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UPDATE: JUCO Quarterback Will Visit Kentucky This Weekend Next Week

Omaha World-Herald

Fifteen days away from signing day, I have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news.

Dual-threat junior college quarterback Terry Wilson will take an official visit to Kentucky this weekend.  Wilson moved up his trip to Lexington by canceling a visit to Indiana, the team that has recruited him the longest.  The decision comes just days after Kentucky coaches were in the stands to watch his junior college bowl game.  He teased the UK visit on Twitter.

The good news is that Indiana is essentially out of the picture.  The bad news is who replaced the Hoosiers.  Steve Wiltfong reports Nebraska and Florida are now in play for Wilson.

Now with new head coaches, each one is trying to get off to a good start with an athletic quarterback.  Of course Dan Mullen, the King of the JUCO, is now involved with Wilson.  To Kentucky fans’ dismay, Wilson would be a great fit for a team without a consistent quarterback and would excel in Mullen’s system.  A visit is not yet set in stone, but it’s on the horizon.

Wilson’s connections to Scott Frost and Nebraska really throw a wrench into his recruitment.  A native of Omaha, Wilson initially committed to play for the Cornhuskers prior to a flip to Oregon.  The man behind Wilson’s flip was Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost, who is now Nebraska’s head coach.

An optimistic person would be excited that Kentucky is the first school that gets a chance to wow Wilson.  A pessimist sees the brand names lurking with an eleventh hour visit and dismisses Kentucky’s chances.  How Wilson will make his final decision is probably somewhere in-between the two.

UPDATE: The visit to Lexington has been postponed for a trip to Nebraska.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

20 responses to “UPDATE: JUCO Quarterback Will Visit Kentucky This Weekend Next Week”

  1. Mathlete

    I’d hesitate to call Nebraska a “brand name” anymore except when comparing it to brands like Kodak Film, or Pong, or Spandex. All inexplicably huge decades ago, pretty much completely toast today except among niche markets like the retro crowd

  2. kyle heavy

    Looks like he is visiting Nebraska instead of Kentucky..

  3. MadHatter

    He gone

  4. dismore

    Frost will win 8-9 games a year at Nebraska and probably more in that weak BIG 10 division. Their facilities are much better than KY. Plus Frost will use him as a true duel threat which KY will not. Johnson could run but wasn’t a duel threat QB.

    1. VinDatuk

      No they are not. I’ve been in both in the last year and our facilities are better. They’ve upgraded, but not like us.

    2. dismore

      You must have a different view point than the announcers that call Nebraska games. All I hear is first class facilities but no recruiting base. Plus when I watch the games sure does look like a nice big boy stadium.
      Either way, Frost will utilize his skill set better than us.

    3. VinDatuk

      Have you not listened to the announcers slobbering all over the UK facilities upgrades? The stadium is certainly bigger than ours, but nicer is a stretch. I lived there for 5 years and go to at least one game a year…bigger isn’t better.

    4. dismore

      Yeah I’m not saying we haven’t been recognized for our upgrades just hear Nebraska is impressive. Let’s see if Stoops can out recruit a young up and coming coach.

  5. GoodOlJDub

    Johnson would have been utilized more as a duel threat QB if he was able to hold onto the ball. His ball security was questionable which in my opinion gave the OC doubt on running him more. At times he leaned too heavily on Snell which closed the gaps. If he had used Johnson more with the run, and he was able to hold onto the ball, the D would then have to compensate for both opening up more holes for Snell……but what do I know.

  6. az1006

    You need to update this…He’s cancelled his Kentucky visit, and he’s going to Nebraska.

  7. kjd

    We have QBs on our roster. We desperately need DL. That’s the priority IMO.

    1. krautdog

      Absolutely. We have our best quarterback, Hoak, that hasn’t even seen. the playing field yet!!!

    2. kycats13

      We need OL too

  8. UKinIN

    Trying to bring in a JUCO QB that would be expected to play right away doesn’t say much about Barker or Hoak.

    1. krautdog

      AMEN. Utter nonsense!!!

  9. notFromhere

    It doesn’t say anything about Barker or Hoak. You want as many of the best QBs available on your roster.

    If he’s visiting UK midweek instead of with the commits during the weekend, this may just be a no-thank-you helping, a courtesy visit because of the attention UK has shown him. We’ll be ok without him, but it would be good to have him on the roster.

    We’ll see what he decides.

    Interior defensive linemen are THE PRIORITY.

  10. TBW3011

    We have capable QB’s. Just need to put the best ones on the field.

  11. chris43

    He gone!……well not really that he was “here” anyway.

  12. StuckinLville

    I don’t understand why Stoops is even still looking. Makes me think he doesn’t have faith in the younger guys.

  13. kycats13

    This coaching staff does not develop players. When they get here they are as good as they are going to be.