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Louisville fan ran through Bingo hall with pants down, because of course he did


A Louisville man was arrested last night when he “inappropriately disrupted a Bingo game,” says WHAS news. According to LMPD, Deharra Waters ran through the Bingo hall with his pants down screaming “Bingo,” which is highly inappropriate in most, maybe in all, Bingo halls across America. Waters was charged with alcohol intoxication and indecent exposure, but the report does not confirm whether or not he did indeed have all four corners covered, a Bingo in the pattern being played at the time.

Being the amateur investigative journalist that I am, I dove a little deeper into the mystery that is Deharra Waters and found two reasonable explanations that would encourage him to behave in such a manner.

For starters, he is a Louisville fan and Louisville fans do things us reasonable, level-headed, law-abiding people wouldn’t do.

Then there is the most telling piece of information on Waters: he has YOLO tattooed on his knuckles…

You only live once, kids.

And you don’t get a Bingo often, so don’t hold back whenever you do.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

17 responses to “Louisville fan ran through Bingo hall with pants down, because of course he did”

  1. At Guard

    And, starting at guard for the Cardinals….Bingooooooooooo Yolooooooooo Waterssssssssssss !

  2. Huh


    1. birdee

      Another huh????

  3. Deharra Waters

    Wasn’t Me.

  4. Jim

    Kind of a lazy stretch for another UL fan joke to just pick a funny crime in Louisville and slap UL across it? Must have had a quote to meet w the game tomorrow.

    1. RICK

      No JIM, The card fans do this all by their lonesome. STUPID.

    2. Jim

      I understand it’s a joke, that’s fine, just saying it was kind of a stretch.. I don’t understand why you are saying that “cards fans do this all by their lonesome” in relation to this article and I’m not going to argue with you about that. Thanks for the all caps and the response.

    3. birdee

      Maybe U of L fans need to be smart like U of K fans and burn our own couches! Go Cards! Hey U of K, why don’t you go into Crime Times and try to find some more to blame U of L fans of. Sound like your trying to keep your mind off of the game!!!!

    4. birdee

      Jim must be an idiot! My niece is from Louisville but a die hard U of K fan (for some unknown reason) so I guess maybe everyone who lives in the Ville isn’t U of L fans!

  5. UK_Greg

    His parents spelt Diarrah wrong anyway.

  6. BBN Dave Grohl

    Bingo Hall was hacked

  7. deharra waters

    I didn’t have my pants down. And I was upset so I yelled it one time as I walked out the door. Defamation of character lawsuit anyone

  8. thick rick

    His parents misspelt Diarrhea.

  9. RealCatsFan

    Pants on the Ground
    Pants on the Ground

    Lookin’ like a fool
    With your pants on the Ground

  10. Funny

    That’s hilarious to be honest.

  11. Mistake ! Mistake !

    Afraid the Cops made a mistake because the guy wasn’t drunk.
    He was just a typical UL fan on his way home after attending a game at the Cum Center.
    He was simply following the dress code for a UL game….pants below ass cheeks!

    1. birdee

      Really Mistake! Mistake! Have you been to the Cum center? Sounds like it, its on 7th street.That is where all the strip joints are moron! bwahahaha You don’t even know what your talking about on here. It is the fans like you that make me hate U of K. Worst fans in America and everyone knows that. Put your overalls on, get back on your tractor and try to find your way home after you hit 7th street with you overalls on