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Jarren Williams Commits to Miami

As expected, former Kentucky commit Jarren Williams has committed to play for Mark Richt at the University of Miami.

The four-star quarterback had his mind changed when he took an official visit and saw The U dominate Notre Dame.  Before leaving Florida, he posted on Snapchat that he was no longer committed to Kentucky.

His first commitment to Kentucky was a simple Tweet.  His second commitment was on the radio with Matt Jones.  For his third commitment, he made a video.

Best of luck to Williams at the next level.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

38 responses to “Jarren Williams Commits to Miami”

  1. UKfansNKY

    If he hasn’t signed the dotted line………………….DON’T hold your breath!

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Indeed…my first thought was, “Hurricanes, you better get it in writing!”

  2. Rod Crandler

    College football recruiting is the worst. Can we please stop using the word commitment?

  3. ClutchCargo

    So, has there been any indication at all of what school he will choose to sign with?

  4. ukjaybrat

    I’ll never blast a kid on twitter for whatever decision he decides to make. but damn. him and his dad played Kentucky. football recruiting needs to change. let them sign whenever they want. and hold them to that signature.

    If they want to come out and say they are “committed” to a school, make it a recruiting violation for another school to contact that player. bc ultimately, a commitment doesn’t mean jack in the world of recruiting.

    1. Shagaris Sock Puppet

      The theory of what you say sounds great,but how do you hold all these recruits accountable? Whos job is that? No way you can do it, so it would be the same thing. The NCAA would have to pay millions to try and get that to work and be consistent.

    2. ClutchCargo

      The thing is, a verbal commitment doesn’t actually mean anything, in terms of a binding agreement. Not like a NLOI at all. So there is no way to ban other schools from contacting someone who says they have committed somewhere, No school is going to confirm that they have that kid’s commitment, so who’s to say it’s even valid?

      Also, we would have missed out on several high profile basketball players that Cal ultimately signed if they had been required to follow through with their verbal commitments to other schools. It sucks for our football team right now, but the only way to stop it is to keep getting better and be one of the schools that takes other schools’ committed players.

    3. binarysolo

      Clutch makes a great point. Take Tyler Herro for instance, he committed to Wisconsin in September 2016, decommitted a year later, went on some visits, committed to UK last month. We do it to other schools.

    4. 3 fan

      Herro didn’t keep taking visits after verbal. Nor did other schools keep sending him offers. College football recruiting sucks. Why follow it?

  5. Shagaris Sock Puppet

    I dont want him anyways… Look at his face when he makes the U symbol. He dont have IT. Doesnt have the game face, looks soft!

  6. jahanc2uky

    For his 4th commitment I bet he does a Youtube filmed dance and for his 5th commitment a SnapChat Montage of pictures. This boy and his family, *shaking my head in disappointment.*

    1. notFromhere

      I hope he continues to suck at his commitments and decision making. No interest in this kid moving forward. He’s as loyal as a Lousiville hooker

  7. bigclubswinger

    I’m a flip-flopper. I hope he makes clearer decisions in the pocket for the U.

  8. KYcats11

    I’m indecisive.

  9. Gus Chiggins

    They seem like stand up people. Usually good things happen to stand up people.

  10. SwaggyCal9

    Yay…. Looking forward to Drew Barker and Gunnar hoak…….. ……….. ………. ………

  11. timewilltell


  12. TBW3011

    Hopefully his ACC opponents aren’t as good as those in Georgia High School Football. He sure as hell struggled to win at that level.

  13. WCats

    No worries just wait until Saban wins another National Championship then comes calling bye bye U! On another note I believe it’s time Hoak and Clark get their feet wet and thrown into the fire of SEC football starting bowl practices and this spring . I do not want either of them to have that deer in the headlights look when they play! I want to see both focused and ready to let the ball fly for Touchdowns!

    1. My Dixie Wrecked

      The fire of SEC football. LOL.


    He left out…. I’m a traitor

  15. Kat4Life

    This jack off is dead to me

  16. ArmyCatFan

    Can we stop reporting on and talking about this kid now? It is as if we are infatuated with recruits we don’t get.

  17. UKinIN

    We shouldn’t get upset or blame a kid for changing his mind. UK has benefited from plenty of kids that have done the same.

    1. TBW3011

      Agreed. Unless they do it twice and one week before doing it a second time the father calls a radio show telling fans that his son will be there, barring a coaching change. This situation is incredibly unique. In fact, I’d say it’s one of a kind. F them.

    2. UK Big Board Update

      Rednecks don’t know how to manage their rage issues.

  18. callitlikeiseeit

    Don’t like how he and dad did it but can’t blame them. What, in watching this offense and at times very questionable play calling, would make any QB want to come here. Same for a WR, why come here when we seldom throw the ball down field. Hey it’s 3rd and goal at the 15, lets throw a wr screen where they have as many or more players out there as we do.

  19. annoyed

    He’s gonna be a good. Hopefully he doesn’t turn into a “one that got away” type of talent. He fit the bill for a “take the next step” type of recruit. Thankfully though, there are about 3 or 4 of those type of players still in this years incoming class. Keep them signed (looking at you, X. Peters), and start prepping for next year, when we get to build the team around the best RB in the SEC and maybe the country.

  20. runningunnin.454

    Did he see Clemson dominate Miami 38-3? They’re pretenders, I doubt they can beat Wisconsin.

  21. KatsKlaws

    When J.Williams committed to Kentucky the first time I said that he would never put on a Kentucky uniform and I got crushed for saying that. So I will use this opportunity to say I told you so to those people.

    I really hope Stoops is on his way to Mississippi to get Jordan Ta’amu….

  22. StevieGotLoose

    Quit living in the past, he decommited twice. I don’t care where he goes or how good or bad he does. No one player is bigger than the team. He said he was tired of losing. He is all about himself. Next man up, Gunnar Hoak. You can’t be sad about losing someone you never had. He showed his immaturity by decommiting twice.

    1. notFromhere


  23. notFromhere

    There’s a reason Richt isn’t at Georgia anymore. He can get 6 easy conf wins a year and a division title in the ACC. Doesnt fly in the SEC or he’d have won conference titles out his ears with the talent he had with the Bulldogs.

    Kid was always a grass is greener type, which is why it pissed off UK fans. They have to deal with it constantly from the negs within their own fan community regarding UK football. All the negative nellies are rejoicing that the kid is going to Miami. The want this program to fail so they can finally be right, more than they have ever wanted it to succeed and be wrong.

  24. kjd

    No story here. We knew it was not KY.

  25. StuckinLville

    I usually always wish these kids nothing but the best, but this one…not at all. Him and his father no nothing of morals or loyalty. He should have just stayed decommitted the first time. This is why I hate football recruiting. Can someone please explain to me why dirty recruiting is allowed in football but not basketball?

  26. chris43

    Screw him! Hate to sound this way but I hope he fails miserably after all the flip flopping.

  27. CvilleWildcat

    To even think we are even in the running for guys like this is impressive. Lets face it, UK Football battling for players against Miami, Bama, Mich, & OSU….we need to be more grateful.

  28. DrewP

    Congrats Miami, please prepare for a decommit. Then decommit, the recommit…..