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Louisville fans seem really upset with Andre McGee

Andre McGee may want to stay as far away from the city of Louisville as he possibly can. Wherever he is now, it’s probably not far enough. Go farther, Andre.

McGee, who received a 10-year show cause penalty for his role in Louisville’s on-campus whorehouse, is a hot topic among the fan base today and it’s not pretty.

Check out some of these threats from the fans who used to root him on:


Article written by Drew Franklin

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32 responses to “Louisville fans seem really upset with Andre McGee”

  1. 4everblue

    Sounds like UofLittleBrother are like Dramond’s assessment of Cleveland fans…..not the sharpest.

  2. AllBlueAllDay

    Louisville has no more room to talk about disrespectful UK fans now. This is no different from UK fans going after the ref after the UK unc game. These ul fans are doing nothing but wishing harm on Andre. I wonder if the national media will discuss that at all?

    1. Lukifer

      In all fairness, I do think there is a difference between Tweeting death-threats/wishes about a guy and directly messaging death threats/wishes to a guy (though I would bet some of this is happening with McGee) and ruining his business online. Neither is okay, and I hope I don’t come across as taking up for UofL (that’s the last thing I want to do), but I do feel this is a slightly different situation than what happened with Higgins.

    2. Eazy

      Lol, exactly. And the Courier had a piece about UK fans tweeting about UL today and didn’t even mention this. Pathetic.

  3. ukjaybrat

    So when does the FBI start investigating death threats against McGee? When does espn blow this WAAAAAAAAAY out of proportion. Some of those are worse than what UK fans said to Higgins.

    1. Willis Wolf Tattoo

      ^^^^^^^^ THIS

    2. damage_control

      I won’t hold my breath for the national writers coming out swinging at UofL fans about blatant public death threats against McGee either. These are out in the wide open. They didn’t even wait for confirmation in the case of UK- they just took Higgins at his word.


    Most of these are actual threats…unlike most of the comments lobbed at Rooferee

  5. Han

    First, cute that they somehow think one guy did everything and Pitino and the rest knew nothing.

    Second, there’ll be national coverage of these threats, right? Hmph.

  6. secrick

    Lets get the FBI in this. CARD NATION has lost it. Close the bridge.

  7. Mathlete

    Real talk – how many Louisville fans would actually recognize Andre McGee if they saw him on the street? If an average UK fan saw Matt Scherbenske on the street today, would they recognize him? He played here around the same amount at around the same time and I literally didn’t recognize his name, let alone his face.

    1. damage_control

      Don’t you ever compare my man Scherbenske to McGee again or there will be consequences m’kay?

  8. Sentient Third Eye

    I guess Card Nation didn’t get the memo about toning down inflammatory rhetoric online. Yeesh…

  9. JusSayin

    2 of these people went to my high school

  10. UKSupporter76

    What’s Andre’s availability to be the “Y” in Rupp during the UofL game?

  11. BluKudzu

    You mad bro?
    You certainly are idiots to think this was all done, year after year, by only one person. If McGee acted alone on this, U of L would have legal rights to pursue against this man. By them not doing so, makes me wonder, what information he has to offer about everything that went on. Jurich, Pitino, and the entire university of little brother, do not want him to speak, ever.

    1. ukjaybrat

      And anybody that doesn’t think he got a fat check from the ULF to stay quiet and be a scapegoat is a complete moron. He’s making more by being quiet than he ever would as an assistant coach for umkc. So who cares about a 10 year show cause

    2. RexRox

      No doubt! Most people don’t give 10% of their income to their church. And we’re supposed to believe this guy gave MORE than 10% of his income for this operation. Even if he had done that he would be MAKING SURE his boss knew about it in order to garner some brownie points.

  12. snarkster

    Laying all the blame on McGee shows just how Louisville these brain Donors really are.

  13. snarkster

    But…but without McGee they wouldn’t have their last FF & NC…Oh…

  14. catinkville

    Yes, this is all Andre McGee’s fault, no one else knew anything. 4-5 years of strippers and hookers on campus in the basketball dorm and Andre paid for this out of his own pocket. Are these people actually this stupid or are they just projecting to keep Slick Rick from getting fired.

    1. Reuben Cuban

      Rick Pitino had no idea. He was never one to pry – or give a shit about his players – or his brother-in-law whose dorm HIS people name-trashed.

    2. meeksfor3

      But I thought he loved Minardi Hall and knew when a light bulb went out?!?

  15. EdC

    Ah Saint Ricky’s plausible deniability game is strong with the true believers.

  16. Bluebloodtoo

    UK fans threaten refs, UL fans threaten their own players… LOL

  17. BluKudzu

    I actually feel sorry for all those folks who spent a lot of money to get a piece of the 2013 championship court floor. Some claim to have paid $500.00, per small section, which I believe to have gone to charity, for a piece of the floor that means zero now.
    Too Bad.
    How does Jurich and Pitino keep their job? Interim president is a lame duck, can not and will not make a move, other than what he is told to do by the Athletics department. Breaking up the ULF was a joke, they need to bust up the athletics which has far more influence, and provided much more humiliation to the University.
    If I am Jurich, I am warming up my resume. The new president will need to change the culture, and sports is the tail wagging the dog.
    I expect the new AD to fire a bunch of folks.

    1. Reuben Cuban

      Good points.

  18. InigoMontoya

    They seem a tad miffed….

  19. CATSfaninColorado

    Do they realize that without Andre they would have never won a championship? Not that it matters now because it’s gone but at least they got a few years of happiness before they slip back into mediocrity.

  20. Tej

    It is difficult to believe Mr. McGee could have arranged and paid for this fiasco on his own. I guess we will have only the alternative facts presented about what occurred in arranging and financing these extra “benefits”. Mr. McGee’s silence may be saving UL even harsher penalties.

  21. mcp157

    Jurich, Petrino and Pitino should go. The Al Davis mentality of “just win baby” has finally paid its dividends. The chickens have come home to roost.

  22. 4everblue

    And how does Jurich keep his job after the audit shows his son was paid $800,000 for a job he didn’t do???