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Article written by Nick Roush

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24 responses to “Javonte Smart will play for LSU in the SEC Tournament”

  1. Parker_UKFanNC

    Massive load of bullshivik

    1. weneedpitino

      Yeah what a load of bologna. Not to smart of them, haha get it. Go cats, and boo lsu!!

  2. meeksfor3

    If you say there isn’t enough evidence to hold Smart out then you might as well let Wade coach too. I mean c’mon if smart did nothing wrong and didn’t receive money then a conversation saying to give him money should be meaningless too.

    1. StillBP

      If Wade would participate in their interview they probably would let him coach. But now it’s a pissing contest bc lsu sees him as not cooperating with them.

    2. meeksfor3

      No no no…he isn’t supposed to cooperate with the NCAA. Didn’t he learn anything from UNCheat?

    3. ClutchCargo

      The condition for him to return is to meet with LSU and the NCAA and deny wrongdoing. If it turns out he lied by doing this, it just makes it easier for LSU to fire him for cause. I don’t blame LSU for putting him on the spot, and I don’t blame Wade for not doing it. I completely recognize that he is a scumbag, btw.

  3. Alex90

    Their whole season is going to be vacated so might as well try to win with him

  4. ukjosh25

    Smart’s family and influencers are making an educated/tatical move. They’ve said whatever that needed to be said to play. With no one to counter/contradict he seems to be safe. Wade doesn’t go under oath till 4/22 where he’ll be forced to tell the truth. By that time Smart’s career at LSU will be over and he’ll enter his name into the NBA draft. That’s LSU’s ignorance.

  5. Catcasey1

    The NCAA has become a joke

  6. StuckinLville

    Why play him? If everything comes to light that’s just another game to vacate.

  7. Mathlete

    LSU is just going to lean in at this point. They know they’re vacating the season anyway, might as well have some fun while they’re at it

  8. eyebleedblue

    Buy-you Bengals

  9. KayutsBy90

    Question. I don’t know the rules well enough but if LSU happens to win the NCAA tourney but Wade and Smart don’t participate in any of those games, do they have to vacate the title if it turns out their was foul play?

    1. Alex90

      Yes, because he played in the regular season games which led to them getting to the tournament. All games in which an ineligible player played would be vacated.

    2. ukjaybrat

      They would have to vacate any wins that smart participated in because he would retroactively be declared ineligible.

      There is no precedent for vacating wins for something a coach did outside of the penn state boy touching scandal. they technically didn’t break any ncaa rules but they destroyed that program any just to send a message (which apparently university-6 didn’t get)

      So wade could still coach every game and be fine. coaching punishments are more future looking. as in he would get a show cause where he couldn’t coach anywhere unless he takes whatever suspension he is handed.

      That being said, usually when a coach is cheating, it involves recruiting or benefits which would make a player cheating and thus ineligible – they typically go hand in hand

    3. makeitstop

      As I read the rule u could vacate regular season wins but not the NCAA if he did not play in any of those games. They would have to vacate the SEC tourney championship even if they only play him today. As a practical matter though they don’t hv a shot at winning without him, so prolly a moot point. I agree w the posters above – LSU has said screw it, in for a penny in for a pound, the kid denied it, we hv no evidence apart from press reports of tapes (hearsay) so until we get the live testimony and/or a judicial finding we are acting in good faith on what we know: he denies it. The NCAA will hold them accountable for the games he played in but it mitigates the institutional exposure bc they “cooperated” and acted in good faith. Everyone is playing it pretty well – they get the exposure, Smart gets a good audition for NBA, Wade avoids giving them more to fire him for and preserves his bargaining position for severance and he avoids making the criminal trial a prelude to charges against him.

  10. clarks

    Only games where ncaa athlete that is ruled ineligible participated in will be vacated but seriously yall think they paid him but their top recruits didnt get paid? They may have to bench the whole team and play the walk ons to not have it vacated. Lol

  11. mothandras

    LSU’s Administration needs to go, whoever is at the top making these decisions isn’t really in tune to the whole case and repercussions from them.

    Either there isn’t enough evidence and you don’t suspend anyone.. or there is and you suspend both the coach and the player for the rest of the season. These allegations are nothing new either, LSU has known about them for over a year.

    The NCAA isn’t going to instruct a school to sit a kid, until they come to there final conclusion/verdict. By then it will be too late and the whole season is tainted by these two. Whatever happens this season is going to be vacated as long at Smart plays.

  12. BallDontLie

    Oh. Right. Are we supposed to believe that after a “strong ass offer” didnt get him to LSU that Smart and his family then said something to the effect of “yea that offer doesnt work but guess what? we will come for free instead!” Not even logical.


    But Enes couldn’t play for us?

  14. Miller45

    Bring it we want a rematch and it will be a different ball game

  15. Miller45


  16. Racerr11

    Cheaters go down, UNC, loserville, LSU all in the same boat.

  17. Racerr11