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James Blackmon Jr. recommits to Indiana


After decommitting from Indiana back in August, James Blackmon Jr. has recommitted to the Hoosiers. Blackmon chose Indiana over Kentucky, Michigan, Baylor, and UConn.

I guess the allure of your own popcorn box was too much to pass up.

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130 responses to “James Blackmon Jr. recommits to Indiana”

  1. The Word

    My guess, Trey Lyles soon to follow.

  2. What's the matter?

    Scared of Devin Booker?

  3. atlantacat

    Guess he didn’t want to compete with Booker, as both are 2s.

  4. catscatscats

    Congrats to him, must have wanted more shots, Booker committing was probably big in his decision. I wonder how much this will sway Trey Lyles.

  5. bmt22033

    He wanted that guaranteed PT I guess. Oh well. As Cal says, it ain’t for everybody. Next!!

  6. jim

    Sour grapes much Thompson?

  7. Tom Creen

    I kiss boys a lot….a whole lot

  8. rainman

    Wonder if they’ll hang a banner for this?

  9. NineForNerlens

    I wonder if there will be a ripple for players to open back up to Kentucky, oh say JaQuan Lyle and Cliff Alexander since now I think Blackmon’s buddy goes to UL

  10. Todd

    Oh well. Good luck James Jr.

  11. Bob Moreland

    Where’s the courtesy visit now B!$%Hes?

  12. Mr. Anderson

    There seems to be a glitch in the matrix.

  13. dustin

    Guessing this might hurt us with Trey Lyles, really hope not but they seem super close and like a package deal

  14. PatMan

    Hope he likes being irrelevant, but I wish him the best with his decision.

  15. Michael

    Somewhere Tom Crean is cutting down a net.

  16. JDH

    Crean has his team cutting down the nets after this announcement. Probably has given out rings also.

  17. TrollKing

    The Truth just bought a round of Mt. Dew for all six of the customers at the CiCi’s he’s working at right now in celebration.

  18. Rick

    Kind of sounded like he wanted to be the man. Maybe a good choice for the young man. Good luck to him.

  19. I BEG YOU

    Please bbn dont take shots at him on twitter

  20. UKNation

    Guess he didn’t think he could be out Booker.

  21. Bottom Line

    The kid’s family has money, therefore they don’t need Wes and Cal’s payoff. This, there is an equal playing field on this recruit. Poor Cow, will have to invest in another recruit with a poor background or a shady handler.

  22. tom

    Can’t believe he went back to iu. Good luck winning title with cream. NOT!

  23. Money

    When he was talking he said “He wanted to go to IU to keep them on top”
    On top of what?? cause I know he wasn’t talking about basketball

  24. c1doc

    This was a big waste of our time! He should of just stayed with Clappy to begin with…

  25. 1987

    Congrats. I’m sure he’s looking forward to bowing out in the sweet 16 for the rest of his college career & having to kiss Crean daily after practice.

  26. Blue Jesus

    Weird recruiting day. We get the guy people are less sure of whose Dad played for one of his top schools. We lose the guy we’re more sure of whose Dad played at UK!

    So what caused the apparent change of heart? Either Crean had a really good last pitch or maybe Blackmon just didn’t want to go to the same school as Booker, either for some personal reason or just a competition for playing time. Does anyone know the roster situation at IU as far as guards?

    Oh well, coming into today I was prepared to get one of two, though frankly I thought it would be the other one of two! But we’ll be alright. Might be a good year for Cal to bring in a JUCO or senior transfer like Mays.

  27. chris

    Can we talk now about what is going on with the front of his hair? Wish him nothing but the best at Indiana, but seriously, was he struck by lightning?

  28. tooblueforyou

    did blackmon use the kentucky effect to raise his ranking? im pretty sure once he reopened his recruitment to uk his ranking around the scouting sites rose like 20 spots

  29. Adam

    I wanted him at uk, but if he’s not up to the challenge of coming of here and wants to take the easy pt, we’re better off.

