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Kindly Myers on new Kentucky Hockey poster

The University of Kentucky hockey poster has been a hot item going all the way back to the 1998-99 season when Ashley Judd was the first to pose next to the team’s schedule. The poster has since seen other gorgeous Kentuckians such as actress Rebecca Gayheart, Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, country music star Laura Bell Bundy, and many others who are very easy on the eyes.

A new version of the calendar was unveiled today and it features Kindly Myers, an extremely popular bikini model and fan of the Wildcats, in the UK hockey jersey.

Posters will be available for sale at home games and will eventually be for sale online. They are $10 unsigned or $25 for a signed copy.

To celebrate the release of the new calendar, here are some of the many other times Kindly has represented UK:

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

Instagram | @kindly

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    As Darrell Hammond playing the great Sean Connery once said, “I’ll take one. In fact, I’ll take a dozen.”

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    I like those better than the checkerboard.

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      Me too but those shorts would cause a constant wedgie, not the mention the chafing.

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    She’s a great American John Short voice

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      …with some biggins

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    You can post 10 articles a week about Duke if you’ll post one of these a week.

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    If Coach Stoops ain’t using her for recruitment at the Nutter Center….