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Louisville’s crowd tonight is… something

This week, Louisville tickets at the Yum! Center were available for as low as $3 a pop, with the basketball program essentially begging fans to attend games. For those keeping track at home, that’s cheaper than most non-basketball/football sports at Kentucky.

From the looks of tonight, fans felt the ridiculously low ticket prices were still a bit too much.

After a back and forth battle throughout the night, the Cardinals pulled away from Siena at the end, winning 86-60.

Home court advantage? Absolutely not.

For a basketball program that is currently losing money, attendance numbers this low certainly isn’t helping.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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21 responses to “Louisville’s crowd tonight is… something”

  1. Dragon

    What do you mean the basketball program is losing money?? They are probably saving money by not having to pick up Jurich’s bar tab etc.

    1. Mathlete

      Plus the Adidas money is going to the school instead of Rick’s wallet now, right?

  2. UKfanforlife

    I made a comment that I did not approve of Ashley’s rude and crude behavior in DC and that I am ashamed that her name is associated with the commonwealth of Kentucky and its flagship university. It has since been removed and comments have been locked out for the thread that celebrated the person in question.

    1. catdaddyd

      Well she is a NASTY woman.

    2. Mathlete

      Sorry you couldn’t use someone else’s comments section to voice your opinion. You’re just going to have to live with being limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace, or building your own site/podcast to make sure the world knows just how you feel.

    3. BigBlueBass

      Can’t talk about a Lib on a site ran by a Lib…

    4. kycats81

      Her ‘courage’, ethics and morals lag far behind her desire to become rich and famous. She knew all along what she was doing. She made a deal with the devil. It’s all just plain self serving, back then and now. If she really wanted to bring the truth out, she would have done long ago back when it happened.

    5. kycats81

      In fact, I think they have all waited and waited until Bill Clinton became completely irrelevant and of no use to them.

    6. cats646

      Well said cats81

    7. UKfanforlife

      Some actors believe that their fame translates into political power and importance and that the masses should follow their line of thinking. The times that we live in now, if a famous person makes crazy statements and displays outlandish behavior, it is documented for eternity and can easily be brought back up with the click of a mouse. They can’t just ignore it and act like they are a sane and reasonable person, whose thoughts and opinions should be revered and recognized.

      If I do recall correctly, the star of this site has tried on several occasions to push a liberal agenda and has received a lot of push back. He seemed to not only down play it, but also reject the notion that he doesn’t have the power to move people towards liberalism and leftist agenda, even though he has such a large audience. Yes, he tapped into a fan base and is wildly successful. He is successful, despite wandering off on occasion into leftists politics and leftist agenda hawking. He even announced that he was considering a run for office. He could be elected mayor of Lexington or Louisville, because they always vote liberal. I seriously doubt that he could win a seat in Congress. Just because you wave a UK flag, doesn’t mean your lefty politics will be approved by the masses.

    8. theWilkman

      Yeah, she and all the women reporting abuse should have come out immediately when it happened. So should all of the young boys molested at Penn State and all the kids abused by priests. /sarcasm

      I sure hope you don’t have any daughters. What a terrible example you are.

    9. kycats81

      Well – I have 2. Both raised in church. Both taught the Bible. Both taught the difference between right and wrong. Both with taught to have high moral and ethical standards. Both outstanding contributors to society. I also have a son who is a minister. They are all great parents. I couldn’t have been blessed more. I give all the credit to God and my wife for how they have turned out.
      No abuse is ever acceptable from anyone. But don’t accept it either under such conditions. She could have walked away. She didn’t. I stand by what I have written

    10. UKfanforlife

      re wilkman…….the fact that I don’t like a crazy hollywood actress who had a meltdown in DC and received national attention from it, makes me a bad person? I have heard reports of cougars pursuing Kentucky athletes for sex. I wonder how many names would be recognized if that harassment list was ever made public? Only men are evil? Sure there are bad men out there. But, there are bad women as well. If you ever have a chance to open up the Bible, there is a story in the front of that book about a woman named Eve. I would love for the cougar list to come to light. That would be some really good fodder for the fan base to chew on.

    11. theWilkman

      UKfan – my comment was aimed at kycats81, sorry for the confusion. However, I never said only men were evil. I was pointing out how ridiculous this statement is:

      “She knew all along what she was doing. She made a deal with the devil. It’s all just plain self serving, back then and now. If she really wanted to bring the truth out, she would have done long ago back when it happened.”

      If you don’t see how that is the exact victim blaming that has kept women (and men) from reporting abuse for decades, I’m not sure what tell you.

      As for women being abusive, or “the cougar list” as you call it, I’d be interested in that as well. I would be surprised if it had stories of women forcing basketball players to watch them masturbate or perform sex acts on them, though. I could be wrong.

      Lastly, just like you put words in my mouth, you assumed I’ve never read a Bible. I was raised Pentecostal, attended Catholic school K-12, and regularly attend church. I think I’m covered.

  3. cats646

    😂😂Louisville basketball is a bigger joke than Tennessee football. This is what University 6 is when they can’t cheat. Pathetic

  4. Catcasey1

    646 we finally agree on something

  5. cats646

    Ha. Good to know. I’d shake your hand if I could

  6. BigBlue4EverUK

    Don’t speak to soon, our attendance hasn’t been good either

    1. cats646

      Good point I guess.

  7. sprtphan

    Wouldn’t watch Hey Kentucky if you held a gun to my head. Hope Matt runs for statewide office someday and gets feelings hurt.

  8. klyne

    All UK fans in Louisville should buy the cheap tickets and just be the visitor’s cheering section.