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29 responses to “Kentucky has a “real shot” with No. 1 recruit Anthony Edwards”

  1. N-UR-i


  2. KYjellyRoll

    Here we go.

  3. friendsofcoal

    Duke bound

    1. dbookno1

      Dude shut the hell up

    2. BigolBlue

      Truth hurts to some.

    3. RAGE

      I ain’t holding my breath but could you imagine Edwards as the three with McDaniels and Hurt as the starting 5….

    4. IrishCat

      RAGE I love the idea that lineup, a mismatch at every position. We’d still need Nick and/or a grad transfer big that’s defensive minded for depth and tough post matchups.

    5. RAGE

      I agree 100 percent with you IrishCat… we do need a true rim protector… I really hope Richards sticks around and can grow into it… I just fear with this last little bit he may not stick around… but Cal’s best defenses usually have a true rim protector

  4. Catlogic15

    “If Kentucky can secure a visit”.
    Sounds far away from “a real shot to land”.

  5. truBLU

    Talk to me, Goose.

    1. michaelb

      Hey homie

  6. davis2319

    Lol with the way our recruiting luck has been, I will be happy with 1 of those 3 coming here.

    1. JASUN74

      It all just means, we’re due!! Lol. I believe Coach Cal will get tired of not being THE MAN! Haha. He hates it. Things is about shape up in Lexington again. Yeahhhh Buddddy!!

  7. jrdh13

    And kentucky was going to land wiseman and carey. Without antigua and rod strickland weve missed on the sure fire one and dones, until we get another talent that “Puts themselves infront of everyone else” we wont have a real shot at a title. I think rod strickland evaluating talent is what we miss the most, thats why he landed the job he did.

    1. davis2319


    2. Urincatland

      Jrdh13 I totally agree! Cal better have a shakeup in his staff. Barbee and Justice would go and the first call I made would be to Antigua.

  8. CatsandPats

    I haven’t been super excited about a recruit in a while but this guy I want. Come on Cal, do your thing! We need this man in the Blue and White rattlin’ the rims at Rupp!

  9. BigolBlue

    As long as K and Penny arent involved it could be a maybe.


    We need him. With Maxey, Edwards, Whitney, that could be Cals best backcourt 1-3 as far as NBA potential since being at UK. I think if we get him, we will have 3 dogs like Duke has this yr and like we usually have. Now get McDaniels or Hurt with a transfer Center or Foreign big like Gonzaga gets every yr, we can make up for our misses in recruiting in the ‘19 class. Let’s finish strong Cal or we need someone to go off the staff!

    1. zoupman

      Coach Cal does a wonderful job. I have trust in him. So glad he is our coach.

  11. JASUN74

    That kid is the real deal. If he don’t mess up or get in some kind of trouble, hes a NBA MVP in a few years. Damn. Got a little MJ in his game.

  12. A_Blue_Wildcat

    Why would he come here given the backcourt we’re going to have? Pretty confident we’re gonna miss out on this guy as well.

  13. IrishCat

    I really hope this is the year we break the trend of our players leaving before they are ready. That being said, I agree w/ Matt that it just doesn’t feel like either Quade or PJ are coming back regardless. Even if Quade leaves, bringing this kid in could create a real log jam, but you gotta get him if you can. A rotation w/ 3 guards, a stretch 4, and a junior Nick Richards? I’ll take it.

  14. Johng1986

    Does anyone know his Twitter handle?


    Ashton shouldn’t leave, but he said he wants to be O&D. He’s the only one I think is on the fence. These are the players I think will leave and return for now:

    Leaving: Reed, PJ, Ashton, Keldon, EJ Montgomery, Tyler Herro, Quade (transfer or enter draft)
    Staying: Quickley, Richards, Baker
    New Comers: Maxey, Whitney, and Allen

    Our front court is wide open at the 4 and 5 and we need a SG if Herro leaves (Quade is a pg if he want to hoop professionally). So idk why Matt and others think this guy won’t come. Come on, Georgia? Florida State? I’m sure we can get him from them, and I really like the McDaniels kid. Tall, long and moves like a guard. Poor mans KD. I like his upside more than Wismen

  16. RAGE

    I think Herro stays for at least two seasons… Hagans I don’t know??? He said he like to be a 1 and done but he also said that he didn’t care to stay two years if he needs too… I think it is according to how his offense progresses and the rest of the season goes…. But don’t knock my dream of a Hagans And Maxey back court next year… lol

  17. RAGE

    Sorry both my comments were suppose to be together I don’t know what happen

  18. Duey Lampier

    Come here and be ran in and out of he linup and average 22 minutes per game….no thanks!!

  19. chris43

    I’m not going to get my hopes up but it’d be awesome to see him in blue and white.