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Article written by Nick Roush

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21 responses to “Kentucky’s 2020 Recruiting Class Ranks in the Top 25 Nationally”

  1. satcheluk

    It’s truly impressive what this coaching staff has been able to accomplish and I believe you have to start putting Clinkscale in the same level as Marrow. Lock both of them in with high paying contracts. They’ve earned it.

    1. Wade

      These coaches evaluate great and think we have some def steals here. Wonder who’s next? Football starting to feel like basketball with how spoiled were getting with stoops and crew! Very proud of this program. Coach clink needs to ink a new deal I agree.Love to see us get 2 + 5 star guys and a bunch of 4 stars every yr. can’t wait for the season,go cats!

  2. Wes Mantooth

    Valentine needs to shed a few pounds. 2180? That’s a big dude.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Never saw a one ton CB before.

    2. 859bornandraised


    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That’s like 4 Andre the Giants!

    4. Bluehender

      With that speed, you don’t want to get hit by him…

  3. Trebek19

    Valentine literally eats the WR’s he’s covering. A 2180lbs CB has to think outside the box when it comes to coverage.

    1. livingood4UK

      Tisdale could be one?

    2. bbn606

      Who else has a one ton CB?

  4. TN Catfan

    Add Tisdale and Drennen and looking crazy good!

  5. livingood4UK

    Thinking we tisdale oxendine and drennen to this class. Anyone have other ideas?

  6. aron1976

    Thoughts on the other 2 silent commits?

    1. livingood4UK

      Tisdale could be one

  7. Youngcat25

    Tisdale is already at UK

    1. notFromhere

      Different Tisdale

  8. notFromhere

    You’re thinking of the Running Back. They’re talking about the Safety.

  9. notFromhere

    Need 1-2 more DL (Oxendine), S (Tisdale), RB (Drennen) since Rose may go early, LB, and best available 2 additional (prefer at least one excellent TE in this class)

  10. bradinmississippi

    If Valentine could just get down to 2,000 pounds he might be a Five Star!

  11. michaelb

    Such good news to see , this paired with our staffs prowess for player development truly makes our potential to be great a reality for now and years to come

    1. notFromhere

      It’s exciting. Hope we can keep this staff together