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Louisville football practice will be open to fans each day at, of course, 4:20 p.m.

If you see a cloud of smoke over Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium every afternoon during the first week of practice, it is because the Louisville football team has invited its fans to come out everyday at 4:20 pm. I’m 100 percent serious with this. The school announced today that August 5-9 practices are open to the public and the afternoon sessions with the veterans will begin at 4:20 pm.

Bobby Petrino sure does know how to send a message out to his targeted recruits and loyal fan base. He picked their favorite time of day to get everyone together in one hot box spot.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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21 responses to “Louisville football practice will be open to fans each day at, of course, 4:20 p.m.”

  1. blueaville

    I don’t get it??

    On another note…do we know which days our practices will be open? Hoping to drive to Lexington one day to see a practice.

    1. Rei

      420 = pot

  2. gordonm

    Most court hearings over by 4pm.

  3. ??

    Why does KSR keep insisting on making fun or Louisville? Louisville will clearly crush them this season in football.

    1. Because

      KSR does not have a football team.

    2. Rei

      UL fan attempts to pwn KRS and trolls himself.

  4. YT

    LOL ^^^^^^

    1. ??


  5. arlo

    haha. too great. toke on tards.

  6. UKBlue

    Since 95% of their fans don’t have jobs, it’s not like they have a job or career that they might have to be at during well anytime.

    1. scorpiocard

      Please try to do better. This is just dumb.

  7. csteele

    They make it too easy.

  8. WestKyCat
  9. gregg

    Jesus you guys are reaching

    1. Not all of us

      I’ll give you the +1 because you are correct
      KSR has to keep the articles coming and they do a fantastic
      Job of entertaining me daily. But I could totally do with some new
      Creative anti-Louisville material…. Geez.

    2. Jesus

      I don’t have to reach. I’m Jesus for crying out loud.

  10. jesus

    my name isn’t jesus.

    1. Peter

      Its pronounced hey-suess

  11. sowhat

    Fans of every school smoke weed. Hell, I bet half or more of the damn UK team has smoked weed. Who cares? Its 2014 and this as a knock on UL is dumb. All for making fun of the tards but this is something you could say about any team or fans.

    1. amirite

      he could have literally picked any other minute in the day (well i guess 4:20am would have been the same) but he chose this one. You could not say this about any team. I didn’t see any other team invite people over at 4:20