  30. bosshog

    It sounds like the kid is going to bring a lot of stability to that program! LOL! He commits, decommits and recommits again, making a big show of it. I don’t think we need that kind of player. I think we got the better guy, high character, smart and obviously aware of how special it is to play at Kentucky. James Jr., T. Jones thought better about going somewhere else, had a change of heart and came here and won a title. Let me say that I don’t think you’ll be accomplishing the same thing at Indiana.

  31. IndyAl

    The rumors with these HOEsiers is he tried calling Devin Robinson who commited to Florida yesterday & more than likely teaming up with Jaquan Lyles at IU! End of the day who cares, give me Booker all day!

  32. Ben

    His dad was suppose to be a great shooter, and was very streaky in his time at KY! Why de-commit from IU, just to re-commit today. The competition at KY May have been to intense.

  33. UK2K

    Well who do we have left to get now? Okafor? Turner? Lyles? I have a feeling next year is going to be another down year for UK basketball..I can’t seem to think about how bad last year was and seeing a repeat..

  34. Rich

    i guess the kid doesnt want to play ball in late march/early April…

  35. jim

    Matt Jones nailed this one

  36. Chicken

    @ Bottom Line; I guess you missed the announcement earlier…. a better SG committed to the cats. IU can have the skunk.

  37. fireant

    Good luck to you James Jr. I hate Indiana but I was big fan of your dad when he was at UK. For that reason I will keep it civil and I hope all of BBN does the same.

  38. JJ

    His father was a HUGE bust at UK, so we may be spared from experiencing Part II.

  39. somerset bill

    ah well. too bad. wish him the best though. especially, as the son of a former cat.

  40. Weak sause

    Guess if I was afraid to compete with another recruit and better myself I would go to iu too…… Oh wait! No I wouldn’t because I don’t want my coach trying to make out with me. Oh well, guess that’s what separates the Nat. Champ banner hangers and the round of 32 banner hangers.

  41. Rich

    i guess the kid doesnt want to play ball in late march/early April..

  42. Jordan Collard

    FORGET Blackmon Jr he is overated anyway!! Booker is 10 time better and we do not need Lyles. Willis is the answer and the question, next year will be Ulis, Booker, Willis, Lee and Towns and we will WALK to #11 BBN! Unfollow Blackmon imediately but please no bashing this poor fool on twitter, that will onlye hurt us. So BBN we will rise to 40-0 this season then we take that starting 5 i mentioned and we cut down more nets C-A-T-S!!

  43. BigBlue

    How do you grow up in a UK household, the #1 program in the nation, providing the best chance to be prepared for and get drafted high for the NBA after 1-2 years… and then choose Indiana? I don’t get it, and am a little bitter. Oh well. Good luck to him. Seems to be a challenging year for recruiting for some reason.

  44. mashburnfan1

    This is only bad if it cost us getting Trey Lyles. Like I said earlier JB2 was ours till Booker made his announcement then JB2 prolly had to run to footlocker and buy an IU hat. I don’t mind losing JB2 since we did get Booker but I want UK to get Lyles and now we may not. Stanley Johnson is a must based on where other top guys seem to be headed.

  45. Bottom Line

    I like to sit criss cross applesauce and play spin the bottle with Tom Crean and his kids. Maybe James will join us!

  46. Commish

    Kinda odd that that he decommits …takes his visits…downplays Hoosiers visit . Then recommittes to Indiana on espn. Says could not see himself playing anywhere else… Then why decommit?… Hope this does not play out the same way for TL.

  47. kevin l

    28 is spot on

  48. mashburnfan1

    So 43 you saying we get 2 titles this year? then get #11 next, interesting. I do agree with you that Willis can be a solid contributer

  49. stevem

    Kentucky is not for everyone. Lot’s of luck hanging sweet 16 banners

  50. Kelkat

    Keep it classy UK fans… We lost him…wish him good luck. I am pretty happy in getting Devin Booker. That’s a huge pick up for UK. I am also quite confident that Cal will get a couple of more really good players for the 2014 class. And I am excited about the leftovers from this year’s class that I think will be around for next year.

