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Louisville signee arrested after impregnating his 14-year-old cousin

Image via Deadspin

And now, for your Louisville moment of the day: Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammed, a 2014 linebacker who signed with Louisville, was arrested yesterday for impregnating his 14-year-old cousin.

Fort Pierce, Florida police discovered the two had sex after the teenage girl gave her mom a positive pregnancy test and admitted what happened. She told police that Rhaheed-Muhammed didn’t force himself on her and that the sex “just happened,” and that he later tried again, but she refused. She had an abortion in November, and tests confirm that Rhaheed-Muhammaed is the father.

Rhaheed-Muhammaed was arrested on a felony charge of lewd lascivious behavior yesterday, and was released today. According to a UofL spokesman, Bobby Petrino “is aware of the situation.”


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105 responses to “Louisville signee arrested after impregnating his 14-year-old cousin”


    U of L football: family first.

  2. Michael Jackson


  3. All I Can Say Is.....

    I am so sorry for the little girl.

    As for the Cardinals……you cannot make this stuff up.

  4. WOW

    are you sure he didnt grow up in Kentucky. LOL LOL LOL LOL

    so he was 14 and she was 11 when they got together. YIKES….some kids just want to grow up way too fast.

    1. Mr. Bledsoe

      I’m pretty sure he was older than 14…

  5. Elmer Skaggs

    Impregnating your cousin is a Kentucky pastime

    1. Louisville1Cal5

      Inpregnatibg your cousin is a Louisville pastime*
      There, fixed it for you.

    2. Gumby N. Pokey

      ………………….Elmer would know. His momma and daddy were cousins. And, he’s been frustrated that he can’t seem to ‘impregnatibg’ his male cousin.

  6. stone

    Keep it classy UofL

    1. Al/in/Indy

      HA HA HHA HA HA And the hits just keep coming! Who knows, Petrino might like his style!

  7. Daaaaaannnggg

    I feel so sorry for that unborn baby, to know another child has to grow up who potentially had a father that was almost a cardinal…. who am I kidding, they will still accept him.

    1. Old Fart

      the baby was aborted.

    2. King Kelly Coleman

      Did you even bother to read the article?

  8. EASTboundANDdown

    I typed about 20 things and erased each one……This is just sad. Worse is he tried again..

    DUDE, just wait until you get to LOSERVILLE and there will be plenty Tranys and Line beard babes to fill you nights…

    1. DDT

      Don’t forget about the Proximity to Indiana – Plenty of river rats to hump

    2. Deliverance

      Wait for some pole dancing fat pigs at the state fair.

  9. hooters

    Who’s got the banjo?

  10. John Calipari

    Anthony Davis scored the fifth most points on the team.

    1. fireants25

      LOL! And MKG took the 4th most shots ha

  11. steve

    Let’s never forget that a 14 year old child was a victim. (maybe as early as 11) Nothing funny or good can come from this.

    As far a UL goes this is another test of that University’s character. They have failed test like this many times before. Will they again……

  12. Bobby Pitrino

    I am Bobby Pitrino and I approve of his actions.

  13. TAG

    Petrino is aware of the problem. He already has the girl’s number.

  14. Bobby Petrino

    You think she has Skype???

  15. Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammed

    And now for my “getting caught after f*cking my 14 year old cousin” face

  16. chane behanan

    come to Colorado yo, just tell errbody it was weed

    1. fireants25

      HAHAHA! Think about your statement in Chappells voice lol omg awesome!

  17. shifty

    Sincere question – Why is he being arrested if they both were underage? Is it because he is older? From what I understand she said the relationship was consensual, as weird as it is.

