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Louisville fans attack UK and UofL recruit online, recruit responds


3-star OG Luke Hiers visited both Kentucky and Louisville this week, and in an interview with InsideTheVille’s Mike Hughes, said he enjoyed his time at both campuses, but Kentucky is still his favorite, followed by Louisville and South Florida. Hiers said that Kentucky is his favorite because of the academic support program they have in place for athletes, and “right now, I don’t think anybody is going to be able to jump in front of Kentucky.”

Naturally, this upset some Louisville fans, who decided to attack Hiers and UK in the comments section of the article. Here are a few of their comments:

“He needs all the academic help he can get if Ky is his top choice. No mention of potential wins or football tradition. I say let him go there. I wouldn’t spend another minute on this guy.”

“Don’t know what he means by academic supports, our athletes tear it up in class. 100 years of losing and they keep thinking they will be the ones to turn it around. lol”

“What the hell are these kids drinking to go to UK? Also how the hell is Fat Stoops getting such highly rated players and he hasn’t even won an SEC game?”

Because the internet is the internet, Hiers found out about the comments, and wasn’t too happy about them:

Keep it up, Cards.

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56 responses to “Louisville fans attack UK and UofL recruit online, recruit responds”

  1. Shooter

    Us Uk fans are just as bad. Some of the dudes on here talk like these kids are livestock.
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    1. Do whut?

      That’s pretty much par for the course on KSR. Call out a rival’s fan base for behavior that every single college fan base in America practices including our own beloved BBN. I’d love to say as Cats fans we’re innocent of this type of thing but give me a break. It’s like they don’t even read their own comments section. And incidentally these particular examples aren’t even really that bad.

  2. BobKYCats

    “Don’t know what he means by academic supports, our athletes tear it up in class.”

    Yeah, it’s hard to fail fingerpainting 101.

    1. UL Academics

      Chane Behanan made a gorgeous ash tray in arts and crafts last year

    2. Catpocalypse

      I think you said “Fingerpainting” instead of what you really meant to say…. which is “Fingerprinting” where they really excel!

  3. UKfan

    Come on down Luke and be a part of the BBN family. You seem like a person with a lot of character and who would do well playing for Coach Stoops.

  4. U of l player

    I aceded pistol whippin 101. I bes tearing it up in da klassroom yo.

  5. RahRah

    I am ashamed of any fan anywhere in our state that tweets insulting things to recruits or to members of either team, especially adults. Just no excuse for a grown-a$$ man tweeting anything other than maybe, Welcome to #BBN or good game to a kid. I love social media but man, is it changing our world!

    1. chief_cat

      I agree with everything you said, except I would debate there terms “grown” and “man”. You were spot on with the “a$$” part though.

    2. chief_cat

      Sorry – that should have read “debate the terms”

  6. Recruiting tool

    Haha these stupid Loserville fans don’t even realize that they are actually helping our recruiting.

    1. I Know, Right?

      LOL, Louisville fans are so stoopid and us UK fans are all geniuses! LOL!

      Louisville is dumb, but we’re smart.


    Their twitter accounts were hacked…all of them…

  8. RICK

    Thanks card fans. Show how stupid you are.

  9. Eric Bledsoe

    He is probably interested in UK’s exclusive online “backwards Algebra” department.

    1. beavis

      No,,NO,, that class is at North Carolina

  10. HackRichards

    Evidently Louisville does not offer Social Media 101.

    1. Rex Chapman

      Man, I ACED that class when I was at UK!

    2. art vandalay

      I especially loved twitter back in the 80’s.

      Seemed funnier when you were just thinking about it right?

    3. Les Bien

      Love that word twitter…….reminds me of clitter….

  11. UL Academics

    I had to point out to someone not too long ago that UL just isn’t a very good school… It’s #161 of 200 on US News and World Report’s 2014 national schools list. They accept 3/4 of applicants and enroll less than 1/4 of them, so they’re a safety school unless your life’s goal is to be a social worker (the only top 100 program in the entire University).

    1. UL Academics

      Oh, and in the rankings by individual program UL only outranks UK in one common area (social work, but only by 7 spots) while UK’s programs tend to blow UL’s out of the water in a couple dozen different areas. UL isn’t even ranked in a lot of those common programs, while UK is top 50/100 in them.

    2. lynx

      Can you provide a link to that?

    3. UL Academics
    4. UL Academics
    5. The Chevy Hitter

      Uavel is a glorified community college. Always has been; always will be. Got to give them props for fighting to climb outta that role but its in their DNA. And, there is no escape. This is why they use smoke and mirrors to create a perception in their misguided belief that America will buy their reality.

