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Lexington Police need help identifying State Street car flippers

Photo by Kentucky Kernel

The Lexington Police Department is still working to identify the people who flipped over a car on State Street following Kentucky’s win over Florida and they’re asking for your help.

This afternoon, the Lexington PD released pictures and videos of the incident on Twitter, asking anyone with information or additional pictures or videos to call the police department at (859) 258-3600.

Photo by Kentucky Kernel


You can also submit anonymous tips, photos, and videos by texting ‘LEXPD’ and your tip to ‘CRIMES’ (274637). You can also call Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020 or go to

As Drew mentioned earlier this week, those involved could face charges of First Degree Criminal Mischief. If you missed it, the owner of the car was gifted with a new vehicle from Big M Superstore in Nicholasville on Monday:

Kentucky fan with flipped car on State Street gifted with new vehicle


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59 responses to “Lexington Police need help identifying State Street car flippers”

  1. Headhurts

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

  2. BigBlueBurner

    I was a student at UK during the 2012 National Championship and I remember a car being flipped on State Street during the celebration. Maybe it didn’t get as much publicity because of the way social media has evolved the last few years, but I don’t remember a witch hunt for the culprits then. Hell, I don’t even remember hearing about how that person got a new car gifted to them either. I understand that in the grand scheme of things, winning a National Championship is a bigger deal than snapping the Florida football streak, but can’t they just let this go? I mean the kid got a new car, and it was too wet to burn couches haha

    1. kenny

      They need to be punished. If they don’t know it’s wrong to flip someone’s car over they need to learn.

    2. BigBlueBurner

      All I’m saying is I witnessed Lexington Police Officers watch students flip a car in the middle of a crowd, and not arrest anyone (they even cleared the crowd from around the car so the students could flip it back over). I think handing out felonies to drunk college kids who are celebrating the biggest win in KY football of the last 32 years is a tad excessive. Do I think that they should have flipped the car? Probably not, but I don’t think we should ruin these kids futures over a dumb drunken mistake. But that’s just like my opinion, man.

    3. bigblue98

      They need to be held accountable-we’re not talking about a felony here, but they have to understand they can’t act like idiots. Enjoying a win is one thing, but you can’t destroy someone else’s property. They need to go to court and pay a fine, somewhere around $200 to $300 per person. If nothing else will make their parents aware how stupid they acted and will provide a learning opportunity.

    4. ClutchCargo

      Somebody is still out a car because of these knuckleheads, whether it’s the car owner or the dealer who gave away the new one. And these witches are on video, so the “witch hunt” is warranted.

    5. ukcamel

      That is very big of you to acknowledge that they probably shouldn’t have destroyed someone’s property over a football game. You really took a stand, there.

      Also near-zero chance any felony convictions will come from this. They will all plead down, most likely not a single person does any time.

    6. timbo

      Witch hunt? Is that what it would be if your car were destroyed or stolen, a “witch hunt”? Geez

    7. JoeMoney333

      If I get a new car I’m driving my car to State St for our next big game.

    8. Han

      Seems to be a lot of people nowadays that don’t realize it isn’t a witch hunt when people involved are guilty, guilty, guilty.

    9. plumloopy

      Respectfully, I think beating Alabama in 1997 for the first time since 1922 was a bigger win.

    10. Matt10

      It’s easy not to give a schit unless you’re the one paying for a new car. Prosecute the morons to the fullest for failure to understand they’re not the only humans in the world and dipschit actions have consequences.

  3. bigbluechesticles

    Don’t be snitching people. Let the cops figure it out on their own. The kid got a new car already, no reason arresting anyone.

    1. CombatMedic_98


    2. 2Dogs

      So if he wasn’t given a new car then it would be okay to prosecute?

    3. Bluebloodtoo

      Yes, because that person would need restitution. The car dealership ( I’m assuming) was not coerced into giving the free car. The dealership likely planned to get free advertising from it or write it off. The kids should maybe get community service and a scare in court, but they don’t need felonies.

    4. binarysolo

      LMAO sounds like Chesticles is seeing himself in the photos.

    5. ukcamel

      As I said elsewhere, anyone even vaguely familiar with criminal law knows this will be pled down to misdemeanors and no jail. Also “don’t-snitch” culture is literally killing children in inner-cities like Chicago and Baltimore. You may not know it, but you are supporting an institution that literally kills children.

    6. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Oh wow… go jump off a cliff camel

    7. dismore

      You chesticles are a moron. Way to be a productive citizen with your snitching opinion. Geez, can we get anymore stupid America.

  4. Catlogic15

    I hope they are prosecuted and go to jail. You can’t distinguish one felony from another based on circumstance. And those saying “let it go”? Not your car, which then supports the mob mentality.

    1. Luether

      My sources say they were Democ Rats…

    2. CombatMedic_98


  5. kingave66

    What’s next Tyler? You going to try and report people to their supervisors for checking game scores during March Madness??

