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Article written by Nick Roush

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39 responses to “Justin Rogers will officially visit Alabama”

  1. UKinIN

    No issue with Rogers doing this but I don’t understand why he committed to UK. He heard from Saban before he committed. Why not postpone the decision?

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Makes Saban’s people have to pay more.

    2. mashman 93

      Saban doesn’t have to pay anything to steal a recruit from Kentucky. Just stop!!!

    3. StuckinLville

      If Saban pays people then Cal does too. So do you really believe that? You sound like an idiot.

    4. 4everUKblue

      Saban won’t have to pay more than UK because we don’t pay players.

    5. 4everUKblue

      Also I agree with mashman, he doesn’t have to pay, just look at how many recruits go first round at Bama, that’s a big payday.

    6. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Former Bama players have admitted as much. Saban can’t beat evenly talented teams.

    7. mashman 93

      What players have admitted that? Show me. This is Kentucky football not Kentucky basketball.

    8. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Wow bashburn you’re attacking or football program instead of Cal for a change. DJ to name 1 of several.

  2. mikecovey

    That announcement was a large, organized event with countless people standing up to say great things about this 17 year old kid. If I sat through that ii would be irritated right now.

    1. binarysolo

      Bruh… this happened as recent as Wandale Robinson’s big announcement.

  3. Bruce Dickinson

    If he changes to Alabama, will there be another ceremony?

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Yeah at his mother’s favorite car dealership.

    2. nocode96

      Do you seriously think Alabama has to pay off recruits? One of the best programs and coaches in history, a legit dynasty, Alabama doesn’t need to do that, especially to steal a UK recruit.

    3. Bruce Dickinson

      Playing football at Alabama is close to the level of playing basketball at Kentucky. I can’t imagine they need to pay players. Having said that, I hope this kid stays with UK.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Former Bama players have admitted as much. If we lost him to Clemson I’d believe it was legit.

  4. Cole28

    Alabama will through the house at him. He probably knows this. If nothing else, he gets to enjoy a fantastic and free trip, and not feel bad for ultimately saying “no” (if he does), as Bama knew full well that he was already committed.

    1. Cole28


  5. abobicesaevior

    Visit Alabama then reaffirm his commitment to UK. Good optics for the program.

  6. RealCatsFan

    For once, I would like to see Saban get stiffed on a recruit.

  7. Headhurts

    This Rogers kid is already having a impact on our football program so much so that our staff needs to do everything in its power (legally) to keep this kid on board, what ever Bama offers we need to double that.

  8. binarysolo

    Is he really a UK “commit” if he’s still visiting other schools? Football recruitment terminology is confusing.

    I guess with the transfer portal you can’t even refer to players who actually signed and is on campus a player for that school.

  9. tmcclan16

    Lol well that was a short lived commitment only took a couple of weeks to loose this one.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I hear ya. This prompted my commitment tongue in cheek comment below. Hehhhhh

  10. @GoCayts

    “His Kentucky announcement video is pinned to the top of his profile”

    – this video says nothing about Kentucky

  11. Catsfan1715

    It’s funny that people on here are actually surprised by this. I don’t blame the kid one bit. He should take all of his officials, most recruits do, regardless of commitments. Hopefully we keep him. But with the negative recruiting going on, and the dirty nature of recruiting in general I suspect this one will be a roller coaster. At the very least this back and forth creates an “out” for these kids to transfer to a school that will hand them a starting spot if they can’t handle the challenges of their freshman/rs season.

    1. StuckinLville

      I have to completely disagree. If a kid wants to use all their officials, they need to do so before they commit to a school. It’s called integrity.

    2. Catsfan1715

      I think our expectations of 16-17 year old kids are just different. Not disagreeing with your point of integrity…

    3. Catsfan1715

      However, just because a kid lacks the emotional maturity/integrity at 16-17 to uphold his commitment, in my opinion, doesn’t make him a bad kid or a player we don’t want anymore. Just means they are still learning and I still hope we have the chance to watch him on our field.

    4. StuckinLville

      Im not talking about upholding a commitment. I’m talking about taking all visits before you commit just like they do in basketball. Football recruiting is already shady enough.

  12. Ridge Runner

    Okay.. so take me through the definition of the word, commitment again.

  13. John Capilari

    Commitment = girlfriend. Everything ok until something better comes along.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Haaa.. there ya go sir.

    2. makeitstop

      Yea, commitment to a 17 y/o is to go to prom next month. Even that could change by next week. You don’t get to sit back and relax just bc someone said they’d go to prom, u better keep holding the door, getting the chair and showing respect; secondly, the more that commit, the more that sign, so keep getting the commitments! From what I recall about high school dating it sounds about the same as high school recruiting. With that said, I’m going to go hold the door… and do what I’m told.

  14. ClutchCargo

    A lot of our fans sound exactly like other schools’ basketball fans when we recruit a guy the other school thought they had wrapped up.

  15. jaws2

    No shock here, it’s the way of the world today. Sad really. If I were these kids I’d take every visit I could because you only get this experience once in life. I just think a kid should take all his visits prior to ‘committing’ to any school. Otherwise you just sit yourself up for ridicule.

  16. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    How are these kids getting declared academically eligible if they don’t
    even know what commitment means.

  17. UKCatAttack

    Was he 1000% committed? If not he wasn’t committed at all.

  18. gasman01

    He’s Alabama bound…