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LOOK: Early Memorial Coliseum renovation renderings look incredible

Say goodbye to the splintery lower-level seats, uncomfortable upper-level bleachers, and the outdated interior at UK women’s basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics meets.

Memorial Coliseum is getting a massive $15 million facelift, and the initial renderings look absolutely gorgeous.

UK Athletics released four images of the proposed renovations, featuring a massive new video board, a $2.2 million “Club Area,” blue chair-back seats, blue bleacher benches, and updated white ceiling tiles, among other changes.

Tired of sweating in summer months and seeing your breath in the winter months at Memorial? Mitch Barnhart told the Herald-Leader back in May that the first order of business in the renovation process is a $3 million upgrade in the heating and air conditioning systems.

The next step will likely be to replace the yellow-stained ceiling tiles to a fresh white, an estimated $1 million upgrade.

From there, we’ll see the other significant changes over what should be a long renovation period.

Barnhart has said there is no official timeline on the upgrade process, though this seems to be a great start.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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23 responses to “LOOK: Early Memorial Coliseum renovation renderings look incredible”

  1. ononuk71

    Checkerboard ceiling tiles?

    1. gobble gobble

      Those aren’t checkerboard, genius

  2. opinpi

    $1,000,000 for ceiling tiles?

    1. gobble gobble

      Are you unable to see any of the other upgrades? Looks petty different to me. Also 1 mil upgrades are nothing for UK

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Uh, I think he/she was kidding gobbler.

    3. gobble gobble

      What makes you think he/she is kidding?

    4. RUPPS.rhetoric

      Looks like someone missed the joke.

    5. ClutchCargo

      It literally says right in the post “The next step will likely be to replace the yellow-stained ceiling tiles to a fresh white, an estimated $1 million upgrade.” So, yes. $1,000,000 for ceiling tiles. Not a joke.

  3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Put the old Power K on the floor!

  4. RealCatsFan

    There are UK basketball fans who would kill to have some of those old seats in their basement or man-cave. Imagine the memorable games those seats have bore witness to. They could auction that stuff off. New design looks awesome, but a part of me will miss the sense of history you get when you step into that place. For me it is like hallowed ground, like an old church that connects us to our glorious past. Oh well, I guess time marches on.

    1. serdi

      Looks great for a new facility BUT that is not Memorial Coliseum that was the home of Kentucky basketball for 25 years. That Memorial Coliseum only exists externally and in the fading memories of all of us who witness games being played there. It was the greatest venue for college basketball period. What the powers that be did to destroy its elegance is a shame. Only it’s exterior is left. So this new modern sleek interior eliminates the last historical attachment to Coach Rupp, and the early years of Coach Hall. Thank goodness for because pictures are all we have left of it’s greatness.

    2. JoeMoney333

      Serdi, it’s a basketball arena, not the fall of the Roman Empire. It’s really not that big of a deal.


    Looks great except for that wildcat logo

  6. Rabbi Li

    Since it’s all about equality these days… when are the womens sports going to start footing the bill for these renovations?

    In other words… the men’s sports are paying for the womens sports… still. Title VIIII isn’t equal, it’s actually one sided:
    – Everything scholarship a school offers a male athlete they have to offer a female athlete
    – All male athletics facilities are paid for by male athletic revenue.
    – All female athletics facilities are paid for by male athletic revenue.

    Now that you can run for President… when are you picking up the check ladies?

    1. UKWildcatNation

      It title IX not VIIII…just saying

    2. Rabbi Li

      Yes… thank you for the correction.

      3 III’s in a row rule.

    3. RealCatsFan

      Wow, I guess we should just fold up all tge women’s sports programs because Rabbit doesn’t think they are worthy. Those ladies probably don’t deserve to be in college anyway. Keep them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen where they belong, right?

    4. JoeMoney333

      I’m not even mad. I just feel sorry for you Rabbi.

    5. RealCatsFan

      I feel sorry for his wufe, if he has one.

    6. RealCatsFan

      Er, “wife”. Cell phones aren’t made for big hands.

    7. J-Dub421

      Rabbi, when are men going to start supporting women’s sports? I see a lot of women at UK football and basketball games, should women stop cheering for those teams because they’re made up of men?

  7. Kat4Life

    Wow. For those of us that have been in the old Coliseum over the years this is like day and night. Very impressive

  8. Go Deep

    Unbelievable how people will look for the negative in any story.