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Kentucky Defensive Line Commit is Considering Flip to Pitt

The Kentucky football team needs to recruit elite interior defensive lineman.  Entering the weekend they had just one commit that fits that criteria, and he’s reconsidering his pledge to UK following an official visit to Pitt.

Ohio defensive tackle Tyler Bentley committed to Kentucky in June, turning down Louisville, Alabama and a handful of other traditional SEC powerhouse programs.  All was quiet on the recruiting front for the three-star prospect until recently.

This weekend Bentley took an official visit to the University of Pittsburgh (Shocky Jacques-Louis was also in attendance).  When he returned home, Bentley removed “Kentucky commit” from his Twitter bio, deleted his commitment Tweet and shared this:

In an interview with Pitt’s Rivals site, Bentley did not say that he had officially withdrawn his pledge to Kentucky.  However, he revealed that he’s contemplating his decision to take an official visit to Lexington on December 15.

If Bentley takes his official visit, the Cats would still have a good chance to convince him to remain firm with the Cats, but that’s probably not going to happen.

This morning Justin Rowland reported that Kentucky told Bentley they are parting ways.

Without Bentley, where will Kentucky find interior defensive linemen?  That’s a question that currently has no answer.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

21 responses to “Kentucky Defensive Line Commit is Considering Flip to Pitt”

  1. dismore

    Not good losing recruits to a 5-7 ACC team. Maybe he sees something some of us can’t about our own team. 😒

  2. JaminTheCoach

    That makes no sense, why would Kentucky tell a recruit in a position of desperate need that they are parting ways?

    1. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

      They probably know something we don’t. Maybe making room for JUCO guys, or something with this kid, or who knows.

    2. VinDatuk

      Usually because they’re in on a couple of other guys, they’re tired of the kid jerking them around, or they don’t think he’ll make grades.

    3. kvltclassic

      Could be related to grades. In previous years schools would just sign kids to sign them knowing they wouldn’t make the grades to be a qualifier out of high school. This year new rules make it where you have a hard cap of signing whether they make it or not so you tie up an initial scholarship counter when you sign a kid that you KNOW can’t make the grades.

    4. JaminTheCoach

      In other words, the guys that a power 5 normally would sign and then send off to a JC to make grades before coming back to the power 5 school, are no longer a thing with the new rule?

    5. kvltclassic

      @JaminTheCoach basically. You get 25 that you can sign and previously it was just counted as whoever “makes it.” Now you can just sign 25. So a lot of time schools would sign guys that they knew wouldn’t make it to boost their recruiting class ranking. Now they face a punishment for that if they choose to do so.

  3. ClutchCargo

    I wonder about the timing of all of this. Did UK cut him loose and then he says he is reconsidering in order to save face? That’s the only thing that really makes sense to me.

  4. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

    I think Stoops should have taken the Bentley to see this guy. Seems more fitting.

  5. Smyrna_Cat

    Haters gonna hate.

  6. BluKudzu

    Going after more DBs that don’t cover down field and plays 10 yards off the receiver. We just can’t get enough of those here for our UnKover defense.

  7. Alleykat16

    Well if we dropped him before he did his thing I’m sure Coach Stoops knows what he is doing since coming here he has showed him and his staff can recruit ill give Coach that for sure. You guys got to give him alittle wiggle room to win in this conference you have got to have just as good of a player backing up what’s on the field and that takes time.

    1. ukkatzfan

      Agree 100%

  8. notFromhere

    If he hasn’t heard from UK in a while, why wouldn’t he move on, especially when he hears from Louis that he’s getting all this attention after he flipped to UT.

    Maybe he’s tired of the negativity of UK fans like the current fans and coaches are tired of it. That would make even more sense.

    When I didn’t see him posting photos of the staff visiting him with the rest that were tweeted, it wasn’t a good sign. Hope the staff can upgrade if they don’t keep him. They need great DL in the worst way

    1. krautdog

      Negativity??? Over 50 years of pre-season hype and post season disappointment will do that to you-SOS year after year after year!!!

  9. notFromhere

    The important thing to note is that UK likely wasted its time visiting Louis with that Bentley. He’s not interested, and he’s likely recruiting against UK based on the events of this weekend.

    1. meeksfor3

      Did you say the same thing when Cal visited Bol Bol or Quentin Grimes when he was wasting his time and resources?

    2. notFromhere

      Yes. Bol Bol. Didn’t think he was interested after the team usa deal.

  10. Duff86

    Get the check book out. We need to spend more $$$ to get better recruits.

    1. notFromhere


  11. bigb

    If Cats don’t improve line on D they won’t see 7 wins in next 2 years