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Kentucky fan offers to let Stanley Johnson name their children if he comes to UK


As Cal would say, we people are crazy, and today’s example comes from Los Angeles Times writer Eric Sondheimer. Sondheimer interviewed Stanley Johnson and reports that a Kentucky fan told the talented 2014 small forward “If you come to UK, I’ll let you name my children.”

Johnson is down to Kentucky, Arizona, USC, Florida, and Oregon, but many believe it’s a two-horse race between UK and Arizona. Calipari has visited him twice in the last month, and Johnson will attend Big Blue Madness on October 18th.

If he does come here, what do you think Stanley would name those kids?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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29 responses to “Kentucky fan offers to let Stanley Johnson name their children if he comes to UK”

  1. UK

    Wildcat and Scratch

  2. Rise

    Dick Trickle

  3. Ole D-white

    Stanley and Johnson

  4. UK Terry

    Matt Jones. They seem to be everywhere. KSR, Duke basketball, Florida football, Arkansas meth labs.

  5. Taco

    Chalupa Batman

  6. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Da’Stanley and Za’Stanley.

  7. SeoulCat

    Kubrick and Musial.

  8. Anthony Davis Has A Posse

    Walker and Texas Ranger

  9. DH

    Hops and Barley

  10. Stan the Man

    Stanley Johnson Jr. It would be cool to be named a Jr when there really is no Sr in the family.

  11. BurnerTurner5

    Speaking of Big Blue Madness,does anyone know what time on Friday they will start handing out the numbers for a place in line to non-campers? I’m trying to avoid sitting two rows from the top of Rupp Arena like we did last year. Thanks.

  12. coppertop

    Knotmyne and Dissunainteither

  13. I Sayyy

    11 That all depends on where your tent is set up.

  14. DerrickDooleydoggroomer

    If its a boy
    Adolph Oliver Bush
    If its a girl
    Fonda Peters

  15. Semper Paratus


  16. UKOnMyMind

    Thing 1 and Thing 2

  17. pssh

    Colonel Sanders or Popeye

  18. My name is Kevin not Brian

    #5 for the win.

  19. brain

    What a dumbass.

  20. SoCal Will

    Stan & Lee

  21. J in Orlando

    8 lol, or if theyre girls, Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman

  22. youknow

    How many kids we talking for fan John Doe? Does he already have some, or about to have one? This could be all hypothetical.

    Good names for a kid though That Stanley Johnson would like for Mr. John Doe? Besides naming the kid after himself or those mentioned above.

    #9 Doe
    Nine Doe
    2014 Doe
    Three goggles Doe

  23. K2da

    LaOne and LaDone

  24. haha

    what an idiot

  25. Larry T Clemons

    ” Stanson ” or ” Johnley “…….

  26. Fred

    1st child- Title
    2nd child- Ten

  27. jw

    and SHIT
    Unless this is a chick wanting to have his babys this is pretty ignorant

  28. mike

    how about kyle and macy good for me i named my son kyle michael

  29. Teachable Mo'

    Thing 1 and Thing 2