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Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 responses to “‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown opens up to Kentucky Sports Radio”

  1. cats646

    Unpopular opinion, I’m a fan of this guy.

    1. NYCCatsFan

      Why unpopular? Sounds like teh KSR crew loves him

      Me? He sounds like an a-hole

      The kind of jerk who equates football with war

    2. Based God

      Less unpopular than you would think. I like him.

    3. cats646

      I guess it is less unpopular than I thought lol. Good to know.

    4. Trinity45

      Listen to the interview, he had pulled up a pod cast of KSR and was totally prepared, took the offensive against Matt, and Matt did not really grill him. Still say you can be a tough coach and not be a foul mouthed ass about it. Never watched the netflex series.

  2. SCOTTdavis12

    He is a damn good coach Gotta have tough skin

    1. J-Dub421

      If he was that great a coach, he wouldn’t be coaching juco.

    2. cats646

      There are great coaches at every level of football J-Dub. From little league to the NFL. Just because he’s not a y’all of fame D1 coach doesn’t mean he’s not a great one.

    3. cats646

      Lol *hall.

    4. nocode96

      Y’all of Fame needs to be a thing in Kentucky. There’s a few local legends over in Eddyville that deserve to be in.

    5. J-Dub421

      He committed blackmail and identity theft, and called himself Hitler. But sure, let’s pretend like he’s a good guy/coach.

    6. sram

      The guys is a lying POS

      I do not believe he told that kid he cut the night before. That is a liars lie! …… “Only he and I know what happened”…… BS

      He is a $#@^&* big mouth blow hard! I hope he goes to jail and gets what he deserves. F that guy!

    7. 2andToodleLoo

      Not sure a “great coach” is bouncing around juco world and getting fired for things mentioned above.

  3. looking4number8

    Hard to believe he didn’t watch the show. How do you know what misconceptions to clear up if you don’t.

  4. A_Blue_Wildcat

    How anyone could like him or consider him to be a good coach after all the info that’s been out on him is incredible. The guy had horribly dysfunctional teams even by JUCO standards, and under performed significantly despite having some of the most talented teams in all of JUCO. Not even mentioning the fact he’s a garbage human being who just got arrested for blackmailing. Also can we please stop supporting convicts on this website, I know Katrina Powell helped take down Loserville but seriously 10 articles later it’s gotten old.

  5. Ez21

    I wanted them to ask him what message he thought having a drink in his hand ,every single scene that u saw at his house, was sending to his players. I think he’s a good coach I really do but you don’t need to be calling your players fat asses.

  6. Irish son

    Screw this guy. He’s a Moron and a Crook

  7. Glock

    I cant imagine any college ever hiring him in the future

  8. MoscowMitchtheB!+(]-[McConnell

    Who created a University for convicts?

  9. DonnieW8652

    What a HYPOCRITE !!! He asks his players if any of them has a mother and tells them to NEVER use the “B” word because it is so disrespectful of women. Then he goes on an yells at them and uses the vulgar term “MF” countless times as if it nothing. What does he think the “M” stands for in “MF”? How is this not the most disrespectful slang that could ever be used about mothers? I think the overwhelming people in this country find the term highly offensive, but he thinks he is teaching them something by not using the “B” word. Give me a break.