    Future is bright…anyone seen my shades???

    Go Cats !!!

  51. County boy

    I think we got the better of these two guys. I don’t think he could have handled the bright lights of the best program in the country. Good luck with that mediocre program James. Hope it doesn’t make you mediocre.

  52. Gotta Get That BLING

    This was a no brainer. He wants that shiny ring at the end of the season. Why go to a school that only gives out rings when you when the championship when you can go to a school that gives out rings just for getting to the Sweet 16. DUH!!!!

  53. art vandalay

    He and Tom Crean have hairstyles that were destined to be together.

  54. Shelton8Me

    Don’t attack the kid personally. He has 2 younger brothers who are better than he is so we don’t want to turn them off Kentucky.

  55. bigblue091812

    Bottom line your more like a trolling BOTTOM FEEDER. I’ve said it many times, if we’ve paid our players we’re not paying them enough. How come the kids good enough to be a one and done (the few they get) at UL, UNC, DUKE, Kansas and IU stay more than one year. The only answer they must pay better than we do.

  56. slash007

    He was never going to go anywhere else to play other than Indiana. He probably just felt that he missed out on all that comes with being recruited and wanted to enjoy the process. Sucks that he made Cal and the other coaches waste their time when they never had a chance.

  57. matt

    classy, taking personal shots at an 18 year old kid. Nice work

  58. Culver

    I know it’s early and a lot of recruiting is left to be done, but it’s starting to like next year’s roster might be lacking in depth, ESPECIALLY in the backcourt.
    PG: Uliss/Hawkins
    SG: Booker
    SF: ?
    PF: Lee/Willis
    C: Townes
    Of course that’s presuming the Harrisons, Randle, Young, Poythress, Cauley-Stein, & Johnson all go pro after this year, which I don’t believe will be the case. But if it did happen, talk about a lot of holes left to fill with next year’s squad.

  59. tooblueforyou

    we couldnt go wrong with either guy, be happy with booker as a cat. Blackmon is now out of sight so he should be out of mind as well. focus on the good bbn

  60. Sonny

    Crean promise him the world and UK said he would have to earn it. No more to say….

  61. RahRah

    Maybe the kid just enjoys wearing clown pants. Seriously best of luck to him. I do wish fans wouldn’t insult the kids’ appearances, hair, etc.

  62. BigBlue

    Do some of you idiots not realize this guy’s Dad went to UK? Leave the personal attacks out

  63. somerset bill

    the idea of following in dad’s footsteps kind of took a beating today.

  64. Sonny

    Tooblue is right about focus on the good as there is plenty of good for those in Blue…

  65. blitzedanddazed

    Cal had cooled on Blackmon once he sensed that Booker was going to commit to UK. Blackmon knew that he was the odd man out and he really had no choice but to go back to his original commit to IU. What is funny is that Booker had told Cal that he was a Cat no matter what Blackmon was going to do. This just proved to Cal that Booker was the player that the best fit for the program.

  66. Mc

    Good luck to him. Glad to have Booker. I just hope KSR doesn’t talk about him 1000 times over the next few months. Time to move on. UK will be fine. We have Ulis, Booker, and Towns. Lyles is down to UK and UL. Not sure if he adds IU or not now, but not sure why he would. If he does, it adds to the appeal for Turner. We’ll also have Lee. We’ll also have Willis. Additionally, a player not on the radar could come in. Cal will take care of things. Also, and I know he may go pro, but what if Exum wants to play college ball?

  67. WildcatFaithful

    If we lose Lyles due to JB Jr’s faulty thought process, Cal should go hard after Turner. With what we now have coming in, and hopefully coming back, our PF and Center positions are almost interchangeable. Turner would be a great fit!

  68. Todd

    What is up with posters taking shots at Blackmon Jr and Senior? Sure, we hate to lose a player, but it happens.

    His father played for Kentucky and we should wish his son well.

