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Malik Newman’s coach says reclassifying is unlikely, but not out of the question


Malik Newman is widely considered to be the #1 player in the 2015 class, but there has been some buzz recently about him reclassifying to 2014. Newman (who is rumored to heavily favor the Cats) doesn’t turn 19 until 2016, which means he won’t be eligible for the NBA Draft until then. If he reclassifies to the 2014 class, that means he’ll have to stay in school for two years.

Newman’s high school coach David Sanders spoke to the Herald-Leader’s Ben Roberts and downplayed rumors that he will reclassify, but didn’t completely rule them out:

“I don’t really see it happening,” he told the Herald-Leader. “But I definitely wouldn’t rule it out. I know he can play on that level right now.”

However, Sanders did say that the elite guard’s thirst for competition may be a reason he’d consider reclassifying:

“On the high school level, there’s not a lot of kids like him,” he said. “He’s looking for the best competition possible.”

John Calipari reportedly visited Newman at his home in Jackson Mississippi this week, so even if he doesn’t reclassify, it’s time to get to know his work:

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24 responses to “Malik Newman’s coach says reclassifying is unlikely, but not out of the question”

  1. Thrashitup

    While I don’t agree with everyone saying next year’s recruiting class is somehow subpar compared to our standards, this would be a huge get and couldn’t help but improve our chances at another banner.

  2. Louisville1Cal4

    Having Newman for two years would be HUGE if he reclassified & picked the Cats!

  3. J-Daddy

    Think that’s the only mix tape I’ve ever seen where the kid doesn’t dunk at least one time…..He’s got a pretty good looking jump shot and seems to finish through contact well.

    1. Megan

      Extremely right-hand dominant. Even when he drives to the left side of the basket, he shoots with his right (one exception). Doesn’t look comfortable dribbling with his left more than about two bounces. Then again, he never misses a shot.

  4. Vindicator

    This would be quite a coup for Cal. Newman is by far better than anyone else in the 2014 class.

  5. Isaac in Louisville

    Off topic, but I gotta post it somewhere… From the Cards’ board – is this guy for real!?

    Rating: 3.3/5 this site
    1249 posts this site
    Posted: Yesterday 8:48 PM
    Re: Trey Lyles is the epitome of what’s wrong with recruiting…
    Another NBA bust. What, UK has three kids still in the league? Davis, Cousins, and Wall only players worth anything after that just bust after bust because they were never developed in college. The rest of them are bankrupt, beating up hobos. That luster has worn off. Their players from last year more busts. I’ll bet Siva and Dieng have better careers. Compared to who ever they are from uk. Teague rides a bench, hope the bulls trade his sorry ***. About worthless couldn’t even beat out Butler for the starting job last year. Total joke thibs doesn’t even want him on the team. It’s nice to see a senior day for our kids every year. UK won’t have a senior day this year. I know quite a few UK fans who are tired of cal and not knowing who’s even on the floor. Every year having to learn a new line up.
    Noel was traded right off the bat. Brandon knight I only see him get gifs made about him so he’s good for that I guess. Deandre Jordan made him his *****. Irving made him his *****. Bledsoe never hear about him other than getting traded over and over. Cousins, wall, Davis is about it. They have a bunch of bench warmers. Teague is utter garbage be lucky to be in the league another 2 years. Noel hasn’t done anything yet. Jones is trash be in the d league with jorts. Meeks wasn’t one of Cals guys and will be around longer than most of his players. Cousins will be bankrupt within a few years of leaving the league. None of them have a degree to fall back on. 80% of these guys go bankrupt and are in a part time job that they are failing at after the body wears down. Take guys like Siva and Dieng and Kuric. All of them will be able to be successful after the lights go out.

    1. Micki DeMoss's Mustache

      The only person at UL who is successful after the lights go out is Ricky P…but only for a very limited time

    2. Al/in/Indy

      Evidently this guy hasn’t been watch the box scores as of late. Like everything uvel, they read what they want……..or has a family member read it to them!

    3. Kentucky_lady

      Because a communications degree from Louisville opens up so many doors. Seriously, having a degree to fall back on only works if that degree is a useful one.

      Also, I didn’t know that you could only get your degree if you’ve never played in the NBA. They act like once a guy leaves school for the NBA, that’s it. You can never go back and will never have a degree to fall back on. If our guys are smart, and I’m sure many of them are, they set aside emergency funds out of those gigantic contracts, particularly Cousins and Wall who signed max deals. It would be like pennies for them to set aside $500K for school or safe money.

      Getting traded can be good for a player sometimes, particularly Bledsoe because he has been handed the reins to his team. He has a chance to make his name now. I doubt Siva becomes THE point guard for whatever team he’s on. He’s also making a lot less than even Teague, who was at least first round.

      Noel is still rehabbing, so saying he’s a bust for being traded and not doing anything yet is stupid.

      Wall, Cousins and Davis get on ESPN the most because they are the next generation of superstars on the verge of their true breakthroughs. They will be the Lebron Jameses when Lebron hangs it up. Even so, winning is a team effort, and having a solid career in the NBA is possible while being a sixth or seventh man.

      Just a whole lot of stupid in that comment.

  6. Zg

    I’m pretty sure the rule is 19 years old OR one year removed from high school !

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      Fortunately, it is AND!

  7. VinDatuk

    Let’s review the Cal guys in the league and current rating:
    Davis/Wall/Cousins – borderline stars
    Bledsoe – top 15 PG
    Knight/MKG – starters
    Liggins/Miller – role players
    Lamb/Jones/Teague – too soon to tell
    Noel/Goodwin – N/A

    I won’t count PPat/Orton/Kanter. The fact that Josh Harrellson even made an NBA roster is argument enough to shut that idiot up. I know I am forgetting someone…

    1. ukfan


    2. VinDatuk

      I said I would exclude Orton. He was never really a Cal guy IMO.

    3. Kentucky_lady

      Liggins is gone, but it has nothing to do with his time at UK or lack of development from Cal.

  8. Dacci

    Is this the surprise Matt mentioned we may see?

    1. Cole

      That’s what I was thinking! If this happened, would he really have to stay two years?

    2. BGKY Dave

      That is exactly what I was thinking too after the radio show today and seeing this it makes you wonder. But if there is a post here about it then I’m second guessing??

  9. hooters

    You gotta love those ” dumb Dick bastards” ! Really thèse card fans are delusional and jealous

  10. So in other words...

    …He’s gonna reclassify, right?

  11. Chess

    It’s 19 or 1 year after high school. He’s not staying more than 1 year.

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      “All drafted players must be at least 19 years old during the calendar year of the draft.”

      “The “one year out of high school” requirement is in addition to the age requirement.”

      Therefore it’s NOT or. It’s AND. This has been discussed at length. He’d have to stay at any college he goes to for two years if he reclassifies.

  12. Walt

    I think Newman’s game resembles Tyler Ulis’. Except we know Ulis can pass like that Sweeney kid (I think was his name) from MO last last. I really don’t see much difference in THEIR GAME. It does look like Newman is bigger which helps obviously, but Ulis looks VERY, VERY similar: he can shoot off the dribble, can handle to ball expertly, can shoot long range, can shoot mid range, can make layups, can make floaters. I have seen tape of Ulis’ commitment to defense and like I said, Ulis can pass.

  13. 94Feet

    3) J-Daddy. I have to agree. No Dunks in a Mix tape HAS TO BE A FIRST. Finally ! Nothing more annoying to try to check out a fellas skills and you watch 99% dunks.