    1. wow, creepy

      not a lawyer/cop/etc but that’s statutory rape. doesnt matter if its consensual. & attempting to do it again may be attempted rape or whatever the terminology/specifics are. guessing cops brought him in to fingerprint etc & parents can decide whether to press charges, but once again, not an expert

    2. datdudedoe

      I don’t think it is statutory rape if both people are under age. It is something similar as she is under the age of consent and he isnt(yet still underage), but I don’t think it is quite statutory rape. I for one think it’s terrible that this kid faces the possibility of jail time for having sex with a girl. Completely consensual sex between a 17y/o and 14y/o.. that is a high school junior and high school freshman. Its really not a big deal (besides the possibility of prison time) nor is it vile or disgusting. You people make it sound like the guy molested her or something. He probably had no idea it was illegal. In the long run, imprisoning the kid for 10 years does way more harm than good.

    3. SayWhat

      Datdudedoe: you don’t seem bothered by the fact that they are COUSINS! Gross, man, just gross.

    4. Hayley's quadriceps

      Stat rape, and uh incest?

  18. Roman Polanski

    You guys make a big deal about the smallest things.

    1. C

      that’s a good, ohh

  19. schwing

    haha, the source web page disabled the comments for the article.

  20. Skinny Rich

    He should’ve played by the Pitino rule. You know: Three strokes and you’re out!!!

    1. Catgrad7072

      Skinny Rich for the win!!!!

  21. Buckets

    In a way this is hilarious because U of L fans love to call all UK fans inbreds. Eat it, trolls.

  22. Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammed

    This one time, at band camp…

  23. Donnie Azoff

    I see nothing wrong with this

    1. Django

      I’d drive it up to the countryside, open the door, and just be like you’re free you’re free now.

  24. Grownup cat fan

    This post is beneath you, mrs t. KSR can find plenty of humorous fodder without resorting to exploiting teenage tragedy.

    1. Buckets

      No one forced you to read or comment.

    2. Preston LeMaster

      Can I have your blue hair tix behind the basket?

    3. Isaac in Louisville


      Some people are way too sensitive. This is reporting a news story relevant to sports in the Commonwealth. I have no idea how you see this as exploitation.


    The sun rose in the East this morning.

  26. hal

    where in the article does it mention the word, “cousin” or that he tried again and she refused????? did you cite a different article than the one posted or was it edited?

    1. Mark

      Literally 2 clicks on the internet. Google. Please learn to use it.

    2. hal

      so, the answer is “she cited another article” thanks for not being a d**k about it.seems like stange info to leak since the identity of the victim isn’t allowed to be disclosed & this narrows it down very well.

  27. clancyhat

    You guys should be ashamed – this is not funny

  28. YIKES

    SOCIAL MEDIA AT ITS BEST…. I love wasting my precious time, by reading how someone else has messed up their life.

    1. Mark

      How is this social media? Hint: it’s not.


    don’t wanna ruin the party, but this is a bit too serious to suck it into the UL hate thing…just sayin

  30. rainman

    ……..and it has begun!

    Loserville 1st, Cousins 4nicate

    1. Al/in/Indy

      DING DING DING DING and we have a winna!!!!! Rainman is the undisputed winna!

  31. UL Thinking

    Gotta try out the goods prior to selling it.

    How else would you know how much to charge?

  32. Mark Stoops

    we’ll take him after he completes his therapy and 1 year of JUCO football. #Yahtzee

    1. Bobby Petrino

      What? You aren’t a piece of trash representing an equally trashy university like me, I know you wouldn’t take that kid… Me however, he’s just the kind of kid I’m after.

  33. UL Thinking

    “University of Louisville Loves their Cousins”

    Dumb UL fans; That poster board wasn’t meant to be emulated.

    “We love our Cousins” was a play on words you dumb shits.

    Cousins was a player that dominated you after giving your boy a beat down.

    I think it was something like 55 rebounds and 55 points.

  34. Kentucky Inbred Trailer Trash

    If it ain’t your sister, it don’t count

  35. IU:Weknowbigorty

    For the record, IU fans have a weekly meeting. We understand each other’s desire to be bigots and our deep hatred of Kentucky because they were supposed to be on our sides when we made it known.

