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Lexington’s bogus beggar is now being a terrible human being in Louisville

Lexington’s friendliest beggar was exposed about a year ago for ripping off the generous people of Fayette County, and now he has been spotted panhandling in Louisville.

Gary Thompson, who is indirectly begging for a one-way ticket straight to hell, estimates that he pulls in close to $100,000 a year by pretending to be mentally handicapped and asking for money from total strangers. He has been arrested several times, but he clearly hasn’t learned his lesson.

WAVE 3 in Louisville recently sent a camera crew out to track him down but couldn’t get him to break character on camera. News, Weather

I’m sure he’s paying taxes on his 100 grand, too.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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35 responses to “Lexington’s bogus beggar is now being a terrible human being in Louisville”

  1. Troy

    If Obama had a son…

    1. Troy

      …he would be twice the man I am.

    2. Big Shot Bob

      LOL Well done.

  2. Randolph Morris

    Lol +1

  3. twocoach

    My assumption is that if he’ll lie about being mentally handicapped then he is lying about how much money he makes. Some people can’t help themselves.

    1. Haha

      Nope everything he says is pure truth except for the handicapped thing.

  4. Supa

    Looks like Matt Jones with a better haircut

    1. Haha

      He does look like a cousin or something of his.

  5. Magnum's Mustache

    I hope he gets mugged by the bands of young thugs roaming downtown Louisville these days.

    1. Justin

      He has a much greater chance of that happening now that UL is on break.

    2. Magnum's Mustache

      Don’t forget Bobby Petrino’s troubled transfers are now enrolling for summer school.

  6. Getting Even

    Police have called in Terrence Jones to take care of this problem.

    1. Aaaron Hernadez

      Ka-ching! Best in show.

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    1. Beavis

      I poop too much. Then, I get tired.

  8. ukwildcat_fanatic

    This guy was in Cincinnati in early April. I remembered the KSR blog last year and told everyone he was a fake. He didn’t stay around very long in Cincinnati.

  9. Peas in a pod

    The city that houses Tom jurich, mayor Fischer, coach p #1, coach p#2 now holds this guy…. Yea sounds about right.

    1. Louisville fan

      Started out in the town that Calipari living in it– yep, sounds about right.

  10. IRS

    No taxes on gifts

    1. stubbs


    2. Casper

      up to $12,000 per year, no tax on gifts.

  11. rnet

    thanks for the update I’ll sure sleep better tonight

  12. Luther

    And this relates to Ky sports how??

    1. Magnum's Mustache

      Used to beg outside of Rupp

  13. Thearmadillojackal

    “indirectly begging for a one-way ticket straight to hell” …. that made me laugh.

  14. Al Sharpton

    Idiots give money to street beggars. It’s not generosity, it is voluntary fleecing.

  15. UK2K15

    How about you talk about the current panhandler in the hamburg area! Her story consists of, her vehicle is at the walmart tire center, she is short on funds. Also throws in that her family is in the car waiting for her… So sad ppl have to do these things to generous people, some tell the truth but this lady is a thief.

  16. somerset bill

    i propose sending bti out to shadow the guy all day, every day and let every passerby who might give him money know that the guy is faking. he can have video proof ready to show. and then ask the person who has just been saved from being scammed if they would like to donate some of that money to a real charity.

    1. Bravo!!


  17. The Dude

    Worst human beings of all time: Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, Stalin, Saddam, this guy.

    1. Saul from New Mexico

      Pol Pot, John Wayne Gacy and Fifteeno

  18. tuxedo park

    someone is gonna stomp that guy into a a mud hole.

  19. Dini

    He was outside the Seelbach and on 4th Street Live all this past weekend. He is a bit aggressive too.