  12. Delk for 3

    I’m telling you, Petrino is going to struggle to recruit. The parents of the kids aren’t idiots and they will do their research on him. When they do, they will find out about his past, and about the way he treats kids and everyone else in the program so poorly.

    1. Truth

      You’re a joke. These kids want to go to a WINNING school. They would much rather play for a cool coach that bangs the cheerleaders than be in a program that is famous for being……well, losers! Even if he can’t recruit, he still will beat UK every year with whatever talent he does have. UK blew its chance to get him and be relevant!!!! Now don’t hate because you chose morals over victory! Tubby should have shown you all how fun morals are with a losing team. Let the card comments roll. It’s your only come back to prevent facing the truth of your poor decisions.

    2. lynx

      I hate to be so cynical, but I don’t buy that. #1, after Petrino lied to UofL about interviewing for the Auburn job while at UofL, then took the Falcons job, then quit on them to go to Arkansas, he managed to do pretty well at Arkansas. I am not a recruiting geek, but regardless, he had that program on a major rise until the whole motorcycle wreck/affair thing blew up in his face. I think you give too much credit to parents. Yes, some have honor and morals. But some will listen to Petrino tell them how he can make their kid into a draft pick and make millions for them. And they won’t care about his past. Want an example? There are many. Pitino for one. His affair/lying didn’t seem to keep him from a National Championship last year. If Petrino wins some games in his first couple of seasons back at UofL as they move into the ACC, I hate to say it, but he will recruit just fine. I don’t see a problem. Think you are wishful thinking.

    3. Delk for 3

      Believe what you want, but your points are irrelevant to my stance. There wasn’t enough out there on Petrino at the time to know how big of a scumbag he is. Him being a scumbag, IMO, has nothing to do with him leaving Louisville and then leaving the Falcons. It’s how he has treated his kids and his assistants while coaching at these places. His track record is long and ugly. Also, his mess up at Arkansas was nationally embarrassing and something that was so well-reported that everybody remembers Petrino as a scumbag. This, combined with mistreatment of players everywhere, will keep down Petrino’s ability to recruit high level players.

    4. Delk for 3

      If you don’t think opposing coaches will use his own mistakes as major ammunition, you are kidding yourself.

    5. BM

      Truth really? Come on now that classless-there is no doubt in my mind that Petrino is an offensive genius-he really is one of the best but at some point enough is enough-you can’t keep building an athletic program with shady characters and wonder why people judge them-no doubt what Pitino and Petrino did has been done by plenty of coaches they just didn’t come out in the media but continuing to take players of questionable character combined with those coaches is a target for critics and you’ve got to admit that-at what price is winning worth it-I can think of plenty of programs over the years that have had so called “thugs” and even with winning they couldn’t overcome the stigma associated with it-perfect example was Cincinnati basketball-UL fans loved to bash them cause they were definitely rough and look what happened-it all crumbled and took awhile plus a new coach to start to rebuild the publics opinion-6 an 6 is better with good kids than 12-0 with thugs

    6. The Chevy Hitter

      If successful corporate leaders surround themselves with ‘good’ people, then what does that say about Tom Jurich?

  13. UKfanNKY

    Man first & foremost the guys are just kids now and will become MEN upon graduating but to bash them come on….grow the hell up!! Luke come on a be a part of the BBN we will support you 100%.

    1. Ummm

      Yeah, problem is that’s what we said to the Harrison Twins. AND James Young before we began calling him “Wanda” because of his chosen hairstyle. We need to learn from this stuff, BBN!

  14. raccoon

    Let’s take the high road here. Nothing wrong with UL. School is what you make of it. And I’ve met some UL grads who are smart as a whip. The majority of people I work with went to Ivy League schools (plus places like Duke/Georgetown/Stanford) and 95% don’t have any attitude about UK or state schools. Some are actually a little jealous that I got to go somewhere so “different” (I think they mean fun) which is funny because going to UK seemed so normal when I was there. Anyway, I’m not going to put down any UL students for their school. If they have line beards, ugly tattoos and drink Crown Royal at tailgates on the other hand…

