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KSR Food Bracket 2018: The Tournament Bracket

It’s time once again to determine the champion of the KSR Food Bracket. Our summer radio tradition features four former heavyweights from past tournaments as the field’s four No. 1 overall seeds. The rest of the field was drawn at random to complete the 2018 edition of the 64-restaurant bracket.

Winners will advance via vote on KSR shows over the coming weeks. Follow along as we eliminate the losers and crown a champion (for real this year).


Download and print the entire bracket for your office pool:

(Click to enlarge)

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

29 responses to “KSR Food Bracket 2018: The Tournament Bracket”

  1. Booby Petrino

    Hmm I’m not falling for this trick again

    1. JTHinton


    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That is funny.

  2. JTHinton

    Chick fil a is a two seed v Cracker Barrel!?! The NCAA is rigged!

  3. jos_ros_

    whew roadhouse, cracker barrel 2nd round match up is a big one

  4. al727

    See this one through!

  5. mhs1964

    Bad seeding

  6. Stephen

    These seeds are absolutely atrocious. Red Lobster as a 1 seed? Are we still living in 2006? I am horribly disgusted.

  7. shelby

    Since there’s only about 2 shoneys still in business, perhaps they could be replaced … by something like bojangles.

    1. JoChan

      A different Bojangles than the one he already has in the tourney? Check the West bracket.

  8. Cincy Cayt

    Wow! Terrible draw for Skyline and a cake walk for Gold Star in round 1. Did Skyline not beat Gold Star three times counting the conference tourney?!

    1. MrPioneer

      Good sir, I recommend you try Jason’s Deli before making such a preposterous comment. In fact, I’d say it’s a cake walk for Jason’s.

  9. Cincy Cayt

    And who knew Culver’s bubble burst with that loss to Wendy’s on that controversial call

  10. Wade

    Rally’s will upset Buffalo Wild Wings

  11. jsuge20

    who wouldnt want to see Lee’s Famous Recipe on this list?? if you have had good Lee’s, you know its a top 4 seed

  12. Wade

    Arby’s and ocharleys got a bad draw

  13. KYcats11

    Cmon selection committee! When you mis-seed a restaurant you are not hurting them, but rather who they are up against.

  14. IAmTheDanger

    These comments have me ROTFL!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

  15. BleedBlue3

    Olive Garden pulls through as the natty champ in my book

  16. pwells618

    Where the heck it Pie 5. It’s sponsors your tour.

  17. jsuge20

    my final 4- Olive Garden, Red Lobster, O’Charleys, Texas Roadhouse

  18. jos_ros_

    red lobster is mediocre at best.

  19. CatManDo

    Little known fact – Tony Bennett works as a server at a Charlottseville Cracker Barrel during the summer, Penn Station pulls the 16-1 upset.

  20. CCinnamon

    No Raffertys again… is it an oversight?

  21. Kat4Life

    Love this

  22. (Aixelsyd)0505

    KFC is my Cinderella

  23. Wade

    Hooters or fizolis hahahha yea right fizolis

  24. CatFan79

    You gotta finish it this year. My 9 and 11 year old boys are starting to like the show but were very disappointed. For some reason they love the food bracket and still ask about what happened

  25. Catswin98

    Why focus on crappy national chains? Why not incorporate some great local restaurants and crown the best restaurant in the Bluegrass? This bracket is as exciting as deciding where to eat at the Fayette Mall Food Court.