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Louisville fires Kenny Johnson, rules Brian Bowen ineligible

And now, a University-6 news dump to start your holiday break: Louisville just announced assistant coach Kenny Johnson has been fired and freshman Brian Bowen has been ruled ineligible.

Once the associate head coach, Johnson was placed on paid leave in early October after an FBI investigation revealed that UofL coaches worked with adidas to funnel $100,000 to Bowen’s family in exchange for him coming to Louisville. Earlier this month, the FBI gave Louisville the go-ahead to investigate Bowen to reinstate him, but clearly, that was a fruitless quest. Bowen will never play for Louisville and will be allowed to transfer to the school of his choice.

Colleges when they hear from Bowen:

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16 responses to “Louisville fires Kenny Johnson, rules Brian Bowen ineligible”

  1. Mathlete

    Cue the Louisville crowd chirping about how this is all a sham in 3… 2…

  2. Catlogic15

    Appears there is a nice suite at the Galt House available for anyone needing Thanksgiving housing for family coming in.

  3. Chad

    I was thinking that it was about time for Louisville fans begin to say how they are better off with Bowen because he is a selfish player or something of that nature. “They really didn’t want him anyway”lol

    1. Chad

      ^^^Without ^^^

  4. The Professor

    So an American player, who understands all the rules of college recruiting,who’s family receives a $100,000 payment to go to a particular school can immediately transfer somewhere else and be eligible to play next season. Yet a young man from Turkey, who turns down a multi-million contract to play professionally in his homeland and who possibly doesn’t understand all the rules of recruiting, but has his high school tuition paid for by the team he plays for is ruled ineligible for life even though no US college was given an advantage by this! Sure Mark Emmert is a fair and just man and it had nothing to do with payback for Terrance and Enes backing out of their University of Washington committments! Don’t even get me started on UNC!

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Based on the UNC precedent, Louisville’s only real problem was not inviting a few non-athletes to the stripper parties. Had they only done that, they could have left the banner up.

    2. timbo

      Read it again and think about it. This isn’t an NCAA ruling. That part would come if he actually tried to play collegiate basketball somewhere; which he won’t for that reason.


    “…responsible young man SINCE HE ENROLLED….” Not so much BEFORE he enrolled, huh?

  6. runningunnin.454

    Don’t know if it was Bowen or his parents; but, he will be hearing crickets.

  7. UKinIN

    U of L fans and the media continue to ignore the difference the FBI indictments and the NCAA. The FBI did not care that the Bowen’s sold their son’s commitment for $100,000. That is a violation of NCAA rules and not illegal. Although whether or not it should be illegal to force your son to play for U of L and Pitino is debatable.

  8. notFromhere

    Don’t kid yourselves. He could go to Duke, UNC, or Washington and be cleared to play after a short suspension.

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Yes, at Duke the investigation would just go on in perpetuity without a conclusion and at UNC it would be dismissed because the presidents on the money were not student athletes.

  9. 502CodeRed

    NOOOO!! I wont be able to sleep tonight. LOL

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Karma is a bitch, isn’t it? 😉

    2. Eazy

      Why are you still talking, 502. Your university is a national joke and hasn’t won a title since the 80s. UK owns you.

  10. UK Big Board Update


    They suck so much!! 😀