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Just when you thought he was done, Thomas added more UK tattoos

Polson and Hood signing his hands

Our buddy Thomas Younce made another trip to the tattoo parlor, this time adding more UK artwork to his face. As you can see in the photos he sent us below, he went with ‘C-A-T-S’ under his right eye and ‘cats-cats-cats-‘ under the left. The ‘t’s under the left eye are crosses, representing his strong faith.


For a full rundown of Thomas’ tats, check out this post from a two weeks ago when he added, yes, even more UK tattoos.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

29 responses to “Just when you thought he was done, Thomas added more UK tattoos”

  1. BOSOX


    1. Ukd

      This is embarrassing… don’t get me wrong… I love the enthusiasm… but this guy is just looney. He just looks like a trailer park man that got out of prison yesterday for god’s sakes…….
      This only adds to the UK white trash trailer park stereotype… here come the jokes from other schools fans.

  2. Buckets

    ouch …

  3. kevin

    Awesome or weird?

  4. Life

    Spectacular life choices.

  5. DoubleZeroMostel

    Dude, stop already, you win! There’s nobody as dedicated as you. You have nothing left to prove.

  6. pfife

    Sad and pathetic.

  7. Buffalo Bob

    What a psycho.

  8. Ragland

    That is a ministry.

    Look at the crosses on the right away. The raised Ts!

    Prayers going up.


    The dude is a freak!!

  10. seriously

    I-d-i-o-t! Idiot,idiot,idiot!

  11. tbt

    I hope he owns his own business because no one will want to hire that guy

  12. Jack Tunney

    I have “Hail Satan” on my forehead but if you look closely, the “T” in Satan is a cross. It’s a religious subliminal message.

  13. JJ

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” I learned that years ago. You folks are sad and pathetic for bashing this guy. From what I’ve heard on the radio, he’s a great guy. Very humble and a huge member of BBN. He takes die-hard to another level. Salute to you, Thomas. Look forward to seeing more tats in the future. C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS!

  14. Question...

    Doesn’t the Bible say not to alter or defile your body in any way, aka tattoos?

    1. tuxedo park

      the bible says a lot of things.

  15. Big blue flu

    I have a LOT more tattoos than him, but they are a lot better done that this. And #9 I’d like to see who makes more money me , or you?


      Wouldn’t take much to earn more than what you make. You’re pathetic loser on the welfare rolls, someone who is too frickin lazy to get of his butt and do something to earn a honest living.

  16. ANSWER

    Most people don’t care what the bible says or if they did they wouldn’t be doing this chaotic defiling of their bodies. In fact, I’d almost venture to say most don’t know how to read judging by the way society is acting.

  17. rollingcat

    matt can never say nothing about ul tattoos again this guy takes the cake on bad tattoos. y didnt he just get a huge wildcat on his face it would look better.

  18. Dubya

    None of you Internet tough guys would say anything to his face. He is obviously a passionate person and big time UK fan. Go cats!

  19. Kevin C.

    Just how fat/wide is this dude’s head, that he can’t get it all in 1 picture??

  20. Wendell

    and he wonders why he can’t get a job.

  21. Jeff

    This guy has issues

  22. hal

    at least he doesnt get face tattoos purely to run off & show them on the internet after each one. like as if he were solely doing it for attention

  23. YSR2KSR

    leviticus 19:28.

  24. beavis606

    Not sure why KSR keeps posting these. It appears this individual has some issues and these give cannon fodder to our rivals.

    This guy and dancing guy hurt the image of UK.

  25. wonder years

    What a Idiot!! Nice “wife beater!”

  26. Dr. Phil

    That’s a sure cry for attention. Just the wrong kind of attention.