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KSR Show Thread 3/15: Live from Tin Roof in Nashville

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Friday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, which is coming to you live from Tin Roof Broadway in Nashville, where people started lining up before the sun came up to see today’s show. Tune in to hear the gang recap their SEC Tournament adventures so far and preview tonight’s game vs. Alabama.

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

82 responses to “KSR Show Thread 3/15: Live from Tin Roof in Nashville”

  1. ClutchCargo

    Beware the ides of March, Bama.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Nothing like a good Shakespeare quote to start the day.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. Sorry Matt & TJ. Haha.

    3. RealCatsFan

      Ides of March? Is it time for Pitino to channel Hamlet and ramble on while holding the skull of James Naismith again?

    4. RealCatsFan

      You know cg, that philosophy would cure a lot of what ails modern American society. 🙂

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      On a serious note, I do think we have way too many attorneys in our legislatures, from city councils to DC. I understand if you’re drawn to law you may be drawn to politics too, but man.

    6. ClutchCargo

      So now I will have “Vehicle” by the Ides of March in my head for the rest of the day. Good news is I really like that song. 🙂

  2. weneedpitino

    Morning everyone who else here in Nashville is ready to get crazy for our cats tonight. I didn’t sleep well last night but I’m ready no matter what. Go cats!!

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Did you get any more rashes or insects from your $20 a night no-tell motel?

    2. RealCatsFan

      Wenee, did you take my suggestion of applying gasoline to those crab bites and lighting it on fire? That will take care of that annoying itch – promise!

    3. weneedpitino

      Well mr. Gettelfinger sir I actually was not able to secure a hotel on my 75 dollar a night budget that mrs. Weneedpitino gave me. So I had to sleep in ol blue last night, and the seat is so uncomfortable and lumpy. She’s a good en though, its hard to beat a 318 dodge. I got a 84 dodge d100, and I’ve had er for years, since 86. Go cats, and go dodge!! Long live the 318.

    4. RealCatsFan
    5. weneedpitino

      Realcatsfan I’ll be real honest I kinda chickened out. I was scared to use gas but I had an old bottle of zippo lighter fluid. I squirted it on a patch of it and i just couldn’t bring myself to light it. I do think it has dried it up and relieved a little bit of the itch in that spot. I told my mama about it and she was saying “weneedpitino are you sure that realcatsfan ain’t yer brother, Cuz it sounds like something he’d tell ya.” Go cats, and go good ol zippo lighter fluid!!

    6. weneedpitino

      Haha a hemi you say, I wish I could. I keep buying lottery tickets thinking I’ll hit the big one. Heck I’ve even bought 2 here in nashville. Go cats,go Tennessee lottery, go hemi, and go realcatsfan!!

    7. runningunnin.454

      I have a friend that has a Dodge from the ’20’s that has the old Dodge emblem. It says, “Dodge Brothers, Detroit USA.

    8. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      RCF, I just checked out that link. That’s pretty amazing that they made it so simple to drop a modern Hemi in an older vehicle.

    9. weneedpitino

      That’s pretty neat runningunnin, lord knows you can’t beat the old ones. You know my mama always says “they don’t make em like they used to.” My first car was a 71 Plymouth duster with a 318, I had a 440 six pack I was gonna put in her but I ended up having to relocate and had to sell her. I hate when jobs up and move on ya. Go cats, go runningunnin, and go 440 six packs!!

    10. weneedpitino

      Has anyone of ya tried the mcgriddle at McDonalds? I told myself before I made my trek here that I was going to try different things, I occasionally like to live on the edge ya know. Well anyway that mcgriddle was outta this world. Does anyone know if it’s on the all day breakfast menu here? I want another. Go cats, and go mcgriddles!!

    11. RealCatsFan

      cg, that is the trend with old cars these days. Drop a modern performance driveline in it, lower it, install a plush interior with all the creature comforts, and leave the exterior stock with the original “patina” it has acquired over the years.

    12. weneedpitino

      So I’m sitting here in ol blue and I was looking for something to get me pumped up even more. And then it occurred to me what to do. I put the song man in motion on by John Parr made for the st elmos fire soundtrack. I’m so pumped now due to this song I feel like I could bench press ol blue. Go cats, and go John parr!!

  3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    It’s game day for UK so it’s now officially tourney time! It ain’t March until the Cats take the floor!

    Bama better work on their 8’s!!!

    1. Iamheasyouarehe

      And watch their 6’s.

    2. RealCatsFan

      You guys have lost me here, but since we’re talking numbers…

      I’ve got the 6, gimme your 9!!!

    3. J-Dub421

      Go Fish.

    4. RealCatsFan

      While searching for that ZZ Top song on YouTube, I came across this tune from 1971. The best part is the video with the pictures of the band when they were in high school – they didn’t even have beards! As one commenter on the video said, “I thought they were born with those beards.” 🙂 (My kids think it’s funny that the dude with the last name “Beard” is the only one without one.)

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      RCF, watch the bloopers from Mj and the gang’s road trip. Ryan was doing his multiplication tables to stay awake supposedly (I think that was why) and at one point he said “I gotta work on my 8s” and cracked them up. I’m not really sure why they found it so funny (inside joke maybe?), but the other 3 guys were all in the floor laughing so hard, so that made it funny. MJ’s nose whistle was in full force with his laughter. 🙂

    6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
    7. RealCatsFan

      I counted three nose whistles. How many did you hear?

      Matt’s wheezy laughter at one point reminded me of the starter motor from a 1988 Yugo.

  4. Iamheasyouarehe

    Went to check on my amp’s repair status.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That gentleman is channeling BB King.

    2. runningunnin.454

      He played studio lead guitar on the Monkees’ Valleri.

