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Josh Hutcherson calls in to talk CATS! …hopefully (Friday Show Thread)


Could today be the day we finally get a call from Josh Hutcherson? It may be. Hutcherson says he will call in to Kentucky Sports Radio this morning from the set of the new “Hunger Games” movie to talk about the Cats. Tune in to see if it actually happens, as well as get ready for tomorrow night’s big game against Wisconsin. Either way, it will be two of the best hours of KSR this week.

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Topics include:

— Hutcherson

— The festivities begin in Dallas

— Hutcherson

— Yes, teen girls…Hutcherson!

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130 responses to “Josh Hutcherson calls in to talk CATS! …hopefully (Friday Show Thread)”

  1. DrSayre

    Did Matt ever say what happened yesterday when Danny called? Sounded like everything was fine after the break. I need a haircut really bad, but I can’t do it until the season is over!

    1. WildcatWizard

      If you go back and listen to it on podcast, they edited some of it out. He was obviously hiding something serious or he would have made a joke about it.


    Drew Franklin is the man!

  3. huntin chickens


  4. TANK

    Well I guess there is really nothing else to do but go out there and win the whole damn thing and really piss everybody off.

    1. Melvit

      You can say this again.

    2. Repeat

      Well I guess there is really nothing else to do but go out there and win the whole damn thing and really piss everybody off.

  5. Jimmy Dinklewinker

    Matt, if and when we win on Saturday is there anyway you could do an extra show on Sunday???

  6. Adam

    You need to ask about Jennifer Lawrence. She’s bad and is from KY as well.

    1. jmfatz47

      Unfortunately, J Law is Cards fan….sucks

  7. Kelly

    so i can call in and talk about josh hutcherson? lol

  8. bung

    whats wrong with that Wilbur guy on pto…don’t he like Kentucky people?

  9. Paducah Patty

    Did the storms affect where you all are at? I saw where they hit north of Arlington.

  10. Paducah Patty

    Your such a Josh tease Matt!!

  11. DrRxCATS

    got my mind right for the show by crankin up “if ur gonna play in texas, u gotta have Lee in the game”

  12. Kj

    Finally u admit it u know nothing, that is the first step my friend, 😉

  13. Fake Professor



  14. Turner the Burner

    Bo Ryan looks like Paul Senior from American Choppers.

  15. Kelly

    But I’m not a teenage girl 🙁

  16. Fake Professor

    Matt did you get your pilot license…..I think Ryan should get his pilot license and fly the KSR crew around…maybe he is better in air than on land.


    Yeah really cant concentrate at work today, thinking about the game tomorrow. Wish KSR was a longer show.

  18. TulsaCat

    Bo Ryan looks like and older version of the Principle on the Breakfast Club

  19. Union Farmer

    Gotta choose Dakari’s room. Anyone that speaks of Aaron Harrison’s nuts is going to give you good sound bytes!!!

  20. wsflwildcat

    I noticed Matt seemed different.

  21. Laker Cat 18

    I’m supposed to work 8 hours today. Mentally, I’ll only be around for a few minutes. It’s pre-game day!

  22. Tim

    Matt, I caught that yesterday too… I assumed you just pulled a “Ryan Lemond” and choked on some water or something.

  23. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Glad to hear you are okay, Matt. It was a drastic change in mood for the show yesterday during that last segment before the top of the hour break. It was obvious to anyone who listens everyday.

  24. Jared

    I don’t know how you couldn’t notice it, you sounded completely dazed when you did start talking.

  25. Wedding Planner

    I missed it.. what happened to Matt yesterday

  26. Mash Davis

    Matt, we noticed something was up because your voice changed. You sounded like something was in your throat and your tone and pitch were totally different than when you started.

  27. Big Todd

    I have a seizure disorder too… and have experienced an Aura too… for me its like everything is in extreme slow motion and I cant really speak or anything for 5-6 seconds and then everything comes back to normal. Most of the time it serves as a warning that my medicine is at low levels.