    F U Kentucky. You’re Indian Name is not as great as ours. We’re Indiana. Short for Indians.

  36. IU:Weknowbigorty

    IU fans rush their community court every time they’re mentioned on KSR

    1. IU:Weknowbigorty

      We also cut the nets whenever we only lose by 12

  37. JayOne

    I guess this should get him a get in free ticket at the Bill Clinton fund raiser for the lady running for your senate seat. Clinton, Petrino, Pitino and Inbred UL Recruit are breaking all records. Way to go Louisville, Kentucky. The world is impressed

    1. St Ronnie was a moron

      You better save your ticket to McConnell, Larry Craig, and Flush limpballs

  38. Jerry Sandusky

    It could be worse

  39. Muhammad Akbar

    What’s the big deal?

  40. Trueblupopeye

    Impregnating your cousin at 14 years of age. Does this make him a Pitino or Petrino protege ? I can never figure this out. Player speaking ” Uh coach let me introduce you to my first son second cousin”

  41. Louisville1Cal5

    ….Only at Louisville lmfao
    Him & Pitino are two peas in a pod when it comes to their stance on abortion apparently lol Kill it & try to have it swept under the rug. What a piece of ish.

  42. Joe

    First off this is a matter that shouldn’t be joked about and secondly we cannot be the pot calling the kettle black! Do we all conveniently forget Michael Porter??

    1. Ph

      Porter didn’t get those girls pregnant

    2. UhYeah

      Porter wasnt banging his cousin.

    3. Hey dummy...

      Umm, Porter was an ADULT who molested several minor girls – doubt it would have mattered to him if one was family or not.

    4. Yeah that's you

      Wrong, dip shiz, Porter didn’t molest several girls, hooked up w one. That’s one too many. Was what he did disgusting? Yes. Is knocking up your 14yr old cousin disgusting? Yes. Porter committed his acts after he was gone from UK and would have been immediately dismissed if he was on the team when it happened. This dude will still probably suit up for the scum bags of the ville

  43. COME..ON...MAN!!!!

    come on FLORIDA, you can do better then this. you have so many good lookin women, so why does a guy have to go after his own cousin.

  44. James K

    This is one of those stories that really don’t require commentary. Sports should be a distant afterthought, here.

  45. stupid sexy flanders

    I’m no heavy hitter, but how is this not statutory rape or something like that? She’s 14! Lewd lascivious behavior sounds pretty benign for a felony. ‘Lewd lascivious behavior’ happens every weekend at every bar in every town.

    1. UhYeah

      They were both minors. They statutory raped each other, cancels out.

  46. tbh...

    I don’t think it is statutory rape if both people are under age. It is something similar as she is under the age of consent and he isnt(yet still underage), but I don’t think it is quite statutory rape. I for one think it’s terrible that this kid faces the possibility of jail time for having sex with a girl. Completely consensual sex between a 17y/o and 14y/o.. that is a high school junior and high school freshman. Its really not a big deal (besides the possibility of prison time) nor is it vile or disgusting. You people make it sound like the guy molested her or something. He probably had no idea it was illegal. In the long run, imprisoning the kid for 10 years does way more harm than good.

    1. Sicko

      It’s not vile or disgusting? So I can assume you bang your cousin too? Seems vile and disgusting. That baby probably would’ve had some issues had it not been aborted.

    2. hmm

      it doesn’t say in the article that it was his cousin. not sure where people are getting this information from…..

    3. Simple

      Let me introduce you to google

    4. Simple
  47. hooters

    M Porter didn’t pork his cousin dip sh*t

    1. Joe

      And we wonder why people talk trash abt our fan base?!? Great rationale saying a youth minister taking advantage of an underage girl is on a moral high ground compared to this! I wish only our true fans came to this site and people like this didn’t tarnish our brand!

  48. hooters

    Rainman u the man!

  49. Laker Cat 18

    As far as I can remember, I have never used profanity on KSR. So this would be my first.

