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Jarren Williams Decommits from Kentucky

The writing was on the wall after the 4-star QB received offers from Auburn and Ohio State in recent weeks. Today, Jarren Williams officially decommitted from UK for the second time.

Williams is currently on an official visit to Miami. First word of his decision came from his Snapchat story, where he simply posted “Decommitted from The University of Kentucky”.

The U throttling Notre Dame last night 41-8 probably didn’t help UK’s cause.

3rd commitment’s a charm?


Article written by Jay Winkler

Avid fan of UK Athletics, WWE, and chicken wings. Preferably at the same time.

75 responses to “Jarren Williams Decommits from Kentucky”

  1. UKinIN

    “Wow. Didn’t see that coming.” (Said absolutely no one.)

    1. WKyPT

      “Don’t believe everything you read…” wait, I guess you can. 🙄

  2. KYcats11

    Gunnar Hoak, Drew Barker, or Danny Clark?

    1. Tony the Liger

      Clark, I hope. Barker’s a walking turnover, yet he still gets the nod over Gunnar when needed. What’s that say about Hoak?

    2. CatsfaninFL

      I think that’s mainly because of his in-game experience. I would expect the actual contest to start in spring/ thru fall

    3. Rembrandt

      Clark, if he works hard at it.

  3. Brew Dranklin

    It’s a bad look to pull this twice, but best of luck kid.

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      Hope he never sniffs a field.

  4. Trueblue44

    Whew next year should be interesting

    1. Tony the Liger

      He wasn’t going to come in and play as a freshman.

  5. CatsfaninFL

    Stings but not shocked. The fact we kept him this long was shocking to me. That’s no knock on us, we do the same thing to teams with commits from guys that explode late. To turn this program around will take longer than we expect. Yes Stoops is recruiting the best of anyone at UK but we’re still at bottom of SEC… for now. It’s going to take time

    1. ukkatzfan

      We are not at the bottom of the SEC but we are in middle of the pack in the second tier with Fl and SC. Just one step away from Top 4

    2. CatsfaninFL

      I’m talking about recruiting rankings

    3. Hartline

      Agree. We’re still at the bottom and anyone who denies that is ignorant. Fortunately there’s a path and strategy for us to make the next leap. Consistently in the mix for top of SEC East (I.e. South Carolina under Spurrier)

  6. Cokely53

    Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

    Just thought kids these days needed an understanding of the word.

    1. KYcats11

      More like the understanding of the word COMMITMENT

  7. UKinIN

    The real question is “Who is the QB next year?” If Barker is back does he play for one season? Give the ball to Hoak or Clark for the couple of years? If he starts Barker does Stoops want to replace his QB and RB in the same season? And what about a QB for this recruiting class?

  8. FunkyMonkey

    A commitment is not a commitment in 2017,… all it means is it a possibility I may attend your school,… nothing more. The young man should go where he wants.

  9. runningunnin.454

    If your word is worthless….well.

  10. blord40

    Decision making is obviously not his strong suit. I wonder if that will translate on the field. We shall see.

  11. catman27

    Don’t want anyone that don’t want to be here!

  12. Bigsmooth88

    Who cares? This kid isn’t a program changing quarterback. Move on and play with what you’ve got.

  13. JusSayin

    The last QB that decommited from us is toiling away on the practice squad behind other blue-chip QBs at Alabama. Not saying I hope that happens… just a lesson to be learned.

    1. InigoMontoya


    2. ClutchCargo

      Doubt he is even seeing the practice field after that DUI and all.

  14. Smyrna_Cat

    Good luck to him. Third time is not the charm.

  15. Alleykat16

    We all knew this was just waiting to happen best of luck to him he’s going to need it were ever he decides to go but we are going to have to get a big time player at that position for our team to move up in the SEC and out of the bottom of this conference

  16. kjd

    You get some, you lose some. This is not a shock for me.
    IMO, we have our QB in Gunnar Hoak. Yes, he’s listed 3rd, but coaching staff doesn’t always make the right decision. Look at Drake Jackson. They resisted playing him from the start, now he has solidified the interior. I’m more concerned with our defense for next year than GB.

    1. Ken Grizzle

      Jackson was a redshirt until Stoops had to play him due to injuries.

    2. Trueblue44

      Jackson redshirted last year, he was active from the start this year

    3. CatsfaninFL

      Jackson didn’t play at all last year. His redshirt was kept intact.

    4. T-wah

      Not true. Jackson redshirted, last year. He is a redshirt freshman, this year.

    5. JPGott2

      I agree, kjd. Gunnar is the QB that I want starting next year. Drew has never looked comfortable in the pocket and has issues reading past the first progression before getting nervous and forcing a turnover or sack.

      Just from the Spring Game, I like Gunnar’s poise. I think Stoops stays with Drew partially because he was the big 4 Star that they were able to bring in, so what would it say to recruits if he gets eclipsed.

  17. BBNDan7

    I’ve always tried my hardest to never bash a kid for making what they appear is the best decision for them and their families. However, if you are really 100% committed TWICE how can you do this. This sucks for the fans but sucks even more for coaches who thought they had a plan and other recruits who wanted to play for him or made a decision based off of him. This is just flat out garbage. End of rant

    1. runningunnin.454

      Agree; a man’s word can be as strong as oak, or he can vacillate like a willow in the wind. Always admired Randal Cobb for his integrity and honor, and I watch every Packers game. One day this kid may be in the NFL, and I probably won’t be interested enough to watch.

    2. highway119


  18. ClutchCargo

    It would have been great to reel this one in, but I think we are fine with Hoak. And Clark looks intriguing. I really don’t want Barker to be the guy next season, only to have to start all over again in 2019.