  28. houndstooth

    Matt, I thought you had fallen asleep- oh wait that was me that fell asleep during Danny’s call.

  29. Austin from BG

    I noticed the cat PAUSE too, yesterday, Matt. Glad you’re okay. And the NOAH advertisement really really lets my boss know I’m not doing data entry, and I’m actually reading NCAA Final Four news. Just thought I’d let Ya’ll know!!! GO CATS

  30. Fake Professor

    Yea Matt I though you sounded real sad after that call….I though someone texted you and told you Qdoba was closing.

  31. Supposed to be Working

    Matt lives!

  32. classof68

    Your episode was very noticeable Matt. It also sounded like you might be choking on something, ala Ryan.

  33. Chris

    I notice it Matt but I thought you got choked up at Danny not being a negative nancy.

  34. Maxey Bannister

    He took the blue pill.

  35. Walter White

    Having problems like that used to have an effect on drivers’ licenses.

    1. Big Todd

      Still does. If you have a seizure and you go to the doctor they will report it and you cant drive for 3 months… if you have another its 6 months, another and its a year.

  36. Dr. Malvagio

    Regarding your “episode” yesterday….when Danny’s call concluded…you said, “Thank you Mam”
    We all knew something was up with you.

  37. Kj

    I noticed too, glad your ok Matt, all joking aside, now root the Cats on to victory tomorrow, C-A-T-S-CATS-CATS-CATS!!!!

  38. houndstooth

    Can you see the matrix now Matt?


    So, since it’s a mojo thing and they haven’t announced at all, no one should watch the rex telecast

  40. Mo Jo

    Mojo question. You said going to the game trumps doing the same thing for mojo. I can’t get to Dallas, but I can go to Lexington to take part in the Celebration. Does this count for mojo or do I have to go back to my friend’s basement?

  41. Paducah Patty

    I’m dvring Rex and Buzz and watching Nantz while listening to Tom and Mike. Only thing, will I be able to watch the dvr if we lose.

  42. LMU

    Nader Arena begs to differ that no one loves Rex more than Scooter.

  43. Sir Brandon

    Matt, I hath not tickets but want to be in Dallas. Do MoJo rules permitteth me to be in the same town as the game but not actually at the game?

  44. Kidnut

    The biggest Rex fan plays at Nator arena!

  45. Delk for 3

    I know a certain dentist in Northern Kentucky that wants to challenge Scooter in Nator Arena to see who the best Rex Chapman fan really is.

  46. Keith Jackson

    We are heading to Dallas for our first final four. (bucket list item) we are listening to you on I heart radio. We have our flags flying. One UK flag, one Florida flag. (I married a Gator) I am about to explode with excitement for my first final four. Go CATS!!

    Keith and Trisha Jackson

  47. Kj

    That’s the Matt we all know & love cut to the chase my man, make your point or get cut off, 😉

  48. gtownvz

    Pretty sure that Rex Chapman’s biggest fan is a NATOR!!!!

  49. Amanda

    My mojo has been to do something slightly different for every game. So I fear this game I am going to have to sacrifice reading the LiveBlog. I am sorry Drew and Tyler.

  50. Big Todd

    Let me tell ya, We are the LAST team Florida wants to see….

  51. Jeff


    Beginning of SEC tourney I had a light come on…

    Wore my lucky “Refuse to lose” t shirt from the 2011 run under my 2012 UK blue lucky polo. Worn it every game since.

  52. classof68

    I concur w/Matt. I’d rather play Slippey Rock than Florida.

  53. Wes

    I like talking about Monday, however, I think we’re mistaken by focusing on Wisconsin. #mojo #karma

    1. Wes

      ^ not focusing

  54. Big Todd

    Wilbon is still butthurt because we fired Tubby and he still thinks it was because of race.

    1. Melvit

      Tubby wasn’t fired.

