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11 responses to “John Calipari stopped by the Knicks’ practice today”

  1. StuckinLville

    Just like Bam. He already looked like a grown man.

  2. Fly Cat

    The globetrotting antics of John Calipari. Julius Randle and Kevin Knox be all like, hey, I know that dude! And that kid’s face looks 15 Mrs T., not 35. Jumpin Judy Garland! He doesn’t even appear to shave yet. And more tweetbeat please.

  3. TomKat9698

    Never understood why someone would bring up a KIDS age, especially a future recruit.

    1. ibescootch

      I don’t understand your inability to understand it. Are you saying it’s not OK to mention that he looks older than he is? Are you worried that he’ll catch wind of the comment and decide to go elsewhere? Do you think he’s reading this comment section, furiously penning a letter to Matt about how disrespectful the writers on this site are? I seriously don’t understand how bringing up that he looks older could even be remotely offensive to ANYONE.

    2. nocode96

      Lol, nice scootch

  4. BobbyBlue

    I not only found the age comment to be unnecessary, but also disrespectful— certainly not well thought out.

  5. BallDontLie

    Wait, do we actually still have fans that would worry that this somehow would have anything to do with Cal coaching the Knicks at some point? That would blow my mind. Its been 10 years, if those people havent figured out how this works with Cal by now then they never will.

  6. zoupman

    Coach Cal is amazing. Looking forward to season.

  7. BlueWho

    You whiners are like old ladies in a hair salon getting offended by every little detail and you are the only ones because that kid could care less who thinks he looks older and HE DOES!

  8. Wcatfan727

    Is think Cal would hit some authentic Italian places in NYC

  9. ukisdabest

    AJ Griffin is a beast in case you didn’t know