    3. RealCatsFan

      That’s way cool! cg, I sure do miss BB! Saw him several times – the quintessential showman.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      For real RG? What’s his name? I’ve seen that video on Facebook.

    5. runningunnin.454

      Ha ha ha, Gotcha, Chris.

    6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door


  5. RealCatsFan

    My hot take – LSU won’ get past Florida today. Too many distractions, and the Gators are fighting for their reptilian lives.

    1. ClutchCargo

      This time of year, I don’t care who else wins or loses (with a few exceptions), as long as the Cats win. But I will be interested to see how that plays out, RCF.

    2. runningunnin.454

      I think LSU will be focused and play well.

  6. Realme

    Wish I was there.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, me too. My brother’s benefactor who got us tickets back in 2015 didn’t come through again. 🙁

    2. J-Dub421

      I don’t have the time to take off right now, but I wish I did. Most of my time off is spoken for this year.

    3. ClutchCargo

      My work schedule guarantees I can’t get away this time of year. Someday, hopefully.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I would love to go just to be at the remotes. It sounds like so much fun.

  7. runningunnin.454

    Anybody else have to mute the Bilas-Zion lovefest last night?
    Methinks Jay has a case of the ol’ love that dare not speak it’s name for him.

    1. Realme

      Yeah, I turned it off pretty fast. I seriously think if Zion were on our team, I would find the games unlistenable. The Anthony Davis and 2015 team love was huge, but nothing like this. I hope they flame out of the tournament so we can watch Bilas and his friends sob on national tv.

    2. J-Dub421

      I watched a few minutes of the Duke game, but couldn’t handle all the blatant non-calls on Duke. Zion can foul the crap out of everyone all the time and it never gets called. Click.

    3. ClutchCargo

      It was downright sickening. Literally every dead ball situation they played Zion highlights non-stop. For once, I wish Syracuse didn’t suck so bad.

    4. runningunnin.454

      Yeah, two fouls on two ‘Cuse players in the first five minutes; I was looking around for rooferee.

    5. Realme

      So is it even fair for them to claim he’s the best player of the decade? I’m taking AD any day.

    6. RealCatsFan

      If Zion played for the Cats, he would only get about half the court time he does because he would always be in foul trouble. Besides that bag of cash, maybe that had something to do with why he went to dook – so he didn’t have to worry about fouls being called on him. 😉

    7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I refused to watch for the very reason you mention in your initial post starting this thread RG. I knew I would throw up.

  8. RealCatsFan

    ZaDarius Smith should get an endorsement deal with a car manufacturer. He could say that he loves driving it so much he drove 14 hours to tell his mom she can retire instead of flying.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      He’s from just south of here in Greenville, AL. I wish he would spread the love around from that new contract! Wink, wink! Maybe I can convince him I’m his long lost uncle.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Sounds like a plan, Chris; good luck with that.

  9. KYjellyRoll

    Who’s the refs? I saw Doug shows doing the Alabama game

    1. J-Dub421

      Ugh. Doug Shows.

    2. J-Dub421

      I don’t think refs for our game tonight have been announced yet. It usually comes out an hour or two before the game.

    3. ClutchCargo

      Shows is one of those refs who tries too hard to prove he isn’t swayed by the UK crowd. There is always at least one of those, and a red flag is when they are well-known by name.

    4. Realme

      Shows, Valentine, Rooferree, Adams, Sirmons. Send them all to a rec league or something.

    5. RealCatsFan

      No rec league deserves that kind of treatment!

  10. J-Dub421

    Reid always looks good. 😉

    1. Realme

      There was a certain photo with the article about him yesterday that I hope you saw. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. runningunnin.454

      Down, ladies, down.

    3. RealCatsFan

      Any chance Reid will have bra’s and panties thrown at him like Elvis used to? 😉

    4. Realme
    5. Realme

      Sorry, fellas. I will ignore the next sexist / objectifying thing I see on here and not get outraged to balance things out.

    6. J-Dub421

      Oh, I saw.

    7. J-Dub421

      That chick’s stomach doesn’t come close to comparing to Reid’s glorious abs.

    8. runningunnin.454

      Anybody got a bucket of cold water?

    9. Realme

      I usually think really cut abs are gross and make a guy look like he’s starving, but in this case I approve.

    10. RealCatsFan

      One look at my abs and you definitely won’t think I am starving. 😀

    11. J-Dub421

      Are you sporting a keg instead of a six-pack? 😉

  11. RealCatsFan

    Hmmm, so self is going to take his magic hairpiece and jump to the NBA. Sounds about right. LMAO!

    1. RealCatsFan

      Will Wade to Kansas. 😀

    2. runningunnin.454

      You going to wade through the Big Blue River?

  12. RealCatsFan

    Matt met a girl with a nose whistle? It has to be love at first, um, listen. 🙂

  13. RealCatsFan

    Do they have a live video feed of the radio show somewhere? If not, they need one!

  14. RealCatsFan

    I have run redlights late at night that refuse to change when there are no other cars around. I sometimes wonder if there is a cop hiding nearby with a remote control for the light. With the technology we have today we should be able to make traffic lights smart enough to know when there are no other cars around.

    1. Realme

      My husband got pulled over late one night, because he got sick of waiting and turned right, then cut through a Walgreen’s parking lot to go on his way. She couldn’t ticket him for that, but gave him a hard time, presumably because she was waiting to catch him running it.

    2. RealCatsFan

      Some of the Barney Fife cops like that are ridiculous. I have the utmost respect for folks in law enforcement, but the ones like that give the rest of them a bad image.

    3. J-Dub421

      That’s ridiculous.

  15. RealCatsFan

    You can tell that Matt is just hoping that Ryan will get through his rant without saying something totally embarrassing that will get them thrown out of the bar.