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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

16 responses to “Keion Brooks is Playing for a National Championship”

  1. ScottGreene22

    He will look great in blue and white next season

  2. UKBigBlueForever

    He plays the same position as PJ did right? Yes I know I could google… Too lazy lol.

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Not exactly. Where PJ was more of an under-sized big who went from the basket out I see Keion being more of stretch 4 type who plays outside in.

    2. ScottGreene22

      Maybe even a point forward definitely stretch the floor from 3

    3. Dowser

      Not to sound critical… but does anyone expect Cal to give a “big” any freedom to step away and shoot…? I believe Knox was the only player in 10 years.

    4. BBNDan7

      Did you just call Knox a “big”?….

    5. runningunnin.454

      AD, MKG, Harrellson, Skal, EJ, NR, and PJ.

  3. 8 god

    Holy moly, la Lumiere has the #1, #3, #4, and #9 players in Indiana, all top 250 nationally, and two of them are Keion Brooks and Isaiah Stewart

  4. todd3940

    I’m not impressed with Keion Brooks. He’s Keldon 2.0. Missed 3’s, blocked at the rim and turnovers in traffic.

    1. JusSayin

      Keldon Johnson was pretty good. He would start for almost every team. Don’t let poor tourney games confuse you.

    2. BBNDan7

      Keldon is a lottery pick and had some great games, and you’re worried Brooks is the same? Gtfo

  5. ScottGreene22

    Brooks will be a perfect fit in CALs master plan really hope McDaniels come EAST to UK

  6. todd3940

    Keldon was a disappointment. I wish that wasn’t the case but he just was. And whichever GM drafts him may be looking for a job in a couple of years. He’s too soft inside. Can’t play thru contact. And not great on the perimeter.

    1. BBNDan7

      Just stop.

  7. makeitstop

    If u know anything about basketball u would happily take a Keldon Johnson every year. Was he inconsistent at times, and did he get lost at times, yes, but the NBA scouts have him as a lottery or near lottery pick. The fact he wasn’t as complete as u hope notwithstanding, without him, we lose several more games and aren’t in the EE or close. I think he may slip a bit bc I don’t believe he’s really 6’6” as the press guide says and once he gets measured that may cost him a bit, but he’s still a good ball player u would cheerfully sign every year.

    1. makeitstop

      And if Keion is that good, I’ll take that every day.