    Oh $hit! That’s hilarious.

    It’s not funny because he knocked up a 14 year-old girl because it’s just not. It’s funny because it was his cousin.

  50. BBN

    I would expect no comment from Louisville on this. How could the university possibly think about revoking a scholarship, or any disciplinary action for current players that might violate rules. You can’t expect to keep the house in order when you have a leader who gave his mistress a job at a state funded school – his credibility is shot on any discipline issues.

  51. chuck

    Tyler, your article has made the conservative big time.

    Atta girl.

    1. SocialMedia_is_Evil

      Makes me feel better about the KSR board. Inane comments are rampant every where.

  52. Ken in Middletown

    Remember when Petrino left the last time, they had to purge the program of multiple thugs he’d brought in? Here we go again. Welcome back, Bobby!!

  53. kyhank

    I wish this had never been on this site, nooooo class

    1. Joe

      Can’t agree more kyhank! This is the garbage that paints our program and fan base in a bad light

    2. Peace Out

      So go away. No one will miss you.

    3. Joe

      Why?? Bc I have more respect for our program then this junk?! Oh we would be in such good hands with you all representing us!

  54. Sam Jones

    It’s a sad outcome but you all are either very sheltered or too set on ragging the dirty birds. The tone is wrong. What you are dealing with is two underage kids of relatively the same age having sex, which is unfortunate but quite common. The KSR description leaves the impression that dude is some kind of predator. However, assuming consent and a 14/yo and 17/yo age difference, I don’t buy that. Sure it odd that he slept with his cousin, but again more common than you would like to believe and not criminal to my knowledge.

    1. Sam Jones

      I should add that I am not trying to be apologetic for the kid or condoning the behavior. This was some poor judgment (on multiple levels). However, it is also a sensitive topic. If you are going to report that she was only 14, then in fairness it seems like you ought to also acknowledge that he was only 17. This doesn’t just excuse it all, but reporting that the girl was 14/yo without stating the age of the recruit tends to leave the wrong impression.

  55. Ben

    What the fck?

  56. brink

    Did none of you read the attached article? It says that he began touching her inappropriately at age 11. Thats a whole oth r r ballgame than 17 and 14. Add to that they are cousins.

    1. J

      Not defending his actions at all, but are you by chance a math major?? When she was 11 he was 14, so previous comment carries the same rationale. However you do the math they are 3 years apart. Wow!

  57. Nick Adams

    Ok, obviously this shouldn’t be something UK or any other fans should be pinning on UL or their program. Patrino didn’t know this kid would do this. No one did. Every team has players or recruits that screw up. It is not something that UL should be held responsible for. Its not about what team he was going to, its about the story itself and that poor girl having to abort a child. Get your head out of your asses and grow up. And no, Im a UL fan sticking up for them. Im someone who took the story for what it is and dont see it as UL’s probkem

  58. James

    The act itself was bad enough, but the rationalization a by Louisville fans over at the Card Chronicle makes it even worse. They are some sick puppies.


    Gee a 17 year old having sex with a 14 year old, how unique!!! To think this is a crime is utter nonsense! As the public schools hand out condoms to students so they can have sex, then the same government swoops in a charges the male with a felony.

  60. Ben

    Nowhere in that article does it say anything out the girl being his cousin. He was 14 and she was 11 at the time, making them both minors. Check your sources before writing your trash journalism..

  61. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

    There is nothing funny about any of this, and for those of you finding humor in it, shame on you. While I certainly agree that UL fans LOVE to throw this kinda crap up in our faces when it happens, this could have happened anywhere, including a UK recruit. Lets not forget Michael Porter, Chuck hayes and others that have been accused of and/or convicted of sexual crimes…… To the UL fans, maybe y’all need to realize that you shouldn’t run your mouths too much, Karma can come back and bite you…….

  62. Bobby P

    I don’t see a problem here. What’s the big deal. This has nothing to do with football. This kid is going to fit right in.