  55. JumboJulep

    Drew is so obviously FOS. Has the emotional age of a 12 yr old. Where’s Ryan? At least he’s comical.

  56. shep78

    Will be glad when the personal mojo calls stop and we talk the game.

  57. TulsaCat

    When Cal says “You people are crazy” it is endearing. Wilbon piles on the “irresponsibly” and it is reprehensibly vicious. it’s all about intent.

  58. JumboJulep

    Where was Wilbon on the racist Minnesota program that shit-canned Tubby?

  59. classof68

    Wilbon should be Keith Obermann’s “worst person the world.”

    1. jumboJulep

      Obermann is “Worst person of the World.

  60. Melvit

    Matt, do you and Kentucky Joe hang out every day?

  61. houndstooth

    Please don’t have an episode now Matt please not now!

  62. Chris

    I think KY Joe stalked his high school sweetheart!

  63. ScottyB

    Well….that was awkward!

    1. Melvit

      It definitely wasn’t awesome.

  64. Sir Brandon

    Dost thou knoweth who I am?!?!?

  65. classof68

    I’m torn between playing Cracklin Rosie and Forever in Big Blue Jeans.

  66. chris

    that might be my fault… I’ve been introducing myself as ” Do you know who I am? Im Kentucky Joe” for a little while now, especially at the local playground.

  67. Um no

    Big Todd we did not fire Tubby, where did you hear that? Tubby resigned to take the job at Minnesota!

    1. Melvit

      Yeah, he left in the night like the Baltimore Colts. He called Mitch as he was getting on the plane.

  68. ScottyB

    I had a seizure listening to Ky. Joe.

    1. ScottyB

      I can say that b/c I’ve had them too.

  69. UKBlue

    Joe & David need to be put away somewhere, and never be allowed to call the show ever again. Scary these kinds of people are out walking around.

    1. ScottyB

      Problem with Joe is that KSR made him a mini celebrity. He just took it a bit far.

  70. 1978best

    Odd look for Florida. Their two losses came from UConn and Wisconsin and they beat UK three times. But I’ll bet they rather play Wisconsin than UK.


    What was the latest on willie and did they say when we will hear about the new slogan?

  72. houndstooth

    1993 team when Dale Brown got hurt and Mashburn fouled out in overtime against fab five and Michigan as one of the greatest teams not to win it.

  73. Travis Ford endorses WEEBOKS

    Any chance WCS is available Saturday night?

  74. Michael Wilbon

    Do you know who I am?

  75. Hazard Kidd-Katt

    People forget Marquette and Dwayne Wade got thumped by 30 in their next game after UK in NCAA Tourney.

  76. ScottyB

    Drop the mic!

  77. Walter White

    FMA (Future millionaires of America)

  78. Bubba Earl

    Future Champions, Life Champions, Champions of Life, etc., new name for one and done!

  79. Walter White

    Fab 7.

  80. Jeff Garlin

    Drew, what’s your critique of the new Rick Ross album, Mastermind?

  81. Delk for 3

    I just saw that there is a movie coming out about Mine That Bird and his 50-1 shocker at the Derby. I can’t imagine too many people — outside of horse-racing people — being too interested in seeing that movie.

  82. Yahoo
  83. Jeff Garlin

    This team needs to be called team redeem!

  84. Delk for 3

    I just think of them as “Clutch Cats” and I think that’s the perfect name for them. Every time their back was against the wall, they fought like hell and pulled out the close one.

  85. Edd

    I have the perfect name for this year’s Cats: The team who beat Wichita St, UL, and Michigan to get to the final four to play Wisconsin in North Dallas. Rolls off the tongue, huh?

  86. TulsaCat

    The award winning producer sounds like Ben Affleck retooling some of his writing from Good Will Hunting.

  87. ScottyB

    Initially I thought Spike Lee. But it can’t be that easy.

    1. same here

      That’s who I keep thinking it might be.

  88. houndstooth

    Sounds like Bill Cosby to me.

