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Jerry Meyer breaks down Charles Matthews and Kentucky’s 2015 class

Photo @StRitaAthletics

Photo @StRitaAthletics

Let’s take a break from the postmortem and look towards the future. Remember Charles Matthews, the 5-star shooting guard who become Kentucky’s first 2015 commitment earlier this week? I spoke with Jerry Meyer, 247Sports’ Director of Basketball Scouting, to get his thoughts on Matthews, and what his commitment means for the rest of UK’s 2015 class. To the Q&A!

What’s your take on Matthews?

Matthews is an exceptional athlete as a wing finisher. Capable of playing the two or the three, Matthews loves to attack in transition and along the baseline. More of a slasher than shooter at this point, Matthews has room to improve as a ball handler/passer.  Defensively, he has the tools to be a force.

How will he fit in Calipari’s system?

I see him most suited as a three in the system, playing a role similar to James Young. Matthews will improve as a shooter. He will also be a dangerous rebounder as a three man.

Does Matthews’ commitment hurt UK’s chances with fellow 2015 shooting guard Luke Kennard?

I don’t think it hurts at all. Anyone, including Kennard, is considering Kentucky because they want to practice against and play with great players. That is the recruiting sales pitch. If anything, getting the expected commitment from Matthews, helps with Kennard.

How is UK’s 2015 class shaping up?

Kentucky is in a great position with its top 2015 targets. If there is a weakness, it is with the big men. If a post player separates himself this spring, I could see Kentucky going after him.

Any updates on Montague Gill-Caesar reclassifying to 2014?

Nothing new on Gill-Caesar that I’m aware of but I’ve expected him to reclassify to 2014 and still do expect that. My prediction, however, is that he ends up at Michigan State.

Thanks to Jerry for sharing his thoughts. You can follow him on Twitter @JerryMeyer247.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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21 responses to “Jerry Meyer breaks down Charles Matthews and Kentucky’s 2015 class”

  1. White Castle Sliders

    Yet again another “slasher, great in the open court” BUT “needs to shoot better” Its like a broken record. I’m glad Booker next year is a shooter

  2. terry

    Do not want to hear this bull, if these guys are that good, whats wrong in Lexington.

    1. Darius Miller

      There aren’t any vets around. John wall team had Patterson, miller, Harris, Stevenson. Knight team had miller, Liggins, Jorts. Championship team had jones and lamb with final four exp and miller as a senior. No really good upperclassmen last two years…

  3. Davidson Wildcat

    I cannot believe you mis-spelled postmortem. C’mon DC.

  4. Next

    Good luck getting anybody to believe anything about new recruits from here forward.

  5. BaJesus has been set free

    40-0 I can see it from here!

    1. Another blulusional uk fan

      Yes 40-0 is a lock for 2015!

    2. Tony

      Lollolololololol. great post…..drink the coolaid you numbnutts

  6. Tennessee Wildcat

    I’m a little more old fashioned like Oscar Combs involving evaluating freshmen. Lets wait and see how they are after December before making any judgment.

  7. jpg

    The thing is, a lot of our new recruits are not 1-and-dones (Ullis, Booker). Plus, we are going to bring back quite a few players from this season (NBA scouts are dropping them like flies). UK should have some actual experience next season.

  8. Shawn

    Lets just hope these young recruits never figure out Its better to practice against a player who may not be as “elite” but has experience and wisdom to share and learn from, than It Is to play against an “elite” player out of high school who knows nothing about the college game.

  9. great

    Another shooting guard who can’t shoot…because that’s worked so far

  10. just saying

    Why would the “number 1 shooting guard in the country for 2015”, need to learn how to shoot?

    THIS is why freshman rankings should not be trusted

  11. Tony

    I seem to recall them saying the same thing about the Harrison’s…..the twins are coming, the twins are coming….what a phucking JOKE

  12. katdaddy

    Cal won’t be here by the time Matthews graduates High school because he’ll have 30+ losses in 3 yrs. I’ll never buy another Ticket and watch the slop he’s putting on the floor as long as he’s here. This program is headed for disaster with him as coach. His player first Philosophy is back firing on his ass.

    1. stupid sexy flanders

      ‘Disaster?’ Seriously? Sub-par seasons or bad for UK’s standards, but disaster? C’mon dude.

  13. preston

    Yall are ignorant. You guys have no clue what you are talking about. Yall just can’t handle losing. Its a shame that yall are callin for cal’s head. But when when he was winning the championship yall acted lime he was a god. Sad that yall think that kids coming in aren’t still top crop players. But I wish cal could get about 5 or 6 three star freshman and have class like not in the top 25 and see how yall react then. You better be glad that kids still want to come. N cal is able to get these players. Yall wanna blame cal. But these kids need to play better on the court. They need to be smarter. Cal can only do so much. A coach can be the best coach ever. Draw plays and all that. But if the players don’t execute it right then that’s on the players. Throwing lobs into traffic is not cals fault. Missing free throws is not caps fault. Letting guards beat you back n forth down the floor is not cals fault. Those are player faults. Yes cal screams a lot. But when you have guys jogging down the court when they are suppose to push the ball then I get why he screams. The players they score the ball then all 5 of them jog back down the court. You have opposing guards beating them back down and laying it up. Be happening all season long. With that being said. Dont sit here n act like yall are gonna take a class of 5 or 6 three star players if cal said I’m recruiting 3stars now. You guys heads would spin around so fast, you wouldn’t know what to do. Yall need to man up, quit bitching n get on board with this team. Cause if they turn this thing up then yall will be over there trying rep BBN!!!! Get outta here. All of you. A disgrace to the real fan base. Learn how to losses as they come.

    1. I have lint in my a$$ crack

      How many times is using ( y’all ) appropriate in the comment section?

  14. preston

    Take losses as they come lol. Dang smartphones suck at typing stuff. Lol

  15. W.o.w.

    I’m sick and tired of not having a freaking clue what my team is going to look like next season. No damn clue.
    I don’t follow high school ball so I don’t have any idea what we’ll look like next year and neither does anybody else. How will they fit together? How will they like college? Who knows? This is crap.

  16. I have lint in my a$$ crack

    Is this season ever going to be over? Can’t wait til next year, heard we have some McDonald’s all Americans coming in. In the words of Lorretta Lynn ” Gee I hope it aint twins again” man I am AWSOME !