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Zion Williamson: “The time is coming” to make a decision

When will Zion Williamson make his decision? According to him, sooner than you may think.

The five-star phenom posted a new blog entry for USA Today High School Sports today and said he feels “the time is coming” to decide where he wants to go to college.

“I honestly feel like I’ll be making a decision soon. I’ve been really thinking here lately about the pros and cons and I just feel like the time is coming.

I won’t say that I feel pressure, but the fact that I have to actually pick one school is starting to be more real in my mind.”

Zion has been sidelined with a foot injury the past few weeks, but plans to be back in action in January. Clemson has had the momentum for the Spartanburg native in recent months, but he said the time off the court has allowed him to focus on his college decision and “grow mentally.”

“I’ve been watching all of the schools recruiting me on TV a lot and I watch the players in my position and how the schools use those guys; just doing my homework on everybody.”

I didn’t realize Clemson’s games were televised on anything other than ACC Network Extra. Good for them. For more on Zion, check out his blog at the link below.

[The Zion Williamson Blog]

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28 responses to “Zion Williamson: “The time is coming” to make a decision”

  1. Catcasey1

    Come on down big fellow

  2. BCO

    A must get imo. Really need he and Wiseman next year.

    1. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots

      James Wiseman will not be reclassifying.

    2. Rembrandt

      Not everyone agrees Wiseman won’t reclassify. I know what he said. But Kyle Tucker still says 50-50 chance.

  3. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots

    I’d like him to become a Wildcat but it looks unlikely. The way the fall signing period unfolded I suspect him to commit to Clemson.

  4. UKantstopus

    This would be a shot of positivity for the fan base If he picks UK…

  5. wildcat2012

    If he doesn’t commit to us, which I don’t think he will, it’ll be the first time BBM has hosted all seniors who committed elsewhere. Strange year for us in recruiting, definitely reminds me of two years ago class with Murray and Briscoe. But with that being said, I do love the three guys we are getting. And trust me on this, we will have a MONSTER 2019 class. Even if the one and done rule changes, I think our team two years from now will be ridiculous. Haha yes, I’m the crazy fan who dreams about our team two years from now

  6. Slateneverleft

    Duke commit coming


    Unfortunately he is going elsewhere. He sees that only Knox and Hami are leaving for the NBA… too many second and third year guys to compete for minutes

    1. wildcat2012

      You’re delusional if you think only two players leave after this year. The depth of this draft might be the weakest of the decade. We will lose four to five guys

    2. Swizzle

      He’ll get his minutes regardless of who stays or goes

  8. opinpi

    UNC lock….guaranteed

  9. TBW3011

    Hope we get him and a few others. We need overwhelming talent to overcome Cal once we reach the Elite 8/Final 4.

    1. Slateneverleft

      True this

    2. 4everUKblue

      This is a good example of negative comments criticizing our coach, no player wants to play for a coach who has a lynch mob fan base waiting with pitchforks after every game we lose or don’t win to suit them… or why didn’t we play zone, that would’ve solved all our defensive problems. Get a grip people, if any of you were smarter or a better coach than Cal maybe you would be coaching somewhere.

    3. TBW3011

      Settle down pumpkin. Cal is great at some things. He sucks at others. There’s no lynch mob. Just a group of people capable of speaking their mind and not pumping sunshine 100% of the time.

  10. callitlikeiseeit

    If he has been watching us play we got no chance.

  11. Cats4lyfe

    ⬆️ is an idiot

    1. henderblue

      You are exactly right. You and 4everUKblue represent the majority of the fan base. Unfortunately the minority idiots do most of the cackling

  12. jim tom

    Who the hell knows. Need him for sure

  13. UK_fac_boi

    Turn the comment section off and stop taking calls on your radio show, fans are idiots, even the decent ones.

    1. Slateneverleft

      Fanboys telling people how to be fans. Delusion has set in

  14. 4everUKblue

    If he reads all the negative comments on here by some of the so called UK fans who whine constantly, complain about the team and Cal and all the one and dones It’s probably enough to scare him off. All this criticism and dissension among the BBN makes us look like a bunch of nut cases.

    1. Blue Bill

      Yes it does 4ever. It’s comical really.

    2. TBW3011

      Lol. The kid is well aware Cal isn’t exactly a genius when it comes to coaching in game and preparing for a game. Everyone outside you guys who have blinders on know this. Zion also knows his draft stock will be Cal’s top priority even if it isn’t best for the team cutting down the nets. He’ll probably come here.

  15. david8577

    The comment section is roughly 1/3 sane people, 1/3 nutjobs, and 1/3 rival fan bases.

  16. bbnZach

    Hearing from my sources its a lock he comes here. He wanted the spotlight.

    1. dbookno1

      What exactly are your sources?