  89. JP

    I think it might be Harvey Mason, Jr?

  90. Meat Head
  91. Delk for 3

    Willie is not going to play. The man has a freakin’ stress fracture. No way he’s coming back after only a week. He could make it worse by playing on it and Cal will not allow that to happen.

  92. 1978best

    Tweak Cats

  93. Kidnut

    Just use this to name the team.
    The 2014 NCAA Champions!

  94. catdaddyd

    It’s George Clooney or the producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

    1. Delk for 3

      It’s Bruckheimer for sure.

    2. ScottyB

      Hmmmm…very interesting. I’d buy that. Hopefully we will get an answer someday soon.

    3. catdaddyd

      After rereading the intro, it’s not Clooney. Said not a life long fan. Still think Bruckheimer is a possibility though.

  95. sad

    Matt –

    what are your thoughts on David Letterman’s retirement? I am really bummed about it, but who do you think will be the replacement? Jimmy Kimmel seems to be the best/right option right?

  96. Kidnut

    The producer is Ron Jeremy

  97. TulsaCat

    Did I miss if there is a gathering spot for the pregame show tomorrow?

  98. bobedthom

    Alan Smithee — you all can lie and pretend all you want, but this has all the markings and regular language of a Smithee.

  99. Trueblupopeye

    I’m gonna get on the pulpit for about 2 minutes but all this one and done crap is just that. Let me ask you this. Is A.Davis’ career over /no is his education over / no. What about B.Knight is his career over along with his education/ absolutely not!! These media guys want act as if these guys go off into a black hole to never be heard of again. Make no mistake when Cal is sitting in the living room of these recruits he sells them on beginning their education at KY as well as beginning their careers. At Ky we it’s not one and done it’s ONE AND BEGUN. These guys begin their lives and become part of something that is bigger than any one individual.

    1. Delk for 3

      You’re exactly right. I don’t understand what the big deal is at all. Kids in golf leave school early to become pro and there is no criticism of that. Only when it is basketball — and the kids are African-American — is when the media gets uncomfortable.

  100. Delk for 3

    I mean, seriously, where the hell is Hutcherson?

  101. Delk for 3

    Shannon, you need to throw in “He had some swagger” a few times. a

  102. Edd

    I got really drunk during the UL game. I went to the Michigan game (sober). Obviously, I wore the same shirt. What should do for tomorrow?

  103. Delk for 3

    Yeah, what the hell was Rick doing last night? If I was Richard, I would have been like “sit down pops. Your team lost, remember?”

  104. jk

    Matt- you always tell us ” don’t you want to be their” and yet u left during Louisville, Michigan and now the final four..don’t u want to be their when UK wins

    1. K1C4


  105. Sandy Bells Husband

    After dinner…me and her went back on to the hotel room and I slid my boots under the bed…

  106. Ashland wildcat

    Matt I was at the NIT championship game last night with a group of 8th graders from West Carter Middle School in Olive Hill, KY. The majority of our kids were sporting the UK blue and we were setting directly behind the SMU band. Peyton Siva was sitting right next to Ricky. We hoped they saw the Big Blue in the crowd because BBN got in.

  107. Big T

    The only movie outside of The Hunger Games I have seen of his is Bridge to Terabithia and that movie made me bawl my eyes out.

  108. Kj

    Why to rep Big Blue Josh & put your drawers back on Drew, 😉

  109. Nick in Glasgow

    Can’t wait to see the Final Four video Saturday night. Just watched the making of it on the website. I’M PUMPED FOR THE GAME!!!! BRING IT WISCONSIN!!!!!

  110. Kidnut

    Josh was in Kicking and Screaming. He played Wil Ferrel’s half brother.

  111. 1978best

    The Hunger Games Trilogy was a great read. The movie is decent.

  112. bleedblueky

    Morning Matt – IMO, the twins don’t have to be One & Done if they are smart kids and choose to stay for one more year even if their NBA draft is rising 🙂