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Listen to Marco Rubio’s interview with KSR

If you missed Marco Rubio’s call to Kentucky Sports Radio radio this morning, you can now catch the replay on today’s podcast.

Rubio called in to the show from his rally in Kansas to talk to Kentuckians about his presidential candidacy. He was very real in discussing about a number of hot topics, namely his personal (and rather immature) attack on Donald Trump’s manhood.

Hear it all below in the beginning of the second hour of the podcast:

Catch Hour 1 here.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

10 responses to “Listen to Marco Rubio’s interview with KSR”

  1. winagain1

    I thought the Rubio call was a great moment in KSR history. (And before anyone gets the wrong idea.. I’m not even a republican). Anytime a presidential candidate calls in that is HUGE
    Way to go KSR

  2. gottodoit

    I prefer basketball talk to politics. I heard enough politicians last night.

    1. Laker Cat 18

      So you chose to watch the debate opposed to one of the 7 games on last night between the NCAA and NBA?

    2. theWilkman

      Someone get @gottodoit some aloe vera

  3. STLouisBBFan

    Drew finding anything anyone else does to be “rather immature” is comedy at its best. Good work.

    1. Indykentuckyfan

      Yeah cause it’s not immature to make fun of opposing coaches and players looks.. KSR never does that..

  4. not

    Great interview. I thought he did really well and seems to be much more well spoken when he doesn’t have Trump screaming insults in the back ground every time he speaks

  5. WildcatSteeler

    Rubio is way too rational for the rabid, wingnut mongoloids. You gotta spew more lies and hate and make the losers feel like they are superior because of their white skin. Hitler understood it and so does Trump.

  6. kybigblue

    Rublio use to talk about his parents coming to the U.S. to escape Castro’s regime until someone pointed out his parents came over in 1956 before the revolution. Now he says he didn’t know his parent’s history. Won’t even support his own immigration bill. Still trailing in his home state of Fl in the polls against Trump.

  7. rushman

    Stick a fork in Marco he is done. Trump or Cruz will win the nomination.