  69. bigblue091812

    UK fans are never satisfied. We haven’t played a game yet this year, you’ve already decided who is leaving. What our starting line-up will be next year and we’ll be lucky to go 500 next year. The top 5 players in the class hasn’t made a choice yet and won’t til spring, we get just 1 of those players or Stanley Johnson and we have a top 3 class we get 2 of them and we may have the number 1 class again. Kids that are waiting til spring to sign may just be impressed what this current group does. On paper they go 40-0, but lets learn now what kind of people they are and if they play as a team like the 2012 group did.

  70. Lisa

    He did it for the attention, he got it ,so BBN let’s ignore him now! BBN is not for everyone!

  71. STEVE!

    Indiana just scheduled another banner- raising to celebrate getting the ESPN #4 rated shooting guard in the class of 2014.

  72. TBlev12

    A kiss on the lips is a powerful drug!!

  73. TheArmadilloJackal

    IU is that guy who’s wife cheated on him and then came back and everyone in the neighborhood was like “oh congratulations, you guys are great together…” Awkward.

  74. Oral32

    Momma’s Boy!

  75. tuxedo park

    Do the Hoosiers get to put a banner up for this?

  76. KG

    Best of luck to you James.

  77. jq

    We did not lose anything. Just like we did not have anything when his dad played for Joe B.

  78. Costa Rica

    Can’t say I blame him. Doesn’t make sense to have two shooting guards commit within hours of each other to the same school. I’m happy with Booker. Indiana should be happy with Blackmon. I guess he didn’t read the hundreds of derogatory posts about him on Peegs’ board starting from the day he de-committed.

    I hope he has a good career there.. except when they play UK. He just better hope that Robert Johnson (the 4-star shooting guard already committed to the Hoosiers) doesn’t beat him out in practice.

  79. niaps

    Irrelevant. He gets his sweet 16 ring and a kiss on the lips. Obvious loser so like they say UK not for everybody only champions.

  80. Wow

    Why does Matt have to act like a clown on twitter? Makes us good uk fans look bad.

  81. KD

    I just wish Nerlens was still here.

  82. Jen

    82. Because he is a clown.

  83. Mike

    Why do people keep mentioning how this will affect Trey Lyles? He’s not even considering IU. I don’t think he’s gonna pick UofL over UK all of a sudden just because Blackmon decided to recommit to IU. This Blackmon kid just really wasted everyone’s time, I hate being jerked around by a high school kid. Sounds like he just played the national media for his own benefit.

  84. Linda Taylor

    I just got on twitter to send JB Jr a congrats tweet and wish him well. Then I saw his most recent tweet, a pic of an IU Superman tearing his shirt off. I almost puked. I decided not to be magnanimous. I am now very happy he is not a Cat. Whew, we dodged a bullet.

  85. Trey Lyles

    Bye bye UK.

  86. Mike

    I don’t care where he goes to school, I wish him nothing but the best, just wish he’d stayed committed to IU in the 1st place, no need to jerk everybody around for no good reason.

  87. WildcatFaithful

    And the moral to the story: never recruit against Creepy Crean on Halloween or you’ll end up with the Heebie Jeebies!

  88. ukfaninohio

    I think we need one more comment about crean putting up a banner and one more crying about not getting him.

  89. ukfaninohio

    I don’t follow other teams so i could be wrong but it’s hard to imagine too many having dumber fans than we do.

  90. DrewFranklinBetsPennies

    If Booker didn’t pick us, all of you idiots would be bashing him. I swear, 95% of our fan base are complete morons. Just move on, no need in bashing a player just because he didn’t pick us. You sound ignorant and immature AF

  91. Jordan Collard

    Blackmon Jr has no spine and doesnt care about his own damn family! Lets move on to bigger and more talented recruits like Tre Lyles and Okafur/Turner. We need to start hunting down the big dogs and get Stanley Johsnon back in for a big game at Rupp with fewer blue hairs so he can see an intense atmosphere that he missed at BBM. We do not need this kid he is undersized anyway at 6’2 and I really think he is overrated compared to Booker and Uliss. We could still get Winslow and I think Willis could be All American next year he is a kentucky boy and bread and wow did he put on a show at Blue/White!