  15. J. E. Hoover

    I’m posting under a false name, because I’m embarrassed to admit what I once did. Over 40 years ago, I was a student at an NAIA college, which shall remain nameless. One spring we were holding basketball tryouts. High school seniors were on campus trying to earn a scholarship. There was one kid, probably about 6-8 and 230 pounds who was trying out. He was pretty clumsy, probably his growth had outstripped his coordination. As I left the gym, I was talking to one of my fellow students about just how bad he was. I was laughing and joking about it. My fellow student pointed to a couple standing in one corner of the foyer, and said “Those are his parents.” I looked at them and I saw a lot of hurt on their faces. I knew I was the cause of that hurt. I felt so bad for them. I don’t know if the coach offered him a scholarship or not. I know he didn’t go to my school. he would have been the biggest player on my school’s team if he had came. Maybe his coordination would have caught up to his size, or maybe our couch could have put him on an exercise program to help his coordination. maybe he could have eventually been a major player for my team. I’ll never know now. if he happens to be reading this, I want him to know how sorry I am for my thoughtless comments and for hurting his parents. I also hope that fans reading this, especially Kentucky fans, will learn from my mistake, and think before you speak or post.

    1. Bill Brasky


  16. Rachel

    Honestly though… I’m ashamed of the Kentucky fan who tweeted the link to the recruit of the article where he was getting bashed left and right. Why would you do something like that? Clearly he’d already seen it, but pointing an individual that direction is selfish behavior. The only motivation is hoping it steers him towards us… no one thinks of how the player will feel after reading those things.

    1. Um...What?

      It doesn’t say it was a UK fan to turned him on to the comments…

    2. Rachel

      Seriously… the guys twitter handle BigBlueTopper and if you look at his twitter it’s UK for days. Clearly based upon his response, Luke had already seen the article, but what if he hadn’t. Doesn’t need to be pointed out to them.

  17. Not Jalen Whitlow

    Wow, that’s pretty low, Loserville. At least UK fans wait until a guy signs with BBN before they start bashing ’em.

  18. Does BBN read?

    Did any of you actually read the article or just jump to conclusions after reading the title and comments?

    1) None of those comments were sent directly to the recruit, they were comments on a website. This is a big difference from being “on twitter”.

    2) How are those comments directly attacking him? It’s obvious that if anything it’s discrediting UK’s academics NOT Hiers.

    3) How many people on here made similar comments about KU after Wiggins decided not to come here?

    4) JUST YESTERDAY…how many comments were made about the transfer UofL is getting from UGA?

    The level of hypocrisy is crazy on KSR.

  19. Joni

    Some Louisville fans are the nastiest people I know. There are some smart ones but few and far between.

  20. jpg

    I am not saying UK does not have its fair share of these fans. What I am saying is that UL fans think they and their school are some beacon of moral righteousness. They are just the same, and hate the UK is getting guys their “top-10 program’ (Jurich really thinks this) are going after. How hard was it to win when you play 1 real opponent every year?

    1. Louisville1Cal6

      We do have our fair share true, ours is a small minority l, but vocal. UofL’s is a vast majority & vocal about it too.

  21. jeffrey

    They are so stupid, that they do not realize that their school doesn’t even come close to UK’s academics.

  22. Louisville1Cal6

    Any UofL fan who truly believes the comments posted above is truly, truly ignorant. Like, shouldn’t be allowed to breed ignorant.

  23. Bald Guy

    I went to UK but graduated from UofL… I was slower than most but UofL was so much easier. Obviously I understand that it is what the student gets out of the school and not the other way around… UK was a different world literally… we drank a lot and had one hour relationships. UofL is what it is… a commuter school filled with hooligans and linebeards.

  24. schmowzow

    Wow a UK comment board spending the bulk of their time worrying about and blasting UofL. How new.

    1. JCBlue22

      And Louisville blogs don’t bitch about UK all day? maybe in a perfect world.

  25. Andy

    And here comes Petrino to get Dorian Green Beckham!!

  26. Dcpperinn

    Both fans from UK and UofL do this, I agree UofL a little more. But at least UK fans are smart enough to wait and do it AFTER they’ve committed!!!

  27. Kentuckiana Karl

    I hope they don’t get Green – Beckham at UofL. He’s really amazing and he must have done something really bad to get kicked off the team. UofL is known for having arms wide open to players with more baggage than an airport. Also every UofL fan friend I have loved seeing Bobby Petrino hit rock bottom finally after he burned them and left, they rooted against him and hated the man and now he’s god to them again. He’s already showed them what their school is worth to him. Stepping Stone University.

  28. johnny

    Those comments are made by losers…unfortunately, you can look to the KSR comment section to read similar comments when UK recruits decide to take their talents elsewhere.

  29. Alison Sweeney

    ……………………lil bro, BIG mouth. Typical.