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Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

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18 responses to “Kentucky’s most popular Super Bowl snack is…”

  1. bwise

    They are trolling. Taco salad makes zero sense

  2. oruacat2

    The only way this makes sense is if they’re confusing “taco salad” with simple nachos.

  3. Alex90

    The list is for uniquely searched super bowl food by state, not most popular.

    1. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      Which is literally written in the graphic. Lol. Fake news.

  4. Kentuckiana

    Wings and pizza.
    No taco salad.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Live in Georgia & your spot on for here as well…

  5. Ridge Runner

    Not a true example of super bowl choices = google trends.


    I always get shrimp cocktail during big games. Shrimp is the best!

  7. BluesBrother

    Wings and ribs

  8. cats646

    Just ordered food for my Super bowl party. You think I called Pizza Hut and ordered 12 taco salads? Oh snell nah!

  9. Get_Sixed_KY

    Whats the deal with Iowa hate? Beef stew is good.

  10. J. Did

    Well, we all know what the Google (Dubya Bushism) is serving for the Super Bowl and it’s: Horse Shit.

  11. Wade

    Lies! IF you have to look it up that means you have no idea what it is and therefore you are just curious! Maybe you try something new or your wife is trying to make something she wants! We all know what to make and serve and it’s not taco salad. No google required. But if you do, nothing wrong wrong with it. Tater salad, beans, mini sandwiches, deviled eggs, dip,Wings, slaw, pigs in a blanket,nachos! He’ll throw in a taco salad and a veggie plate!

  12. J. Did

    uavel is serving up Katina Powell ….and her young daughter’s possee (sp?).

  13. catsarerunnin

    BigolBlew likes wings. Anything bone in is his favorite.

    1. JASUN74


    2. cats646


  14. friendsofcoal

    Nothing like a big bucket of Koeze Nuts!