  6. CombatMedic_98

    I saw Rick PITINO and Bobby Pertrino both

    1. Realme

      Bah ha ha!

    2. CombatMedic_98

      Dan Mullen too!

    3. CombatMedic_98

      3rd PIC looks just like Mitch Bernhardt…I knew he was dirty like that…get’em Mitch

  7. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Snitches GET STICHES

  8. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Dude already got a new BETTER CAR!? Seems like a win win to me.

    1. timbo

      Ahhhh relativism. We should never hold anyone accountable for their actions under the uneven hand of relative justice…unless of course, the relativist is wronged…then we discover they were really just selfish and self-interested absolutists all along.

    2. dismore

      Thanks Timbo. You unlike some on here understand.

  9. Realme

    Not punishing the people who did it on Saturday will do nothing to deter this from happening again in April. Someone could get their legs broken or worse. They should draw the celebration line at (safely) burning couches.

    1. ukcamel

      *happening again when we beat Georgia


  10. johnswall

    Whether or not the guy got a car has nothing to do with how these people should and will be prosecuted.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Respectively disagree. Lawyers get people off on technicalities all the time for much worse stuff.

    2. timbo

      “Respectively”…lol. Lawyers only “get people off” who have been prosecuted in the first place. Degree of “worstness” is a pretty subjective and terrible measuring stick when it happens to you.

    3. timbo

      Or held responsible by a civil court…

  11. michaelb

    I know who it was , his name is Cracker McJackson lives at Versailles Castle

  12. Narpinder Patel

    I’m pretty sure that’s Joey Votto in his batting practice jersey (in the second picture from the top.)

  13. hunter_rees

    They should charge the people who didn’t help flip the car. Not joining in is the more egregious offense.

  14. CoachCat

    Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell. Kid got a car gifted and his parents had insurance so there’s no property loss. That being said these kids have to learn consequences of their actions. Those convicted will receive vandalism charges and get community service. Most importantly they will learn a valuable lesson.

  15. JoeMoney333

    I’m confused, where are all the people complaining about a waste of resources? There has to be worse criminals in the city to deal with correct? I mean if this is a big deal for the police department the city must be doing pretty well.

    1. BigBlueBurner

      This was the point I was trying to make, I think Lexington Police should use these resources to go after heroin dealers instead. There is no reason to still be worrying about this issue when the kid got a brand new car paid by the dealer (who got free publicity).

    2. kenny

      Why can’t they go after both?

    3. Soylentbeans

      Sure spend the money on a worthless neverending war on drugs.

    4. Matt10

      @bigblueburner, how do you pay for a car and it’s “free” publicity? Lol! Easy on the sauce.

  16. Wade

    No snitches….. guy got a new car … that’s a celebration where everybody wins!!!!

  17. runningunnin.454

    They’re dopes; they should get 30 days.
    “I’m sure you’ve all been to county”
    Here comes the water hose, and don’t forget the louse powder.

  18. Wade

    You’re all right but the Kentucky gods looked out for them no need to prosecute… if that didn’t happen lock them up but the flipped car owner seems happy… good enough for me.guy got a better car and that dealership has all uk fans business for doing that.snitch on something really harmful this was stupid may have blown up r something idk but it didn’t . Go cats!Maybe they should just organize a mass volunteering all over lex? Clean streets wash cars mow yards walk granny’s, all that good stuff. just go crazy for a day in the community for the big win.they should show there face now and do something. They were wrong and hyped and had a few beers. Be labeled stupid and a folk hero. Do it b4 someone some of these folks spots them 5 years from now and wants them too pay. Call tj. I know I’m wrong but I’m right so don’t respond with politically correct crap we beat the gators he’ll burn it all down!!!!! Volvoooooo .

    1. Bookie Cobbins Redshirt

      “mow yards and walk granny’s?” … There’s so much going on in this post, it’s tough to get a good handle on whether this is a good idea.

    2. Wade

      Yea at the senior home! Do chores for the elderly! You put a ?

    3. ready4nineNOW

      Hey, it’s me!

  19. Hereforbeer

    Whelp here comes the KSR affect

    1. zoupman

      These people need to be arrested.

  20. kenny

    How many people that are saying “let them go” get mad when other people riot and destroy things?

    1. timbo

      They’re the ones that scream the loudest and reprimand others when it’s their own stuff. Morality and justice is thrown to the wayside…until they’re on the receiving end.

  21. ukcats1776.90

    this is so if uk wins a bunch of drunk kids dont think it’s ok to flip cars. criminal justice isn’t always about punishment; it’s also about deterrance. the kids likely wont be punished if found, the cops just need to find them to send a message

    1. ukcats1776.90

      if u know the kids u should tell police; especially if you ever park near state street