  19. BBNDan7

    If he tries to commit a third time Stoops has to pull his scholarship offer

    1. crazycatfan65

      This. Stoops and Marrow need to start looking for another QB and just tell this kid to enjoy his time watching others play.

  20. Ken Grizzle

    It’s nice to know that his word carries little weight.

  21. trevuk2k

    I don’t even want him anymore. Tired of the hype followed by another round of disappointment

  22. DrewP

    What a turd. Carma will usually get you. You don’t do people like this…over and over again.

    1. runningunnin.454

      So true, a weak character tends to expose and betray those with little moral fiber.

  23. StevieGotLoose

    No integrity on his part, loyalty goes both ways. We were loyal to him, only to get jacked around twice. Good riddance, too much about him being tired of losing in high school. Throws his team under the bus even now. Nothing but an ego we don’t need.

  24. Tej

    I am sure the coaches saw the writing on the wall with Mr. Williams weeks ago. I think we’re in good shape at that position right now. If the coaches think otherwise, they may be looking to JUCO quarterbacks.

  25. Blue Bill

    And Matt gets upset when we say we’ll get excited about a recruit when he actually signs on the dotted line…..

  26. Kevin C
  27. krautdog

    Truth is – elite talent doesn’t commit to UK except in basketball because they can’t get coached up. They’re as good as they’ll ever be. Yet we have a head coach that ranks in the nations top 25 salarywise that keeps getting bonuses and contract extensions to this day and has never had his team ranked in the top 25!

    1. crazycatfan65

      Start rooting for Loserville or Tenn. then.

    2. KYcats11

      Josh Allen improved an awful lot, Benny snell improved an awful lot… I understand they weren’t top tier talent, but they have improved and developed nonetheless.

    3. notFromhere

      … and Stephen Johnson, and so on…

      Jerks can’t have it both ways. Either we’re not bringing in any talent, and they’re coached up and winning anyway, or they’re getting top talent and just blowing it. What a buncha tools

  28. JPGott2

    I did not mind the original decommitment, because in reality, that is a part of college football. This 2nd decommitment pisses me off with everything he said when he recommitted. If you are like that, do no commit I the first place until it gets close to the deadline. There is no point!!!!

    Decommiting TWICE to a team is BS.

  29. Drogon

    Good riddance!

  30. dballrb

    It’s obvious his heart wasn’t with us,the football Cats aren’t a consolation prize.So goodbye.wouldnt want anyone in our house like that…Just like my mother-n-law..

    1. InigoMontoya

      “Just like my mother-n-law..”

      That’s cold!

  31. dballrb

    Definitely not at the bottom of the SEC!!,We r two plays from being 9dash1..Only Miss St. Really kicked our asses.

  32. dballrb

    Well get a JUCO transfer again..

  33. KYcats11

    It’s not that he decommited that posses me off, it’s how he said after he recommited that he was 100% UK and that he’s closing down his commitment for good… then last week his dad came on the radio and assured us he was committed… then we know what happened next.

    1. InigoMontoya

      The dad is just as bad as the kid.

  34. collier187

    I don’t want him at UK anymore

    1. Rembrandt

      That’s kind of irrelevant now.

  35. wes720

    Can’t build a program around someone you can’t trust. He has thrown his high school teammates under the bus he will do the same in college. He needs some lessons from Benny Snell. True leader.

  36. Swizzle

    Good riddance, we got guys in waiting that are better than this problem.

  37. STX2004Champs

    Blessings in disguise BBN!! The boy is a mental case and probably will end up at EKU because his lack of respect of the words integrity and commitment… No way this kid plays for a power conference after psychological evaluations. No SERIOUS PROGRAM WILL TRUST THIS KID!?! Poor kid will regret this cause I’m sure he can ball!

    1. jaws2

      Agree completely.

  38. gwhittle

    Can’t blame the kid. Honestly, the loss to Ole Miss really hurt us I think. Plus he has scholarship offers from teams who will compete for a championship. Don’t blame the kid. I still really want him. But if he leaves we will move on. You people saying you don’t want him are crazy. He’s got a ton more talent than any qb on the roster

    1. Rembrandt

      The loss to Ole Miss had nothing to do with it. This story has been playing out for more than a year.

  39. channell

    Bye. Don’t need someone that can’t make a decision and stick with it. Changed his mind to many times.

  40. StevieGotLoose

    Loyalty goes both ways, we were true and got jacked around in twice. It is all about him being tired of losing in high school, already throwing his team under the bus. His ego is more than this team needs. Good riddance, he needs to grow up and “be a man”.

    1. notFromhere

      Didn’t see that he did that. Sucks. I thought he was a better leader.

  41. AGSlater

    Uhhhh ya think?

  42. kydrummer

    It’s a going feeling to lose football recruits to Auburn Ohio State and Alabama instead of MAC schools. I still want the kid but we’ll be fine if we don’t get him! Maybe there’s another Stephen Johnson out there!

    1. notFromhere

      Yeah. It is a big difference these days compared to the past. They don’t recruit against UK, though. Ask the chief liar of Ohio. Lol

  43. notFromhere

    Guess it is a family thing.

    Can we find another SJohnson out there? Be great to have one for 3-4 years instead of just 2. We definitely need someone that can master the read option, and throw it well. It’s been mandatory in the SEC and other big conferences

  44. UoKFB PHAN

    I think I hear Richard Marx singing a song from the late 80s… ‘it don’t mean nothing till they sign on the dotted line’. We don’t need to get our hopes up until they sign the NLI.