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14 responses to “Kahlil Whitney slips in’s final class rankings”

  1. Headhurts

    Not that it really matters, maxey should’nt have been leepfrogged by hurt, but now that hurt’s a dookie it all makes since.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Hurt dropped two spots and Maxey dropped one. Hurt was already ranked higher than Maxey.

    2. JoeMoney333

      Hurt was ranked above Maxey in both.

    3. mashburnfan1

      Makes my head hurt trying to read your comment. What makes no sense is people complaining about something they are 100% wrong about. Also try leap and not leep, does not matter I guess since it did not happen. The guy actually dropped 2 spots since going to dUKe which is also against your complaint. Also try sense {if you have any}.

    4. Cokely53

      Mashburn saying his head hurts from reading a post is really pot calling a kettle black

    5. Headhurts

      Hey assburnfan -1 get back in your mama’s basement, moron.

    6. bwise

      Don’t bother with him…he’s a f*cktard

    7. nocode96

      I’m not even going to comment on your idiocy mashburnfan, we all know you’re just some old, fat, neckbeard. But, since you decided to call Headhurts out on a couple of spelling errors when we all knew what he was talking about, I’m going to warn you that if you decide to call people out on their grammar, spelling, and punctuation, you should learn when to use commas correctly. Not a good look on you guy, but then again, no look you have is good.

    8. mashburnfan1

      Coke, you might not agree with the truth I speak about Cal but at least I can spell and sort of use basic English. Did you read headhurts comments or are you still trying to translate it?

      headhurts…. Will write this so you understand….yu hav it alll wrung, iz knot thee basmant, I liv n thee atic.

    9. Nickerbocker05

      Seriously mashburnfan… no one likes you. Plus no one cares about punctuation in comments on a SPORTS BLOG jackass

    10. Cletis75

      My point proven again. No one loves correcting someone like a B does!

    11. Wade

      Maxey is top 5 easily

  2. Kywildcats09

    I pity Mashburnfan.

  3. Newtype

    “Kentucky bump”