  92. $1.75 Tacos?

    UK basketball is not for everyone. IU will not be good for the next few years. So, he should get easy minutes on bad teams. If he does not want to compete for playing time, do not come to UK.

  93. CATandMONKEY

    Good luck James jr.
    Enough with the DB comments towards an 18 yr old whose Dad played here.

    Glad to have Booker aboard!

  94. Trey Lyles

    Ignore my earlier post, it was a typo, was supposed to say UofL instead of UK. I’m not getting stuck at UofL for 4 years just to get drafted in the bottom of the 2nd round.

  95. Blue Truth

    I don’t care if his Dad played for UK, banged a UK cheerleader, and was birthed on the wooden floor at Rupp. The kid looks like a Tom Crean shot some stuff in his hair.

  96. art vandalay

    I don’t understand why folks think the kid “used this for his benefit”? He’s the #4 SG in an average class. He’s gonna be a 4 yr player and its not like scouts are clamoring to draft him or shoe companies are in the back rooms meeting and discussing of his first contract should be for $90 or 100 million.

    He’s a nice player but if there’s some great benefit he’s gonna receive from all this one day I wish someone would enlighten me as to what it might be.

    Other than a sweet sixteen banner, a chance for an ironic nickname like Big Sexy, or a chance to cut nets down for moral victories

  97. bmt22033

    It seems clear that he wanted to be “the man” and I have no doubt that Crean promised him that. He obviously wasn’t interested in the spotlight that UK provides nor having to earn PT. More power to him. He made the right decision for himself and us.

  98. Seriously

    93) seriously? I mean I know Derek Willis hit a bunch of open 3s in the blue white game, but all American? Jesus man, come back to reality. He will be a solid contributor in a few years, but let’s not get crazy here

  99. Mike

    Art: All the added attention increased his profile. I know its a stupid reason to do what he did, but that’s what most young people care about these days. I for one knew virtually nothing about him until he decommitted from IU, so I guess it worked. Lol

  100. RandyB

    They say, if you want to find the truth, follow the money.
    I wonder If James Blackmon, Sr., a high school coach, will soon join Tom Creen’s staff?
    Or maybe Junior has a brother who needs a scholarship?

  101. kes

    the silver lining in all this is, we wont have to look at that stupid hair do again

  102. hooters

    Like the kid, always liked his dad’ have always hated iu. Good luck Jr. Hope iu & the cats get to meet each other some day

  103. Sinbad

    I know nothing but I see this as an opportunity for Cal to go out and get two big names like Stanley Johnson and Jahlil Okafor and win #10

  104. Cats Fan CWR

    It’s a bummer that a great fan base is often over shadowed by the idiots who post on here and other UK websites. Any one who makes a special point to attack an 18-year-old is a loser, plain and simple.

  105. just sayin

    Ive been saying it on this site for awhile, and everytime I do it gets deleted. THIS IS CAL’S LAST YEAR. And people in the know, know it.

  106. hooters

    Hey Randy the truth is working at a chi Chris in Evansville. He is one crazy hater of the cats! Lol

  107. Ned Tugent

    Mike got it right, all about attention. Get UK involved and you are a household name even if you don’t sign. He committed to a school, de-committed, then got to announce his college decision on national tv to the original school. These are just kid’s and when you have thousands hanging on your every word, I guess for many the attention gets almost addictive. Good luck to him, but most importantly congrats to Booker.

  108. EK

    Ok BBN give the kid a break…. if he”s happy with trips to the sweet 16 so be it. James Jr. be careful around crean he like to kiss boys on the mouth!! GO CATS!!

  109. dogwaller

    Huge UK fan but not a huge fan of UK fans. You might be a UK fan if an 18 year old kid committing to another school makes you attach him. Best of luck JB2 but hope we make you regret your choice.

  110. timefor9

    As much as this angers me, I just remember Cal saying this place isn’t for everyone. It will only hurt Blackmon’s potential future, like Muhammad, Henry, etc.

