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Jarren Williams’ four official visits are set

Despite being committed to Kentucky, twice, Jarren Williams will take three official visits to other programs.

Williams’ tour will begin this weekend when he visits Miami to check out the Hurricanes’ home game against Notre Dame. Williams originally planned to be at Auburn, but he will instead check out the U.

From there, Williams will see Ohio State in its November 18 game against Illinois. Williams earned his offer from the Buckeyes earlier this month.

The four-star quarterback will then visit Auburn, which offered him yesterday, for its biggest game of the year, against Alabama.

Williams’ tour will conclude with a trip to Lexington the weekend of December 8.

Football recruiting is frustrating, huh?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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33 responses to “Jarren Williams’ four official visits are set”

  1. StuckinLville

    Last time he looked around he had the decency to decommit. So just decommit already cuz it’s clear you don’t want to be at UK. I don’t understand. In basketball it’s taboo to mess with committed players but in football it’s a free for all.

    1. notFromhere

      So let’s use some logic here instead if getting upset.

      When he was looking around, he decommitted.

      He hasn’t decommitted, so he’s not looking around the way he was before.

      It would help our staff to not have kids on the fence, if the loudest fans were not so negative all the time. It is used against them in recruiting. Not saying you’re one of those fans.

  2. Kernel Sanders

    Where do you get that it’s taboo in basketball to continue to recruit committed players?

    1. ukjaybrat

      i wouldn’t say it’s taboo, but it’s not as common. basketball has always had multiple signing periods, and the best players always tend to wait to commit until near one of those periods, so it’s less common to be recruited while being committed.

      football traditionally has only had one signing period. so it was very common for a player to commit in the summer,fall,or winter and then still be recruited by many other schools before they sign.

  3. ukjaybrat

    well miami and auburn are going to lose those games. ohio state *should* beat illinois, but after their performance last weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them drop another game they *should* win

  4. ClutchCargo

    I know it’s his decision to make, but I’m not at all ok with a “100% committed” kid still taking official visits. A powerhouse program would tell to go ahead, but his scholarship will not be held for him while he looks around. We pretty much need him more than he needs us, so…

    1. ukjaybrat

      i don’t like it. but it is what it is. from the kid’s viewpoint, it’s basically a free mini-vacation to visit a city he’s probably never been to, free food and a free football game. what’s the downside (for him) ?

      us being angry that he is flirting the line of football-infidelity is half jealousy and half insecurity. if he’s a cat he’s a cat and he’ll be here. complaining about him leaving before he’s left absolutely isn’t helping. If you were in his shoes and you read 1000 of the same commend you just made, would that make you want to say?

    2. timbo

      Yep. Like a jealous girlfriend/boyfriend… some fans will do everything they can to chase off the “significant other”.

    3. ukjaybrat

      “1000 of the same comment you just made”
      not just your comment specifically, i mean. i read worse, just responded to yours.

    4. Corder

      What people don’t understand is that these kids get a free trip to go visit and get treated like kings while on campus. They get to go see great games for free. Who wouldn’t want great seats and be able to have access to one of the biggest games of the year in Alabama vs auburn. They get so many official visits why not use every one of them. I can’t hate a kid for getting to travel for free and visit places and have experiences that most of us will never get a chance to have.

    5. kydrummer

      Very true!

    6. ClutchCargo

      Oh, I get the why. As a UK fan, I just don’t like it. It’s a testament to the strong recruiting of this staff that he even has the one foot in the door here.

    7. ClutchCargo

      @ukjaybrat – jealousy and insecurity is part of being a UK football fan!

  5. Gus Chiggins

    I believed him when he said he was 100% committed and was going to “shut it down”. However if we do lose him, I put the blame squarely on Stoops/Gran shoulders because of how they have handled the offense/game mgmt this year.

    1. UKinIN

      That’s just taking a cheap shot at Stoops and Gran. I think this is more about the Williams family than UK. If you were right and it’s about the coaching staff every committed recruiting would be scrambling to schedule visits.

  6. NcCatFan75

    As a former UK scholarship athlete, I knew 100% where I wanted to go before I ever took 1 visit. It had always been my dream to go to UK. That said, I took all 5 of my allowed trips for all the reasons folks had mentioned earlier. Even as “just” a swimmer, I was treated like a king. I got to go on trips, meet big time athletes from all the programs I visited, got to go to huge Bball games, and met a bunch of new friends. You’d be a fool not to take all of your trips. Don’t blame the kids, but I do hope he doesn’t get swooned by it all. He says he’s 100, so I’ll believe him until proven otherwise

    1. ClutchCargo

      The voice of reason.

    2. Hugh Meeruh

      Well stated. And, ‘Thank You’ for your service to the University of KENTUCKY.

  7. Czimm12

    Sounds like the kid just wants to take advantage and get to see some top tier games for free. Am I 100% confident that he’ll sign with UK? NO of course not, but you can’t blame the kid for wanting to see some of these games. I’m actually kind of jealous

  8. clint w.

    He gone

  9. timewilltell

    He gone!

  10. KentuckyRob

    A “verbal” commitment means absolutely nothing. This is a 17 year old kid who is trying to make one of his biggest decision of his life. Sometimes people get so excited they jump the gun to soon. Now all of a sudden bigger schools come calling and he wants to check them out. You sure can’t blame him. Let’s just let the process take its course and let the chips fall where they may. From what I’ve been hearing I feel about 60% confident in his commitment. I think it depends on what the current QB commit for OSU. I keep hearing he’s looking at flipping to Alabama. So, that would open the door for Williams. We shall see.

  11. UK Fan In Nashville

    It makes perfect sense for him to come to UK. He’s a huge talent, but won’t be forced to start right away. Next year will be Drew Barker or bust. He’ll get to redshirt and then three years with strong recruits around him. This will be a top 25 caliber team when he finally starts. By his junior year, we will be threatening to be included in the playoff. If he trusts the process he will find that he will be a huge success here and get to win a lot of games. And if a quarterback leads UK to playoff contention, that almost assures he’s a Heisman finalist and a high draft pick. I know that sounds crazy, but it isn’t too farfetched.

    1. Ben27

      I am a season football ticket holder. If Drew Barker is our quarterback next year, I will not be a season ticket holder next year. Drew Barker will never have a winning season at Kentucky. He is one of those players who does not possess the intangible’s necessary to win in the SEC. Love the young man, but not as our starter. We need a third year of bowl trips to keep the momentum going.

  12. Kat4Life

    I’ll be shocked if he actually keeps his commitment to Kentucky…….he’s the prettiest girl at the dance right now, and we’re the science nerd with acne……..He may stay with us, but when Auburn, OSU, and the like come a knockin’ most of the time we lose…….of course we do the same thing to them when it’s basketball season…..karma…….

    1. KYcats11

      Difference is we don’t recruit people on basketball that are already committed.

  13. notFromhere

    Take those visits young man! Enjoy the time on their dime. Can’t wait to see you suit up in UK Blue to beat these programs in the years to come.

  14. kydrummer

    It’s nice to recruit players Alabama, Auburn Ohio State wants. We’re on the right track!

    1. notFromhere


  15. kydrummer

    Alabama Auburn Ohio State don’t need Williams. They know if players of his caliber come to UK, well be a force to reckon with. He’ll be a game changer here but another athlete at other elite schools.

  16. catsfan9508


  17. Duff86

    Panic button hit!

  18. Teamhhc1

    He is just going to watch some great football games for free!!!! Do you blame him?