
    Jay Bilas for Commissioner of the new entity.
    Emmert for janitor at Popcorn State.

  5. Sentient Third Eye

    The NCAA is actually the best place for these kids to go, if they do it correctly and use the time to learn the skills they need to not end up like Antoine Walker once they get their league contract. Turning kids with only a high school education loose where they can be victimized by agents and the league itself would be like feeding lambs to wolves.

  6. johndedrick

    Seriously? I mean come on, even reading the original I didn’t take it like that anyway. I took it as the educators saying college is for academics anyway, don’t go to college just to become a professional athlete. Sounds like people just trying to twist it to fit their agenda. lol We all know the NCAA sucks, so they are going to say dumb things and make dumb decisions… but lets not twist things that don’t need to be twisted.

  7. secrick

    Reporters are such assholes , he twisted the mans words to make you fall for it and some of you have.

  8. Catcasey1

    Coach k Will wump his a$s now