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14 responses to “Katina Powell is in jail over a toothbrush”

  1. nicky

    Dang….kinda feel bad for her since she did our bidding for us…you wanna go in on a toothbrush with me for her TT?

  2. nschulte13

    Well a toothbrush is the best way to get it off the ceiling… if you can’t call ServPro

  3. Rick_S

    Matt should go get her, she gave KSR some good radio

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      She could probably use a good ambulance chaser. 😉

  4. Realme

    She looks thrilled to be photographed without any hair on.

  5. cats646

    Trash. Just trash.

  6. Kat4Life

    You mean she wore a wig ????!!!!!!

  7. michaelb

    Haha that pic

  8. Headhurts

    $100 bucks! That’s chump change in her world.

  9. BBNDan7

    Leave her in there

    1. cats646


  10. JDizzle14

    It’ll never get old looking at that pic and know thats what ultimately brought Cardinal bball to its knees…..LOL. birds of a feather….. Ahhhh so fitting. Captures to a T that program and that dump they call a city.

  11. Luether

    I’ve seen more class in a roach…

  12. BigBlueToo

    Thankfully she is not wearing UK gear.