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Louisville football already updating its Five Core Values


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

45 responses to “Louisville football already updating its Five Core Values”

  1. Travis

    You misspelled “you’re”

    1. Ben

      I see what you did there.

  2. BobKYCats

    Sounds about right.

  3. Mr. Obvious

    Travis is a UNC graduate.

    1. Tomcat1964


  4. Brian
    1. Stoops

      enjoy this BBN, more to come once Stoops’ recruits get some games under their belts

    2. BleedBlueinNashville

      Wonderful grainy footage, cute with the Big sister comment, I am sure that didn’t take over 6 to 7 hours to think of. Keep that eye on the prizes and morals high

    3. Brian

      @Stoops, Thats called the Kragthorpian Era.

    4. Stoops

      Doesn’t matter what era it was in. This is the Stoops era, more of this to come. My recruiting class next year is better than any class that UK has had. Things are changing here.

    5. bbbbbut..........

      Enjoy this.

    6. Stoops

      You’re acting like your video happened while I was here. Strong lost to UK his first year, and I lost to UL my first year. We’ll see ya in Nov next season, and we look forward to it.

  5. You forgot the 6th value

    6. Beat UK because we hire based on talent, not moral BS

    1. RealCatsFan

      More like: “Win at all costs, except for your basketball team – 1-5 against Cal”.

  6. Pat Forde

    Hey guys. I thought you’d be interested in this jewel I wrote a while back. Enjoy:

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Interesting that Forde uses the word “philandering” in the article referring to Petrino’s penchant for looking at other jobs every year long before the motorcycle incident.

  7. Bec

    I love this site so much… “you’re” is a nice touch!

  8. RICK

    #6, Thats great , ksr needs to post this article written by this dummy.

  9. 2 and 10

    If you’re scared, just say your scared. It’s ok.

    1. Stoops

      We are scared…for your volleyball team members. Their chances of getting VD just skyrocketed.

    2. Bus

      Scared of what? A coach that might accept another job during halftime of a game?

  10. Finna_Go_HAM

    #6. Learn how to operate a motorcycle

  11. Jim Bob Cooter

    Won’t be funny when Petrino and uofl give us the beating of our lives next year.

    1. JohnnyGunz

      Won’t be funny when Stoops craps down Petrino’s neck brace next year.

    2. JohnnyGunz

      L yeah!

  12. mgcat
  13. John Calipari

    I can’t believe they didn’t include pay players! They paid 200K for a recruit from Chicago just a few years ago. Whoops…my bad, didn’t mean to talk about myself. #KentuckyEffect$$$

    1. Clint Hurtt

      I’m still paying players and getting away with it! L yeah! Who wants to go to the strip club?

    2. That all ya got?

      Clint Hurtt.

    3. AnthonyBBN

      Wow, this is so funny every time you bring it up! I love rumors and baseless accusations, they are so much more morally damaging than actual proof of moral bankruptcy. Soldier on little tard fan.

    4. RealCatsFan

      Sorry troll, you no longer have a leg to stand on for that one. Jurich has loudly declared that winning at all costs is the mantra at UL.

    5. ChaneB

      Hey maybe I can come play for da Kats, ifs yous giv me sum drug money

  14. BleedBlueinNashville

    Every Walmart in louisville announced additional shipments of valtrex will be in on Saturday

  15. Ted

    I love how this site is talking about Louisville 90% of the time. That’s all Matt Jones and his little followers have to do all day. I guess it’s hard to actually talk about SEC basketball because no one care about it.

    1. Cha Ching

      It’s called running a business. Look at how many comments UofL posts get compared to UK posts. Mention UofL and trolls like you flock, thereby making this site a success.

    2. AnthonyBBN

      ^^ He’s right, you guys do pay the bills.

  16. Karen Cypher

    I wonder if they will have the UK game on at Porcini’s tonite? I just got a day pass because U uh L wants me there for some kind of celebration. Who ever heard of an Italian Sausage Fest in January???

  17. RealCatsFan

    Drew, any chance we can blow this picture up and bring it to the game next year? Comedy gold!

  18. Tony Delk


  19. Nadia

    Won’t bother me at all that UK nation calls Louisville sleaze with two coaches who have no conscience and neither does Tom Jurich. It’s about money and putting it in Petrino’s pocket because he has financial difficulty. Ask that poor talent athlete(s) that these schools chase after and ready to send them to jail with bad behavior. Petrino and Pitino both belongs in a jail cell.

    1. ChaneB

      dont furget me

  20. BevCat

    If I were a UL fan, student, or alumni right now, I would be wearing a paper bag over my head. No way I would want to be affiliated with that place.

    UK fans may get frustrated with Barnhardt a lot. However, UK never considered hiring such a pathetic jerk. UK respects our integrity a lot more than winning at all costs.

    1. LOL

      How’s that working for our football program?

  21. DirtyBird

    As a Card fan, I can say this is an all time low, the guy screwed us (and everyone else) and we go back for more? Tom is a power/money whore. I have had it, I know UK is the real deal, (why do you really think we all come to this site) But the Cards should at least try to keep their educated fans. Even worse with the crazy buyout attached, he will be here for awhile. If stoops can get the cats going, I may start cheering for them, already tired of losing in Basketball.