  111. hooters

    Dogwaller I could not have said it better. Spot on

  112. UK FAN

    Shoot, was looking forward to having him at UK. But all the best to him as he moves into the college ranks. Looks like a solid player with a bright future.

  113. 2BlueStew

    Good luck Kid. You will look great in those throwback pin stripes. We will be glad to let Mr. Booker shoot those threes in the big blue!!!

  114. jeff

    Time to recruit some Kentucky kids that care about KY. Im excited about the Kentucky kids on this team.

  115. diogened

    112- Thank you, Jeff Foxworthy. I also hate it when fans “attach” the kids.

  116. The Dude

    Does this mean we can finally talk about that random white stripe in his hair? Seriously… what is with that. Is it suppose to be stylish? Ah well, good luck to him, can’t win em all.

  117. Not a fan of...


    Here are a couple other things I think you aren’t a fan of based on your comment:
    1. Books
    2. The English language

    Go attach (see, that’s how attach is actually used) yourself to a dictionary before insulting the intelligence of other UK fans.

  118. Flake

    He’s clearly flaky anyway. Why would you commit to a school, back out of your commit, then recommit? Makes no sense.
    I wonder if Indiana will hang a banner in the rafters over this?

  119. music city cat fan

    Don’t need him. We are soooo stacked right now. Somebody’s gonna stay. Worst case scenario we’ve got Floreal. This Blackmon hoosier kid could never dunk on J. Randle.

  120. O'Bama Kerr

    Who kerz

  121. btowncatfan

    Never liked his hair anyway.

  122. Catpocalypse

    I heard Tom Cream was jamming to “Butterfly Kisses” just after the announcement.

  123. Beau

    Good luck to the kid. UK has been spurned by others, so it isn’t that big of a deal… Like alot of people, hope this doesn’t hurt us with Lyles… Glad to have Booker all the same!

  124. Katdaddy

    Funny how we’re so high on a guy when we think he’s a lock. Then when he goes somewhere else we didn’t need him anyway. BBN we need all of them. But i think Blackmon use UK for attention. And i wouldn’t be surprised if Lyle is doing the same. Crean could be putting these guys up to this.

  125. bluegrassstu

    To the uk fans who act like idiots and make bad comments about kids who go elsewhere to play basketball, I have to ask this question. Is basketball the only thing you have going for you, if uk was lousy year after year, how would you even exist in life? Good luck to Blackmon I say. And welcome to uk Booker. To the classy uk fans, stay classy.

  126. UKBlue1!

    Good luck, Jr. He is a four year player. I think he realized that he wouldn’t play a whole lot next year at UK. It would probably be year 3 before he would receive significant minutes. I believe UK will loose 4 to 6 players off a real deep team this year but we will get players back next year. Cal will end up signing 5-6 players this year to replace the walkons and those leaving early for the NBA. No matter what we are in a whole lot better situation than the later Tubby years and anytime during Billy Clydes tenture.

  127. Dutch

    I’m sure he has a no compete clause to his commitment! lol

  128. twocoach

    UK has given out rings for less than a national title; just an FYI.

    Here’s an Elite Eight ring for UK that was sold on ebay:

  129. Catsfando

    I just think the young man went where he thought he’d get the most PT, I can’t blame him for that. I hate Indiana almost as much as Louisville and that’s a lot, but an 18 kid has a right to make his own choice and PT is always going to be an issue at UK. Was he playing games with his recruitment? I have no idea, but I don’t hate recruits when they choose other schools. Who knows what promises are made by other coaches, and we all know that other coaches use Cal’s record of recruiting over current players against him. It’s the only legitimate weapon they have against him because he tries to recruit the very best every year. That being said, that is why he says UK is not for everybody and you have to earn your minutes. The supremely confident players or the ones with something to prove can handle the challenge, those who lack the confidence or want the game to be all about them can not. I wish Blackmon Jr. nothing but the best in his future, time will show us what kind of player he really is.

  130. Jay

    Another horrendous season on the horizon for 2014, 15.